My Dungeons Are Popular

Chapter 13

Chapter 13: When I Get Out, I’ll Kill You All!

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The answer was no.

After Qiu Ren woke up, he had to temporarily stay in Fengdu Prison for investigation. The teacher and students who came together with him were sadly detained as well.

The place where Qiu Ren was being questioned was a bit like the lounge for the Dream Explorers. It felt like these Dream Explorers weren’t treating Qiu Ren as a “criminal.”

“Your first choice was the Nightmare Purification Major at Qingbei University?”

Kan Shaoni sat down and looked at this handsome young man in front of her. Qiu Ren was indeed good-looking. He had a kind of unique juvenile beauty.

Even a cold auntie like her also couldn’t help but look at him for a few more glances… However, she still had to finish her job.

When Qiu Ren woke up from the nightmare, there was a mark of a “Dream Eater” on his arm.

This mark proved that Qiu Ren and the Lord of Nightmare had entered into a contract. At the same time, Tapir was warning the agents in Fengdu Prison not to do anything to its guy!

“Yes, but I made a huge mistake here today… Will I not be able to go to college in the future?”

Qiu Ren’s voice sounded pitiful. Of course, he was faking it. It was successful, though. Kan Shaoni immediately comforted him when she saw this.

“No, you… did very well.” Kan Shaoni forcibly resisted the urge to squeeze Qiu Ren’s face. She coughed gently and continued, “That Level S Dream Seed we’re monitoring is now in a quite stable condition. You’ve already done a good job in terms of this.”


“Of course. A specialized team from the review department will come later to evaluate that Nightmare Seed. If the result of the assessment shows that the degree of danger hasn’t changed—or even reduced—all the famous universities will probably be fighting over you when the news spreads.”

Kan Shaoni even felt that the scene of all the universities fighting over him was a bit too humble.

If the battle royale game Qiu Ren built truly passed the evaluation and the level of danger was lowered a bit…

The resume Qiu Ren had would be too terrifying.

A genius Dream Maker who created a stable Level S Nightmare Dungeon and successfully entered into a contract with the Lord of Nightmare inside.

This line alone was enough for the universities to fight over Qiu Ren. They would even be willing to draw swords!

Every Dream Maker recognized by a Lord of Nightmare was a talent protected by the country.

Even if the Nightmare Dungeon at the level of the “battle royale game” was the only work of “inspiration burst” Qiu Ren had his entire life, he could still live a good life with this opportunity.

“So… if the evaluation by the review department shows that its level of danger has decreased, there will be a possibility for the Level S Nightmare Seed to be open to the public?”

When Qiu Ren said this, he used a business tone. It would make the aunties smile and say, “This kid is so adorable.”

The question Qiu Ren asked was the key of the key! The possibility of opening the battle royale game to the public!

Qiu Ren’s goal was never to “live a good life in the future.”

As Tapir said, this world was dangerous.

Kan Shaoni was nice to Qiu Ren, aside from his good looks, because of his family background.

Qiu Ren’s parents had both died of a dream collapse a few years ago.

Tapir’s reminder had made Qiu Ren think carefully. The original owner of this body might have died of the same reason a few days ago, which was why he inherited his body.

A dream collapse was the situation the Lord of Nightmare, Tapir, was worried about earlier. A person’s own fantasy world would be invaded by someone, and everything in the Dream Dungeon would be destroyed by the intruders, killing that person on a spiritual level.

Although Qiu Ren wanted to find out who the murderer was, he had no idea where to start.

The Dream Dungeon of the original owner of this body was also a mess due to the destruction. It was only a world of ten square meters full of fragments of fantasy that used to belong to the original owner.

There was no way Qiu Ren could use this “debris” to compete with those powerful characters in the Dream Movies and Dream Games.

Then, Qiu Ren would probably “die of dream collapse” again.

So, he started equipping his Dream Dimension with games or movies from his previous life.

However, the Level B Dream Seed Tapir gave him was just a fireplace in the snow. The number of charcoal Qiu Ren needed for making a fire, which was the Creation Points, was at least a few hundred thousand.

Every person could naturally produce Creation Points. However, it was minimal, about 0.1 to 0.001 per day.

The exact amount depended on the person’s physical condition and food intake.

If Qiu Ren relied on natural production, he wouldn’t even be able to save so many until he died.

Apart from looking for investors, the only feasible way right now was to wait for Tapir, this operator, to take a part of its “heart” out for Qiu Ren again. Then, he could exchange it for Creation Points.

But with Tapir’s recovery speed right now, he might have to wait for a year.

That was why Qiu Ren asked this tentative question about the possibility of opening the Nightmare Dungeon of the battle royale game to the public.

“That’s impossible…” Kan Shaoni replied without thinking.

At the same time, Kan Shaoni also knew that the question Qiu Ren asked wasn’t some “question from an innocent kid.” Apparently, he had “other intentions.”

“I know it’s normal that you want more people to know about your work. However, that Level S Nightmare Seed will never be open to the public, no matter how low its level of danger in the assessment is.”

Kan Shaoni’s voice slowed down a bit at this point before she continued, “Our job is to prevent that Nightmare Seed from hurting innocent people. If the degree of danger lowers, we might only increase the proportion of Dream Explorers going inside. All in all, it’s impossible for us to open the battle royale game to the public.”

Qiu Ren didn’t refute, only nodding gently. He respected the dedication and sacrifices the Dream Explorers had made.

However, Qiu Ren still wanted to fight for it. Maybe it was impossible to completely open it to the public, but they could open it internally. They could create an application system, so people could apply to participate under the premise that they knew how dangerous it was…

Unfortunately, Kan Shaoni didn’t give Qiu Ren the chance to voice his thoughts.

While Qiu Ren was still thinking about how he could convince the review department to open the battle royale game to the public, Kan Shaoni’s communication device sounded. Qiu Ren couldn’t hear what the other party said. Judging from the expressions of the Dream Explorers that looked like they were facing their greatest enemy… the review department must be here!

Kan Shaoni didn’t continue chatting with Qiu Ren. She left the lounge with the other Dream Explorers, leaving Qiu Ren alone inside.

“What’s going on…”

Qiu Ren suddenly felt pain in the mark on his arm left by Tapir.

The mark gave Qiu Ren the ability to sense the other Lords of Nightmare. This was also one of the security measures Tapir gave Qiu Ren.

But now, there was only one possible explanation for the constant tingles on the mark. Another Lord of Nightmare was here at Fengdu Prison.

Was it here to save Tapir? Not likely.

Qiu Ren felt the faint maliciousness.

It seemed to be here to fight with Tapir? Not simply fighting, Qiu Ren sensed an emotion called “appetite” in its evilness.

It… wanted… to eat Tapir.

So, could Tapir win that thing?

Qiu Ren wasn’t sure. When he wanted to tell the staff members about this, he found that the door of the lounge was locked.

In the war between Lords of Nightmare, part of the competition was about the accumulated power of the Lords of Nightmare themselves. The other part was about the popularity and rate of flow of their Nightmare Dungeon.

The thing was, Tapir had always been detained in Fengdu Prison. The “popularity” and “rate of flow” it got were from the death row prisoners and Dream Explorers in Fengdu Prison.

There wasn’t any problem if Tapir used them to maintain itself. However, when it was dragged into a fight with a Lord of Nightmare of the same level, Qiu Ren couldn’t be certain if Tapir could triumph.

The Level S Nightmare Seed couldn’t be purely treated as a disaster that must be purified anymore, but a precious radioactive mineral vein… Now, someone was going to blow it up, so Qiu Ren certainly couldn’t bear it.

Thinking of this, there was only one sentence that could truly conclude Qiu Ren’s mood!

When I get out of this prison, I’ll kill you all!

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