My Fierce Tigress Wife

Chapter 234 (END) - Troublesome, Burdensome

Chapter 234: Troublesome, Burdensome

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After he left the hall, he scanned the surroundings with his divine senses. The two little fellows were still playing by themselves.

As for Silly Girl, she had flown straight to the north. In a split second, she left the range of his divine senses and disappeared from sight.

With a huge frown, he cast a glance at the two little fellows. In the end, he didn’t go after her.

Never mind, he would just leave her alone and let her calm down.

After some brief contemplation, he summoned Wang Liang over.

A short while later, in a room at the back…

Wang Hu was seated there. A fairly apprehensive Wang Liang walked into the room. As there weren’t any outsiders around, he didn’t bother with formalities too much as he just nodded slightly and bowed. “Big Brother.”

Wang Hu nodded calmly and asked serenely, “How were things recently?”

Without any hesitation, Wang Liang started to speak in detail about the recent war affairs.

Wang Hu frowned at his response, however. Wang Liang hadn’t even spoken for a minute when Wang Hu interrupted him and said dryly, “Alright, that’s enough. Don’t you know what I’m asking you about?”

Wang Liang’s lowered gaze drifted a little. He felt rather resigned. He thought: Of course, I know, but those matters are between the two of you. Who would dare to meddle in it?

He didn’t want to say anything, but when he saw the warning look in his elder brother’s eyes, he nevertheless chickened out and spoke.

Once he meddled in it, he might get into trouble in the future.

However, if he didn’t, then he would be in trouble right away.

That bastard seated opposite him had never known any mercy when it came to beating up his younger brothers.

“I really don’t know anything, Big Brother. All I know is that Sister-in-law started to get into a bad mood a few days ago.”

Wang Hu’s eyes narrowed slightly. He temporarily stilled his hand, which he had been about to move.

He asked coldly, “Why is she in a bad mood?”

Wang Liang shook his head repeatedly with an honest look on his face. “I really don’t know, Big Brother.”

“Are you sure you don’t know the reason? Or are you just too scared to say it?” Wang Hu’s eyes narrowed as they bore closely into Wang Liang.

Wang Liang felt as if his entire body was in pain. He knew very well, from how his bastard of an older brother currently looked, that this big brother was next to ready in beating him up the moment he said something wrong.

He felt terribly aggrieved. He really didn’t know the reason why.

At once, he said helplessly, “Would I keep it a secret from you if I knew, Big Brother? I really don’t know why. How would I know what Sister-in-law is thinking?”

Wang Hu gave him a long look and said irritably, “You’re so stupid. How can you not even know something as simple as that?”

Wang Liang kept his head lowered and held back from rebutting, keeping his expression obedient and subservient. In his mind, however, he was secretly dissing Wang Hu.

If it’s that simple, then why are you even asking me?

Wang Hu lost interest in saying anything more. He waved Wang Liang off and said, “Get Ling Shuang here.”

“Okay.” Wang Liang perked up and immediately answered. Then, he turned and left very quickly.

Wang Hu’s hand started to itch for some action the moment he noticed. However, he suppressed the urge in the end after some thought. Silly Girl’s situation was what mattered the most at the moment. Things like educating his younger brother could wait till later instead.

A few minutes later, Ling Shuang—whose aura was as icy-cold as ever—came over. She bowed and said, “Greetings to the King.”

“Rise.” Wang Hu lifted his hand slightly.

After a brief pause, he asked dispassionately, “How were things recently?”

“All has been smooth,” replied Ling Shuang concisely.

Wang Hu wasn’t surprised by her answer. After a moment of contemplation, he stopped beating about the bush and asked directly, “Do you know if there’s anything that hasn’t been going well for the Queen lately?”

Ling Shuang kept quiet. Her brows furrowed slightly as if she was thinking hard. Wang Hu’s eyes lit up a little, somewhat looking forward to her answer.

Out of everyone in the Tiger King’s Cave, apart from himself, it seemed like Ling Shuang was the closest to Silly Girl.

She might really know the reason why.

Several seconds later, under Wang Hu’s hopeful gaze, Ling Shuang shook her head seriously and said soberly, “I don’t know.”

The corners of Wang Hu’s lips spasmed slightly. Had she been Old Second or Old Third, he would already have taken action right away. However, with Ling Shuang, he suppressed the urge, persisted, and asked, “Didn’t you notice anything out of the ordinary at all?”

Ling Shuang shook her head again. Wang Hu heaved a soft, silent sigh and waved her off as he said impatiently, “Alright, you can go.”

“Understood,” Ling Shuang replied before she turned and left.

As Wang Hu pondered over the issue, he realized that there was no longer anyone else he could ask. At once, he felt rather irked. He simply couldn’t figure out what exactly was going on with Silly Girl.

A brief moment later, he let out a cold, impatient snort. How troublesome.

Women were just so troublesome and burdensome.

Yet, they were also so pretentious. They refused to say anything even when something was wrong and always kept men guessing for the reason why. On top of that, they even grew angry when the men couldn’t guess correctly.

They practically couldn’t get any more unreasonable and troublesome.

The more he thought about it, the unhappier and more irritated he became, and he decided to just stop thinking about it altogether. She might return to normal on her own after some time anyway.

Wang Hu let go of the matter for the time being the moment he thought of that.

Wang Hu didn’t return to the Tiger King’s Cave during the following few days. Instead, he stayed on and looked after the two little fellows while also overseeing the troops’ command center after Di Baijun left.

Di Baijun stayed at the frontlines during these few days as well. She led the troops and advanced boldly, attacking repeatedly in a fairly brutal manner.

When several victorious battlefield reports reached the command center, all the Tiger King’s Cave’s senior officials became even more cautious in their actions. They didn’t even feel the slightest joy at emerging victorious and carried out their own duties properly instead.

Everyone was aware that the Queen was venting her anger. The King was evidently also not in a good mood.

None of them naturally dared to rear their heads in such a situation.

This continued for the next half a month. Wang Hu was the first to reach his limit. He knew that this mustn’t go on anymore. After all, their main objective in waging war this time was to train their men.

Besides, in the first place, it wasn’t anything positive that the affairs between them as a couple were affecting and making the Tiger King’s Cave’s senior officials’ thoughts drift.

Thus, he brought the two little fellows with him and returned to Earth. The meaning behind his actions was very clear: the Queen would handle everything concerning that world.

Everyone was to listen to the Queen’s commands and refrain from thinking too much about other things.

True enough, as soon as Wang Hu left, all the senior officials felt a lot better even though they still held some opinions about the matter. Their thoughts also returned to where they should be.

A day later, Di Baijun also returned from the front lines to the command center and oversaw the general situation once more.

It was just that her expression remained as cold as ever, instilling fear in everyone that saw her.

Elsewhere, in the Tiger King’s Cave…

A few days after his return, all of Wang Hu’s irritation had faded away. Gradually, he found himself having sleepless nights.

He admitted that he had chickened out and wanted to coax Silly Girl out of it.

Yet, he didn’t know how to go about doing it. From start to finish, he simply couldn’t pinpoint the reason for her anger.

Should he go to her just like that without pinpointing the reason, he would definitely get the cold shoulder from Silly Girl, given her personality.

After being troubled over it for two days, in his frustration, he set up safety measures and took the chance while the two little fellows were asleep to go over to Miao Ming’er’s again on a whim.

“Greetings, Your Majesty.”

After some momentary surprise, Miao Ming’er transformed into the human form, bowed gracefully, and greeted him.

“You don’t have to stand on ceremony,” said Wang Hu casually as he took a seat. At the same time, his emotions also amazingly calmed down a lot.

Miao Ming’er’s delicate brows furrowed slightly when she took a look at Wang Hu before they relaxed again. Then, she took out a tea set and said with a smile, “I picked up some tea ceremony techniques in China today. Is Your Majesty interested in having a taste?”

Wang Hu’s brows had also unwittingly relaxed quite a bit. He replied dispassionately, “Sure.”

Miao Ming’er nodded slightly and started to brew some tea. Her gentle and elegant movements were as smooth and fluid as flowing water, and they were exceptionally pleasing to the eye, causing Wang Hu’s mood to improve a little more as he watched her.

“May I know why Your Majesty has come today?”

Miao Ming’er asked while she brewed the tea.

An open and honest Wang Hu replied, “Nothing much. I had nothing better to do, so I decided to take a walk.”

In his frustration, he couldn’t be bothered to come up with any excuse anymore.

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