My Disciples Are All Villains

Chapter 1671 - Receive Three of My Palm Strikes

Chapter 1671: Receive Three of My Palm Strikes

Everyone raised their heads and looked at the flying chariot in the sky.

The owner of the voice could only be one of the two cultivators on the flying chariot.

At this moment, a cultivator with keen eyesight exclaimed in surprise, “Emperor Shang Zhang?!”

“That’s right! How could I forget about Shang Zhang Hall!”

“I forgot that Shang Zhang Hall doesn’t have a commander!”

For some reason, Shang Zhang Hall had always been governed only by Shang Zhang. His wife, Kong Junhua, assisted him. It had been a long time since Shang Zhang Hall had a commander.

“Who’s the other person?”

“I don’t know.”

Many people shook their heads. In any case, that person had to be extraordinary. How could an average person stand next to Shang Zhang?

When Yu Zhenghai, Yu Shangrong, and the other disciples of the Evil Sky Pavilion looked up, they were shocked when they saw the familiar figure.



‘Why is master here at this time?!’

Hua Zhenghong frowned as she stared at the incoming flying chariot. She naturally recognized Shang Zhang, but she did not know who the other cultivator was. However, she could sense his aura was extraordinary. Regardless, she did not stop. She represented the Sacred Temple. Even if it was Shang Zhang, she did not need to listen to his orders. Even the three emperors could not stop her.

Hua Zhenghong naturally knew she was in the wrong. Now that Shang Zhang appeared, she was even less inclined to stay here. She tapped her feet lightly and flew up as she said, “I still have matters to attend to in the Sacred Temple. I won’t accompany you.”

Just as Hua Zhenghong flew up, a light disk descended from the sky.

The person who attacked was not Shang Zhang, but the cultivator next to him. His hands grew brightly as though he was holding the sun and the moon.

The sun disk shone down on the land, pressing down on Hua Zhenghong with incredible force.


Hua Zhenghong’s expression changed slightly as she launched a palm seal.

When the two forces collided, energy rippled out for 100 miles.

Hua Zhenghong flashed away and lowered her altitude. She looked at the flying chariot and asked, “Emperor Shang Zhang, what’s the meaning of this?”

The flying chariot continued flying.

Then, a thunderous voice rang from the flying chariot.

“Do you treat my words as a joke?”

Previously, after leaving Xuanyi Palace, Shang Zhang returned to Shang Zhang Hall with Little Yuan’er. According to Lu Zhou’s wish, Little Yuan’er would be the Commander of Shang Zhang Hall.

Since Conch was going to participate in the commanders’ competition as well, Lu Zhou planned to let Conch come to the Cloud Domain with Xuanyi and Zhang He first. However, the plan changed due to the matter regarding the Nihilist Congregation, causing him to be late. In the end, he, along with his two disciples, came with Shang Zhang.

In the flying chariot.

Shang Zhang and Lu Zhou continued talking as though they did not care about the commotion they had caused.

Shang Zhang said, “The Nihilist Congregation has appeared.”

Lu Zhou nodded. “Where are they?”

“The Great Void is too vast so it’s difficult to pinpoint their whereabouts. I heard they’re active in the Sacred Region.”

“Sacred Region?”

“The Sacred Region is what the Sacred Temple’s territory is called. The Sacred Temple is located in Sacred City. With the temple in the center, the city covers an area of 30,000 miles. The Sacred Temple’s territory is vast. It’s the most prosperous place in the Great Void and the cultivation world.”

“Ming Xin doesn’t care?” Lu Zhou asked curiously.

“Ming Xin rarely interferes with worldly affairs,” Shang Zhang said, “Furthermore, the Nihilist Congregation usually only targets the ten halls. This is beneficial to him. Although the ten halls are thriving, they’re not comparable to the Sacred Temple.”

Lu Zhou knew this as well. Xuanyi Palace only occupied a small area compared to the Sacred Temple, and it was likely the same for the other nine halls. All ten halls combined were still just a drop in the ocean.

At this time, Shang Zhang said, “We’ve arrived.”

The flying chariot pulled to a stop in the air.

Little Yuan’er and Conch walked to the side and looked down.

Lu Zhou nodded. “Let’s not talk about the Nihilist Congregation now.”

The flying chariot descended until it drew level with the three emperors’ flying chariots.

The cultivators below bowed at the same time.

“Greetings, Your Majesty, Emperor Shang Zhang.”

Shang Zhang waved his sleeve. “No need.”

Everyone shifted their eyes to Lu Zhou. He had blocked Hua Zhenghong’s attacks earlier and was bold enough to attack her; he naturally attracted everyone’s attention. Since they did not know him, it was not appropriate for them to greet him.

Chi Biaonu, the Scarlet Emperor, spoke first. “Shang Zhang, you really took your time. I almost thought you weren’t going to show up. Are you afraid your people will lose?”

Shang Zhang said, “I was delayed by some trivial matters. How can I not show up for the commanders’ competition?”

Ling Weiyang, the Azure Emperor, looked at Lu Zhou with a hint of admiration. He said, “Since you’re able to hold your ground against Lady Hua, why don’t you introduce yourself?”

Lu Zhou did not reply. Instead, he flashed out into the sky and looked down at Hua Zhenghong before he said, “I’m the Master of the Evil Sky Pavilion!”

Everyone was shocked, especially Yue Yangzi who had been ‘slandering’ the Evil Sky Pavilion earlier. He had been looking for Yue Qi’s murderer for so long, and he did not expect the murderer would show up today.

Hua Zhenghong frowned; her expression was solemn. The earlier exchange naturally displeased her.

“So he’s the Master of the Evil Sky Pavilion?!”

“I didn’t expect his cultivation to be so high!”

“The commanders’ competition this time is really exciting!”

Hua Zhenghong asked, “Why did you stop me?”

Lu Zhou was expressionless as he swept his eyes across Yue Yangzi, Ling Weiyang, Chi Biaonu, and Bai Zhaoju. After a moment, he said, “You and Yue Yangzi slandered my Evil Sky Pavilion. Don’t tell me I’m not allowed to defend myself?”

Hua Zhenghong said, “That’s Yue Yangzi’s mistake, not mine. Moreover, the misunderstanding has been resolved.”

“Just because you said it’s resolved, doesn’t mean it’s resolved,” Lu Zhou said.

Hua Zhenghong did not know why the other party was so hostile toward her. Even if she had gone a little overboard with Yue Yangzi, she was one of the Four Supremes of the Sacred Temple. Even the three emperors did not rebuke her earlier, and yet, this unknown person spoke to her in such a manner.

Lu Zhou continued to say, “You’re one of the Four Supremes of the Sacred Temple. You should set an example for the cultivators of the world. Since the Evil Sky Pavilion is innocent, you and Yue Yangzi should be rightly punished.”

“Huh?” Hua Zhenghong was genuinely shocked and confused that the other party dared to say such words. For a moment, she looked at Lu Zhou in a trance.

Lu Zhou raised his voice as he said, “Are you going to use your status as one of the Four Supremes of the Sacred Temple to get away from your punishment?”

The cultivators below were in an uproar. Most of them nodded, agreeing with Lu Zhou.

Due to their low status, they truly hated the way Hua Zhenghong did things. No one dared to criticize her if they were alone, but they had numbers on their side now. Moreover, someone had taken the lead to speak up first. With that, criticism began to pour out.

“That’s right! Great Emperor Ming Xin once said that even supreme beings who break the laws have to be punished like the commoners! This is a rule of the Great Void!”

“Yes! If everyone acts lawlessly like you, then everyone can go around bullying the weak!”

At this moment, Bai Zhaoju chimed in, “Lady Hua, I think he has a point. You’re one of the Four Supremes of the Sacred Temple. If you make a mistake, you should bear the consequences. You should lead by example. Otherwise, how do you think the world is going to view the Sacred Temple?”

Naturally, there were unspoken rules. However, like its name, it could only remain unspoken and would not be able to stand the scrutiny of the public. All of the old foxes present knew that those in high positions controlled the lives of those beneath them. It was just that one had to act according to the right situation and the timing. The situation right now was obviously not right.

Hua Zhenghong was angry, but she could only suppress her anger. She cupped her fists together and said, “Yue Yangzi and I are willing to apologize to the Evil Sky Pavilion.”

“If apologies are useful, why do we need powerful forces to govern the masses?”

“Then, what do you suggest?” Hua Zhenghong asked.

Lu Zhou said in a deep voice, “We’ll consider this matter over after you receive three of my palm strikes.”

Everyone looked at Lu Zhou in surprise. Although they were complaining here, they did not expect Lu Zhou to really insist on punishing one of the Four Supremes of the Great Void. After all, for 100,000 years, those who dared to challenge the Sacred Temple all had miserable outcomes. They all shared one thought at this moment: Where did this person’s confidence come from?!

“Alright.” Hua Zhenghong nodded.

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