My Disciples Are All Villains

Chapter 6

Chapter 6: I Only Know Ultimate Skills


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The top ten experts suddenly realized the seriousness of the problem.

In the battle a month ago, Ji Tiandao had fought ten of them alone with his avatar of Hundred Tribulations Insight, and he did not use any other powerful moves. But this time, the old villain kept using ultimate skills as if he were putting up a desperate fight.

Yet, what scared them even more was that he looked very relaxed.

Yes, he was indeed very relaxed.

Lu Zhou found an interesting phenomenon. The key to the peak experience card lay in the word ‘peak’. Whenever he used some energy, it would be filled to the maximum level instantly.

The effect was truly worthy of its name, the peak-form experience card.

It was an amazing item!

Lu Zhou decided that he needed to use them sparingly. After all, he only had three experience cards.

In that case…he had to finish the battle as fast as possible.

The Imperfect Divine Intervention had slain hundreds of cultivators and scared the other weaklings out of their wits. Since the peak-form was unlimited, Lu Zhou would not waste the opportunity. He began to spend his energy without scruple and kept killing nearby cultivators.

After a brief moment, he glanced at the surroundings. All the nearby low-level cultivators had retreated!

How could anyone else dare to stay here when even the top ten experts had retreated?

The crowd of cultivators scattered and fled in a fan shape.

Lu Zhou was alone after all, and he did not know the skill to replicate himself, so he could not catch up with them all. He frowned slightly and set his target on the top ten experts.

“Trying to flee? A pity that you are too slow!” Lu Zhou moved like a bolt of lightning, leaving residual shadows in midair. Seeing that, his few villainous disciples were dumbfounded.

Duanmu Sheng looked frightened as he muttered, “Master’s mighty divine ability, Soul Chase.”

“Th-third Senior Brother, wha-wha-what should we do now…” Mingshi Yin was a witty guy, but he was running out of ideas now and his eyelids twitched with panic.

“How do I know?”

“Why don’t we run away too?” Zhao Yue put forward a bold suggestion.

The ninth disciple quickly said, “Senior Brothers and Sister, listen to me, just stay put…Master has the mighty divine ability, so you can’t run away from him.”


A deep sense of despair welled up in their hearts.

The reason that Soul Chase was a mighty divine ability was that it could catch up with the target in a very short time. Its only weakness was that it consumed a significant amount of energy.

They were already surprised by the continual use of ultimate skills by their master, and they did not expect he could still use such a mighty divine ability.

The villainous disciples could not understand why their master let the enemies insult him at the foot of the mountain and allowed their Eldest Senior Brother and the others to betray him when he had such a mighty strength.

Of course, they were not the only ones who could not understand it.

‘You cannot catch old birds with chaff. It turns out that Master had been acting all the time and deliberately deceiving us!’

‘Could it be that…Master is tired of playing with the previous routine and wants to change the pattern?’

The three disciples’ minds were filled with various conjectures. However, instead of getting the right answer, they were horrified by their own guess.

The moment Soul Chase was used, the Hundred Tribulations Insight avatar and Lu Zhou disappeared together.


Luo Changfeng flew in the sky, looking back over his shoulder from time to time. The cultivators of the orthodox sects had fled in panic like a herd of innocent sheep who just saw a savage wolf.

“Eh? I’ve been waiting for you for a while. Why did you fly here only now?”

In front of him floated a familiar figure.

Luo Changfeng halted hastily and said, “Old villain? He’s so fast…” Cold sweat trickled down his back.

‘Why is he chasing me instead of the others?’ he thought bitterly.

It was as if his thoughts were read as clear as day, as Lu Zhou quipped, “Where’s your arrogance from just awhile ago?”

“You…Don’t push me too hard!” Luo Changfeng glared at him.

“What will you do if I push you too hard?”


Fighting back his fear, Luo Changfeng continued, “You’ve used a mighty divine ability of the Nascent Divinity Tribulation realm three times in a row, and if you continue, you will exhaust your energy…Do you think using Soul Chase is as simple as eating rice? The avatar of Hundred Tribulations Insight is also a mighty divine ability…”

He was only halfway through what he wanted to say when Lu Zhou appeared in front of him. In the blink of an eye, the familiar Hundred Tribulations Insight avatar also appeared behind him at the same time.

There were only a handful of cultivators in the cultivation world who had Hundred Tribulations Insight avatars. A golden lotus was its unique symbol, and the number of leaves it had depended on the person’s cultivation base. Ji Tiandao was the only one who had an eight-leaved golden lotus!

Moreover, the eight golden leaves showed signs of splitting again, which meant the eight-leaf golden lotus would transform into a nine-leaf golden lotus, and then ten-leaf, which was the unique symbol of Thousand Realms Whirling avatar…

“I only know ultimate skills,” Lu Zhou’s voice drifted over.

Luo Changfeng forgot to resist.

He had used his avatar once already.

The difference between a seven-leaf Hundred Tribulations Insight and an eight-leaf one was tremendous. Moreover, he had also used the Flash of Heavenly Sword.

To get this far, he had done his best. So, how could he resist the old villain who kept using ultimate skills?

“Stop!” Luo Changfeng raised a hand.

“I’m sorry…I can’t stop.”


The Hundred Tribulations Insight avatar crashed down like a great mountain.


The earth trembled. It was as simple as killing an ant with a pinch; there was almost no resistance at all. In the blink of an eye, Luo Changfeng vanished into thin air, leaving nothing behind in the world.

Lu Zhou glanced at the remaining time. There was still some time left. Anyhow, there was no need to pursue others. Even if he caught up with them, he could at most kill a few more people. However, once the experience card’s effect disappeared, he would be in a pretty bad situation.

After this incident, Lu Zhou realized the value of the experience card. It could make him reverse a bad situation, so he must not waste it easily.

Utilizing the remaining time, he used the mighty divine ability again and returned to Golden Court Mountain.

The orthodox cultivators had scattered and fled with their tails tucked between their legs. Meanwhile, the top nine experts fled in nine different directions to maximize their chances of survival.

They were not that stupid. When they saw the Hundred Tribulations Insight avatar appear on the horizon again, they knew that something had happened to one of their companions.

Nothing special happened for a long time after that.

“Ding! You’ve completed the prerequisite quest. The merit points are zeroed.”

“The main quest is triggered: Tame the villainous disciples. He who teaches me for a day is my father for life, those who betray their Master are treacherous, and those who are disloyal are worse than pigs and dogs. Tame your disciples and increase their loyalty.”

“Task #1: Increase Ci Yuan’er’s loyalty to more than 80%.”

“Task #2: Punish the three villainous disciples.”

“This system is really too stingy. I’ve repelled tens of thousands of cultivators, and yet it didn’t even reward me. It should at least give me a peak-form experience card. How can it not give me anything.”

“Tip #1: Peak-form experience card is a precious item provided due to the host’s weak strength. Please use it carefully.”

“Tip #2: Please try your best to improve your strength.”

“The time for the peak-form experience card is over.”

With that, Lu Zhou felt all the energy in his body disappear instantly.

It felt really good to be so formidable, and he wondered how long it would take him to reach the same realm if he were to cultivate on his own.

Cards were always cards, and they did not really represent his strength. Without strength, he could not beat anyone except ordinary people.

He could beat no one with this old body.

When he saw his three wounded disciples and Little Yuan’er kneel at the entrance, Lu Zhou calmed himself down. He must be poised and not fussy like a young man. That was too childish.

‘Experienced and prudent?’

Lu Zhou thought of the words, so he put his hands behind his back and walked over. As for whether he should behave like Ji Tiandao from the past, he did not care anymore.

He was already here, and there was no point in thinking too much.

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