My Disciples Are All Villains

Chapter 28

Chapter 28: Disobedience

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The Brahma Sea realm was divided into eight meridians. A cultivator could only be considered to have officially stepped into the realm after opening the conception and governor meridians, and reached the highest level after opening the other six meridians. When all eight meridians were opened, the cultivator could use the energy in the meridians to attack.

With all eight meridians opened, the cultivator was invincible below the Divine Court realm.

Of course, no matter how powerful the Azure Dragon Association’s Anyang branch was, it would not be under a Divine Court expert.

Waves of energy pressed down with a mighty momentum, seeming swift and fierce. The surrounding buildings began to crack and showed signs of collapsing while the gang members were thrown back by the force.

Liu Zhengfeng, who was also a Brahma Sea expert, lifted both arms to block the terrible attack. But, the waves were too strong, and he was being pushed back repeatedly until his back slammed onto a pillar and cracked it.

‘She’s so strong!’

“Wait!” Liu Zhengfeng swallowed back the blood that was about to rush out of his mouth and stared with wide eyes at Little Yuan’er, who was slowly descending in front of him with both hands clasped behind her back, looking as if nothing had happened.

“What do you want me to wait for?”

“I didn’t expect that you are a Brahma Sea expert with eight meridians opened. Please pardon me for failing to see that and be merciful! We can talk.”

Little Yuan’er hopped in front of him as she gazed him with her big eyes and said, “I have a task for you.”

“What is it, Young Miss?”

“I want you to help me investigate the Lakeside Gang.”

“The Lakeside Gang?” Liu Zhengfeng looked puzzled. He had never heard of the name before.

“They are behind the kidnapping of the Ci Family. You have three days to find them for me.”

When he heard it was about the Ci Family, Liu Zhengfeng’s face grew serious, and he said, “The Lakeside Gang had kidnapped the Ci Family? This…this is not something that Azure Dragon Association can be involved in!”

“Say that again?”

“Ugh…My lady, I will certainly find this Lakeside Gang in three days.”


Little Yuan’er turned around and took a few steps as she glanced at the gang members sprawling on the ground and said, “Are you the one who shot me with arrows just now?”

“No, no, no, no…”

“Yes, it was you.”

Little Yuan’er’s figure flickered, leaving an afterimage on the spot. In the next instant, she was beside the man as she lifted one leg and stomped it on the marble floor next to his face.

A perfect footprint appeared on the smooth hard surface of the marble.

The man shrieked and pissed in his pants while trembling violently. He was clearly scared out of his wits.

She was not a little girl, but a little devil!

“Haha! What a coward!” Little Yuan’er made a face. Then, she turned to face Liu Zhengfeng as she smiled and said, “Be obedient! If you don’t do as I said, I will decimate your entire Azure Dragon Association.”


After saying that, she spread her arms and leaped into the air, drifting toward the rooftop before disappearing in the blink of an eye.

Dead silence fell over the courtyard. Liu Zhengfeng slumped to the ground as he wiped the sweat from his face and muttered under his breath, “Why didn’t I know there is such a young expert in Anyang?”

He found it strange when he glanced at the gang members lying on the ground around him. If it were any other gang who came to attack them, these gang members would have died by now. But, the little girl only wounded them and gave him a task, which he found rather weird.

“The Lakeside Gang…Is there such a gang in Anyang?” The more he thought about it, the stranger it seemed to him, and the more puzzled he became.

“Ding! You have completed the task of mobilizing the Azure Dragon Association and are rewarded with 200 merit points.”

Lu Zhou had just finished a cup of tea, and he came to the center of the courtyard to have a walk.

The Ci Family still looked the same. Ji Tiandao met Little Yuan’er when he came to Anyang for the first time, and that was when he wanted to take her as his disciple. However, he was rejected by her parents. Later, for some unknown reasons, her parents sent her to Golden Court Mountain by themselves.

“What enemies did the Ci Family have over the years?” Lu Zhou asked.

Wang Fugui, who was standing respectfully nearby, bowed slightly and said, “The family never had any enemies.”

“Not even five years ago?”

“Five years ago?”

Wang Fugui searched his memory. Then, as if he suddenly thought of something, he said, “Do you mean the Murong Family?”

“Tell me about this family.” Lu Zhou walked to a block of stone and sat down.

“Five years ago, the Murong Family and the Ci Family were like water and fire. At that time, both families had properties and businesses in the three major southern provinces of Great Yan. Master had focused all his efforts on his businesses, which made him a wealthy man. Later, the Ci Family and the Murong Family became sworn enemies. In the world of Great Yan, cultivators should not meddle with secular affairs, but there are always people who would do anything for profits. Master and his lady were often assaulted by assassins.”

“Was the Murong Family behind the assassinations?”

“Everyone knew that they did it, but we had no actual proof, so the authorities ignored the cases.”

Lu Zhou understood now. It was to protect Little Yuan’er that the Ci Family had sent her to Ji Tiandao.

“Could the Murong Family be responsible for this kidnapping as well?” Lu Zhou asked.

Wang Fugui paused for a moment and said, “I dare not jump to a conclusion…”

“The cultivation base of a cultivator who can kidnap all the people in a family would not be lower than the four-meridians stage of the Brahma Sea realm. Are there any cultivators in the Murong Family?”

“Not on the surface. As for whether there are some hiding in the dark, I do not know.”

Lu Zhou nodded.

Right then, Little Yuan’er drifted over the roof and jumped into the courtyard. Lu Zhou said in a slightly reproachful tone, “Why did you climb over the roof when there is a front door for you to use?”

“Grandpa, if I take the front door, I would have to knock on it and wait for someone to open for me. Climbing over the roof is more convenient.”

“Don’t do this again.”

“Oh!” Little Yuan’er replied, and she seemed a little unhappy.

“Ding! You have disciplined Little Yuan’er and are rewarded with 100 merit points.”

“How are things going?” Lu Zhou asked.

“They are very obedient, and they said they will find the Lakeside Gang for us,” Little Yuan’er said excitedly.

“Oh? Did you beat them?”

“No. That chief was very friendly. He said, ‘My lady, I will certainly find this Lakeside Gang in three days.’ Don’t look at me like that, Grandpa! I swear I’m telling the truth, and those are his words,” Little Yuan’er mumbled.

Lu Zhou knew she must have beaten them, but he did not plan to reproach her. He just wanted to see if she would tell him the truth.

‘Well, I’ll have to teach them slowly. Rome is not built in one day.’

Just like that, three days passed in a twinkling. Lu Zhou sat quietly in the courtyard, waiting for the results of the Azure Dragon Association’s investigation.

Wang Fugui poured him a cup of tea and asked gingerly, “Old Mister, why is Young Miss going to the Azure Dragon Association alone? I’m worried about her safety.”

Lu Zhou glanced at him and said, “If I were you, I would be worried about the safety of the gang members.”


Wang Fugui looked puzzled. He was not a cultivator, so even though he knew there were different levels of cultivators, he could not tell who was stronger.

“Over the past few days, I’ve heard the news that the members of the Azure Dragon Association are looking for the Lakeside Gang everywhere, causing quite a stir in Anyang,” said Wang Fugui.

Lu Zhou smiled and did not say a word. He could understand Wang Fugui’s worry. After all, the Azure Dragon Association was backed by the Nether Sect, the sect leader of which was Yu Zhenghai, an expert ranked second on the Black Roll. Just the name alone was enough to strike terror into one’s heart.


“Ding! An evil man is killed. You are rewarded with 10 merit points.”

“Ding! An evil man is killed. You are rewarded with 10 merit points.”

“Ding! An evil man is killed. You are rewarded with 10 merit points.”

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