My Disciples Are All Villains

Chapter 22

Chapter 22: Regain Youth

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Lu Zhou looked at the system panel in surprise, unable to believe that he had won the prize when he was least expecting it. He took a while to calm down and then glanced at the items he won from the lucky draw.

They were amazing!

If he were to purchase himself, a Three Condensing Flowers avatar would cost him 3,000 merit points while 10 reversal cards would require 5,000 merit points. In addition to them, he also won a cultivation technique called ‘The Three Scrolls of Heaven Writing’!

He noticed that in the field of cultivation techniques on the right side of the panel, the radio button in front of ‘The Three Scrolls of Heaven Writing’ was lit.

At a thought, three scrolls of writing unfolded, one after another.

The first one was called ‘The Human Scroll of Heaven Writing’.

“The Human Scroll is the prologue of Heaven Writing, and it is also called ‘The Nether Book of Three Lives’! When one cultivates it to the highest level, one can comprehend the secret of life and death and master transmigration.”


Lu Zhou frowned slightly, because the contents that followed were all messy writing like meaningless symbols…He did not understand any of them!

He could not even understand the prologue, not to mention the other two scrolls. He leafed through them and found that the system had simply dimmed the contents.

“Great, you do live up to your name, the heaven writing that cannot be read!”

After that, Lu Zhou turned his attention to the ten reversal cards. According to the rate at which each card could give him about 300 days of life force, he had just won himself nearly ten years of life.

It was truly a jackpot!

“I have to use them now.”

Soon, ten reversal cards began to disappear, one after another. Meanwhile, winds gusted and clouds rolled wildly over the gazebo while a tremendous amount of energy gathered into a whirlwind and poured into Lu Zhou’s body.

Lu Zhou could clearly feel the restoring of his life force, and it was stronger and more copious than what he had experienced before. Gradually, his sagging skin began to firm up, and his stiff limbs had also become more flexible than before.

The addition of 3,000 days of life seemed to have injected a tremendous vitality into his body.

For a long time, Lu Zhou immersed himself in the comfortable feeling. Ever since he had traveled to this world, he had not had such a pleasant feeling…the feeling of being young.

Even his white hair were flecked with gray now.

He also felt that the activities in his Sea of Qi and Dantian, which were filled with energy brought by the Three Condensing Flowers avatar. Although it was nowhere near as much as the energy brought by the peak-form experience card, it was still far stronger than before.

Moreover, the avatar had also increased his cultivation base to the Qi Refining and Soul Forming stage of the Sense Condensing realm.

Name: Lu Zhou

Race: Human

Cultivation base: The Qi Refining and Soul Forming stage of the Sense Condensing realm

Merit points: 54

Avatar: Three Condensing Flowers

Remaining life: 4,509 days

Items: Ji Tiandao Peak Form Card x 2, Critical Block Card (passive) x 3, Whitzard

Cultivation techniques: Three Scrolls of Heaven Writing (Note: The cultivating of the Heaven Writing is not the same as any other cultivation techniques in the cultivation world. The host can enlighten extraordinary power while reading it.

‘Enlighten? Is this how the Heaven Writing is cultivated?’

Although Lu Zhou could not cultivate any of the techniques in his memory, he had the experience and knowledge of cultivating them. Even then, this was the first time he had heard of such a cultivating method.

In the world of Great Yan, cultivators began their journey with the tempering of their bodies. They stepped into the Body Tempering realm, cultivated their tendons, bones and skin, and broke through nine stages into the Mystic Enlightening realm. Then, they advanced through the five apertures of heart, mouth, nose, eye and ear of the Mystic Enlightening realm into the Sense Condensing realm, broke through the three stages into the Brahma Sea realm, and finally opened eight meridians and stepped into the Divine Court realm!

A cultivator was considered a grand cultivator when he stepped into the Divine Court realm.

There were only three levels of grand cultivators: the Divine Court realm, the Nascent Divinity Tribulation realm, and the Mysterious Heaven Saint realm.

From the ancient times, cultivators who truly stepped into the Mysterious Heaven Saint realm only existed in the legends. Nobody had seen them. It was said that only by stepping into this realm could a cultivator break free of the limit of lifespan and become immortal.

Ji Tiandao was just one step away when he died in the gazebo.

It was a pity!

“Open the quest menu.”

“Current main quest: Tame the villainous disciples.”

“Side quest #1: Discipline the eighth disciple, Zhu Honggong.”

“Side quest #2: Investigate Zhou Jifeng. Executor: Duanmu Sheng.”

“It seems that at the moment, taming and disciplining villainous disciples and assigning tasks are the most important ways to obtain merit points,” Lu Zhou murmured to himself.

He was thinking about how he could obtain more merit points.

In addition to that, he could kill evil people. However, nobody would stand in front of him and let him kill without putting up a fight.

Fortunately, he could still obtain merit points from the tasks completed by his disciples.

Lu Zhou suddenly thought of his disciples.

“The eighth disciple, Zhu Honggong, is rather slow-witted, so he should be the easiest to tame… But, why he hasn’t he shown any loyalty to me?”

Judging from the information brought back by Mingshi Yin, the eighth disciple should have been incited by the seventh disciple.

Old Seventh was good at calculation, so if he wished to gain a foothold in the cultivation world, he should have already established a good connection with the eldest and second eldest disciple.

Lu Zhou found that it was far from enough to tame and discipline a certain disciple at a time. Only when his strength was improved could he deter his villainous disciples and those orthodox cultivators. But at present, his cultivation base was still too weak.

“It’s a little tricky to solve this situation…” Lu Zhou shook his head. After all, Golden Court Mountain remained a major target for the world to attack.

After pondering for a moment, he decided to study the Heaven Writing first and think about the rest later. For the next two days, he shut himself in seclusion inside Evil Sky Pavilion, studying the Heaven Writing while Little Yuan’er waited outside for him to come out of seclusion.

Meanwhile, at the Derived Moon Palace…

Ye Tianxin, the palace master of the Derived Moon Palace, lay on a mat behind a screen of gauze, gently waving the feather fan in her hand.

She had a curvy and slender body, fair skin, and a small comely face. Through her appearance, it was hard to imagine that this palace master was Ye Tianxin, who ranked ninth on the Black Roll and was the sixth disciple of the greatest old villain in the world.

She opened her eyes slightly and looked at a figure outside the screen as she chuckled and said, “You should have left Golden Court Mountain long ago and not waited until now, Senior Sister!”

The figure was Zhao Yue, who was ranked twenty-eighth on the Black Roll and was the fifth disciple of the great villain.

“Well, I was not as lucky as you, Junior Sister! I thought I could get something from that old thing, but I didn’t expect him to be so stingy. Ever since you left the sect, he has never trusted us,” said Zhao Yue.

“I’ve already told you this, Senior Sister. Although you joined the sect before me, there are things that you don’t see,” Ye Tianxin said with a smile.

“I wonder how many treasures the old man hid…A pity that they are about to be buried in a grave together with him.”

Ye Tianxin laughed in a clear and melodious voice before she said, “I can give Senior Sister an idea.”

“Oh? What idea?”

“The old man has always doted on Little Junior Sister. You can use her to try his bottom line. Third and Fourth Senior Brothers are showing signs of disloyalty, so he will not trust them completely. Only Little Junior Sister can stay close and protect him. Yes, he does have some secret drug and trump cards, but those things cannot compare to a living person.”

“This…” Zhao Yue was taken aback when she heard the idea.

If truth be told, she would never dare to threaten her master with their little junior sister. She feared that if he were provoked, he would use his trump cards to kill her, just like what he did to Luo Changfeng.

“Senior Sister, you are afraid.”

“No, I’m not,” Zhao Yue denied.

“Yes, you are afraid…Senior Sister, do you remember how that old thing treated us in the past? You must be cruel and not soft-hearted.”

Zhao Yue said, “I understand everything you say, but the problem is…even Eldest Senior Brother wouldn’t dare do it. If I did this and angered the old man, it would be my death.”

“Senior Sister, you’ve been on the mountain for too long, and it has slowed your wits…”

Ye Tianxin got out of the bed. The cold expression on her charming face gave her an unusual attractiveness.

“Who said you have to do it yourself?”

“You…” Zhao Yue’s eyes widened as she watched her sixth junior sister walk out of the screen.

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