My Dungeons Are Popular

Chapter 9

Chapter 9: This Man Must Have Gone Mad

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“You don’t want to go? Seriously? Xiao Zhou, just hold on. Let the doctor give you a psychiatric assessment later.”

Kan Shaoni frowned slightly when she heard Xiao Zhou. She suspected that he did have a mental disorder now.

Countless Dream Explorers wanted to get away from the hellish Fengdu Prison. The pain of being killed in the nightmare wasn’t something they could easily describe with words.

And Xiao Zhou had been thinking about how to transfer and leave ever since he stepped foot in here.

His chance of transfer was now right in front of him. He could work in a data preparation department in the city. The job was relaxing, and the salary wasn’t low.

This was the opportunity Xiao Zhou had been dreaming of.

However, Xiao Zhou didn’t want this chance anymore. He wanted to stay, burn his life and health, and return to that dangerous nightmare to fight?

For what? His dream? His ideal? Spirit of dedication?

Kan Shaoni didn’t think Xiao Zhou had such high morals.

Then, there was only one explanation for this.

This poor child… had been tortured to madness by the nightmare. He kept yelling that he wanted to eat the chicken, eat the chicken. He had definitely gone crazy.

“I’m not insane. I really want to stay and eat… purify the nightmare!”

Xiao Zhou also calmed down and then said a glorified excuse.

“You’ve also experienced the harm the nightmare gave to your body in person.” Kan Shaoni looked at Xiao Zhou with a strange expression and said, “But now, you still want to go back to the Nightmare Dungeon? Is the content of the Nightmare Dungeon something that hurts your body?”

Kan Shaoni wanted to say “hurt his kidneys,” but as a woman, she should speak more implicitly.

Xiao Zhou took some time to react. When he realized what his boss was talking about, he immediately shook his head and waved his hands to deny it.

“No, no! Chief, I experienced a cruel battle royale game in that Nightmare Dungeon! The kind of game where the hundred of us gave up our humanity and killed each other!” Xiao Zhou quickly said.

“An arena-style Nightmare Dungeon?” Kan Shaoni was quite experienced. She identified the type of nightmare Xiao Zhou was describing at once. “Did you survive the last battle?”

“No… I was blown to the ground by a hand grenade. Someone crushed my skull with a pan.” Xiao Zhou said with lingering fears in his heart as he covered his forehead. “I still feel like my brain tissues would fall outside.”

“Then, why do you still want to go back to that nightmare?”

Kan Shaoni suspected that Xiao Zhou had awakened his masochistic attributes. Normally, the type of nightmare with deadly battles between people was the most tormenting.

The mental trauma caused after being killed brutally by their companions and friends wasn’t any smaller than that caused after they were mashed to meat sauce in the death triggers.

So, Kan Shaoni couldn’t understand why Xiao Zhou was so anxious to return to that Nightmare Dungeon.

“I… can’t reconcile myself to the fact that I lost.”

There truly was anger in Xiao Zhou’s mind right now.

Rather than the pain when the pan killed him and the brain fluid splashed out, and the fear of death, Xiao Zhou’s mind was more infuriated at having the chicken he could almost eat taken away by someone else!

The fury made Xiao Zhou want to participate in the next battle royale game quickly.

“Besides, that Nightmare Dungeon is also… interesting. It gives people a sense of anticipation.” Xiao Zhou kept talking about his immature thoughts.

Xiao Zhou’s comment made Kan Shaoni show a confused—nearly shocked—expression.

Interesting? Sense of anticipation?

These might be the two most ridiculous comments about a Nightmare Dungeon that could cause death!

However, Xiao Zhou was serious. He couldn’t explain what was going on either. He just wanted to return to the island right away and go skydiving once more.

His mind was now full of ideas of what he should do the second time he landed after skydiving.

This time, he certainly had more experience. He wouldn’t be blown by a hand grenade anymore!

Xiao Zhou was also looking forward to seeing where he would land the second time he went skydiving and what sort of gun he would find after landing. He would be able to kill and run from the poisons more easily on his second try.

He just needed to gather all his thoughts. He would definitely be able to eat the chicken when he did another round!

“So… So, Chief, can I enter that Nightmare Dungeon again later?”

Xiao Zhou asked a question that made all the Dream Explorers and doctors near him look at him like he was a “psycho.”

This man was tortured and even got his head smashed in the Nightmare Dungeon, but he still couldn’t get enough? He wanted his skull to shatter the second time? He was truly into masochism!

“It’s not my decision to make whether you can get into the Nightmare Dungeon again or not.”

Kan Shaoni looked to another side as she spoke.

The battle royale game still hadn’t finished yet. The last two survivors were having the final showdown in the Nightmare Dungeon.

One of the survivors was Zhao Yanqing.

Kan Shaoni certainly cared about Zhao Yanqing’s condition. However, she was also concerned about the Lord of Nightmare’s comments on this battle royale game.

If the Lord of Nightmare thought the Nightmare Dungeon built by that student was boring, it might change the Nightmare Dungeon back to the death tower. It would reduce the number of people in the nightmare back to twenty people per entry.

This was the result all the workers in Fengdu Prison hoped for, but the situation didn’t seem optimistic right now.

Qiu Ren and the Lord of Nightmare, Tapir, were watching over the entire battlefield with the perspective of spectators.

Tapir had been watching the game… without blinking ever since the participants started landing.

Qiu Ren felt that the Lords of Nightmare saw things in a different dimension than humans. It could taste the “emotions” humans released and feed on them.

This was why the game was like a huge feast for Tapir.

The viciousness when those death row prisoners killed each other, the despair when companions betrayed one another, and the resentment when they watched someone else take away their things with their eyes wide open after they were killed…

All these things intoxicated Tapir.

The battle royale game Qiu Ren made was, in fact, a very common “arena-style nightmare.” There were a lot of such nightmares among the Nightmare Seeds between Level B and Level C.

But this game had extracted the essence of this kind of nightmare.

From skydiving and landing on the ground in the beginning, to collecting supplies after landing, fighting, killing each other, and taking everything away from the others, and the poison circle that kept shrinking and pressing into their survival space…

All these rules compressed and refined the cruelty and viciousness in the battle between humans. It formed the essence of the game, showing it in front of the Lord of Nightmare in a highly efficient way.

The Lord of Nightmare had been enjoying the show since the first death row prisoner landed on the ground. Qiu Ren didn’t disturb it as well.

And now, the great feast was coming to an end. The stage for the final battle was set.

The position of the finals was in P City.

There were only two survivors left, and this was the battle that determined their destiny.

The Lord of Nightmare even felt like it was a sin to miss any detail by blinking its eyes, as if it was watching the most thrilling finale of a drama it had been obsessed with.

One of the survivors was the man with a scarred face, who had crushed Xiao Zhou’s head with a pan before.

He was now completely equipped. He had a level-three helmet and armor. His main weapon was a fully-loaded Groza rifle and also an Accuracy International AWM as a backup.

Once all this equipment was in the hands of any master, it was definitely the standard kit for eating the chicken.

Ever since the man landed until the final two, twenty-two poor participants had become dead souls under his gun. He was now looking forward to the twenty-third, which was his last opponent, Zhao Yanqing!

On the contrary, Zhao Yanqing didn’t kill many people, just four.

This was even because a group of death row prisoners foolishly chose to ambush Zhao Yanqing and the other two Dream Explorers. He had no choice but to kill them.

Zhao Yanqing’s equipment status was a bit worrying. He didn’t have a helmet and was just wearing a police ballistic vest, which was a level-two armor… His primary weapon was a Type 95 Automatic Rifle he used most often.

The two of them were now in a standoff in the city area of P City. After the first round of gunfire, the man with a scarred face was certain about the location of Zhao Yanqing and maintained a certain distance with him.

Zhao Yanqing was at the center of the circle. If the man with a scarred face got closer, Zhao Yanqing would definitely fire at him.

He dared not to bet on shooting skills with a former SWAT Captain. So, the man with a scarred face must think of a way to force Zhao Yanqing out and let the guy take the initiative to fight with him!

The man with a scarred face could totally use a Molotov Cocktail or an aerosol bomb, but he chose a simpler and more effective way.

He hid behind a low wall and shouted towards the direction where Zhao Yanqing was located.

“Captain Zhao! I heard that your wife and daughter were killed? Can you tell us how? Were they shot? Or did they drown in the water? Did they say anything before they died? Did they scream miserably?”

The voice of the man with a scarred face was very loud, so loud that his vicious questions resounded around the entire P City.

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