My Disciples Are All Villains

Chapter 1833 - Reunion (1)

Chapter 1833: Reunion (1)

Lu Zhou looked at his hand, slightly absent-minded. Perhaps, it had been too long since he had wielded such a powerful force so his control was not as precise. It was a little regretful that he had let Ming Xin die so easily. However, none of this mattered now. He turned around and looked at the five divine emperors.

The five divine emperors, who were in five different directions with unknown distances between them, bowed at the same time. “Greetings, Supreme Divine God!”

With just a thought, Lu Zhou appeared in front of Zhi Guangji, the Black Emperor.

Zhi Guangji trembled and immediately bowed.

Lu Zhou raised his hand and patted Zhi Guangji’s shoulder.

With this pat, Zhi Guangji lowered his body even more. Just as he was about to kneel to submit, he heard Lu Zhou speak.

“The task of maintaining the world will have to depend on all of you…”

Zhi Guangji said energetically, “I will definitely live up to the Supreme Divine God’s expectations!”

At the same time, Shang Zhang, Ling Weiyang, Bai Zhaoju, and Chi Biaonu appeared nearby.

Bai Zhaoju said, ” Supreme Divine God, please restore the laws in the world, and bestow new power to it.”

“Hm?” Lu Zhou turned to look at Bai Zhaoju.

Bai Zhaoju sighed and explained, “Qi Sheng once said that the ten great laws are the foundation of everything. Since the Ten Classics have been returned, it means the laws and the power have disappeared from the world.”

Lu Zhou nodded as he swept his gaze across the five people. He could see their powers were swiftly decreasing. He turned to look at the distant nine domains. With his current sight, he could clearly see every blade of grass on the ground and every leaf on a tree.


As expected, human cultivators were landing on the ground one after another. They were unable to mobilize their Primal Qi, which meant that they could not form energy seals or cultivate. Many of them waved their hands, trying to mobilize Primal Qi, but it was in vain. All of them had become just like the common folks.

All fierce beasts also could no longer use Primal Qi. However, they were now stronger than the humans who had lost their cultivation.

Lu Zhou sighed and said, “All of you can return.”

Lu Zhou waved his hand and sent the five divine emperors away.

When the five divine emperors arrived at their respective destinations, they knew they could no longer fly or use their cultivation.

The next day.

The sun rose from the east of the Unknown Land, lighting up the land.

The Unknown Land that had been reborn after the disaster had never been as bright as it was today.

In the Evil Sky Pavilion.

The four elders seemed to have aged overnight, looking like they were on the brink of death.

The guardians, the left and right envoys, and the others also were aging rapidly.

Princess Mulberry, who lived in the Evil Sky Pavilion, had become an old woman overnight.

In the main hall.

Jie Jin’an paced back and forth. He scratched his face lightly as he said, “I knew he would take the classics back…”

“Mr. Jie, if you don’t think of a way, the four elders won’t be able to hold on any longer!” Pan Zhong said anxiously. Although he was relatively younger, he still aged a lot as well.

Jie Jin’an said, “It all depends on him. The laws in the cultivation world have been revoked so we’re the same as common folks now. It’s already very good for common folks to be able to live to 100.”

Pan Zhong wanted to cry but no tears came out. “Ah! Then, won’t I die soon?” He raised his hands and counted his fingers as he said, “I don’t want to die yet…”

“There’s really nothing I can do,” Jie Jin’an said helplessly, “He has another three days…”

“Three days?”

“You’ll have to ask him about that; he was the one who decided on that. Just like recovering a Birth Chart, he only?has three days,” Jie Jin’an said. He was also anxious. He looked at the people outside of the main hall and sighed heavily. The entire world seemed to have turned into the world of the elderly overnight.

At this moment, Jiang Aijian walked in using the Dragonsong like a walking cane; his back was hunched. He used Dragonsong to prod Pan Zhong and Zhou Jifeng with all his strength before he coughed and said, “Young man, make way!”

Pan Zhong also behaved like an old man as he said, “Can you be more serious?”

Jiang Aijian said, “Don’t say that. It’s quite comfortable to act like Senior Ji,” Jiang Aijian said. Then, his expression became very serious as he said, “Young man, come. Pour a glass of water for Grandpa.”

“F*ck off!”

Jiang Aijian leaned down and said reproachfully, “You young people don’t have any kindness and love at all! You don’t know how to cherish the elderly! I’m really disappointed!”


At this time, Zhou Jifeng said urgently, “We don’t have much time. Be serious.”

Jiang Aijian stopped joking and became serious. He said, “Cultivators are aging rapidly, and the fierce beasts are eyeing us like prey. It doesn’t matter that the fierce beasts are without Primal Qi; their physique and strength are still superior to those of humans. The disaster has been mitigated so they should have retreated to the Unknown Land. However, they’re refusing to leave now. Clearly, they’re thinking about invading. Currently, the frontlines are made up of the old and infirmed. The imperial family has already issued a decree to recruit strong young men to participate in the battle. However, they’ve never cultivated so their combat strength isn’t very big. No one knows how long they’ll be able to last…”

Jiang Aijian sat on the ground before he said helplessly, “The situation is the same in all the nine domains… This feels worse than the end of the world…”

Jie Jin’an asked, “Where’s Ying Long, the Azure Dragon, and the others?”

“They’ve also aged. They’re all coiled up on the ground, barely able to move.”


At this moment, the four elders walked into the hall, looking very feeble.

Pan Litian shouted, “Old Leng, can you bring a chair over?”

Leng Luo retorted, “We’re all elderly people. Why should I bring a chair over for you?”

After the four elders took their seats, Hua Wudao shook his head and sighed. “Without the Pavilion Master and the ten disciples, I feel empty.”

“You’re not the only one who feels that way…”

In the end, the elderly in the Evil Sky Pavilion could only sit as they waited for death to come.

At the same time.

In the sky above the Unknown Land, Lu Zhou’s figure flashed by.

Then, the boulders that buried the Great Abyss Land were lifted by a powerful force.

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