My Gu Can Cultivate on Their Own

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Approaching Ten Years, The System Gu Immortal Sect.


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Under the moonlight, upon a cliff, a young man was sitting cross-legged. There was a small worm lying in front of him.

In this world, it was called Gu.

This Gu worm had a unique appearance. Its body was flat and wide, its head was so small that it just about fused with its mouth, and its eyes couldn’t be seen.

Its entire body was yellow and orange, separated by a network of stripes. It was like a golden armor, shining with a metallic luster.

Fang Yuan opened his hands, and a stream of Azure Mystic Qi flowed out from his arms and entered the Gu worm’s body.

This was the World Spirit Essence, and it could be stored in the human body’s acupoints. Its function was to display the Gu worm’s ability and help them break through.

What Fang Yuan was doing now was using the second function.

Until the last traces of spirit essence in his acupoints had fused with the Gu worm’s body, Fang Yuan’s body swayed, and his aura rapidly withered, almost making him lose his balance.

But he still looked nervously at the Gu worm, staring at its transformation.

“I must break through this time!”

Fang Yuan gritted his teeth.

Even though he had experienced countless failures, he could not suppress the nervousness in his heart.

This was his last chance.

Tomorrow was the day the sect would check the strength of its disciples.

All disciples who had not broken through a major realm within ten years of entering the sect would be expelled.

Tomorrow was the day Fang Yuan had entered the sect for ten years.

Right now, he was at the tenth layer of Qi Refinement, just one step away from the Foundation Establishment Stage!

However, reality was always cruel.

After this Iron Skin Gu absorbed a large amount of spirit essence, its body shook violently. The Azure Mystic Qi continuously attacked its veins, trying to expand its body size.

In the end, even after it was exhausted, it couldn’t expand much.

This was far from reaching the standard of a breakthrough.

The Iron Skin Gu seemed to be a little stronger than the tenth layer of Qi Refinement, but it couldn’t reach the first layer of the Foundation Establishment. It was very awkward to be between the two of them.

Fang Yuan sighed deeply.

It was over. Everything was over.

One day was not enough time for him to absorb enough spirit essence to try to break through again.

Being expelled from the sect was already a foregone conclusion.

This would undoubtedly bring shame to his clan and cause the world to look down on it.

Fang Yuan’s heart immediately felt uncomfortable.

However, at this moment, a mechanical voice sounded in his mind.

[Ding! The Gu worm system is binding!]

[The Binding was successful!]

[Your Iron Skin Gu has been diligently cultivating. The heavens reward diligence. Your Iron Skin Gu has finally broken through to Black Iron grade!]

[Your Iron Skin Gu has obtained a new skill, ‘Permanent Strengthening’!]


‘What’s going on?’

As the voice sounded, Fang Yuan realized that the Iron Skin Gu in his palm had instantly grown bigger. It had grown from the size of half a thumb to the size of half a palm!

The color of its body also became darker, turning into a dark gold color.

This was clearly a sign of an increase in strength.

Fang Yuan was puzzled. As he looked, a panel suddenly appeared in front of him.

[Iron Skin Gu]

Level: Tier 2

Type: Defense

Grade: White Stone (due to the growth limit, it can be upgraded to Gold, Gu worm grade — White Stone, Black Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Star Shine, King…)

Skills: [Skin Hardening LVL 2] [Permanent Strengthening LVL 2]

It broke through?

Fang Yuan was a little surprised.

However, as a transmigrator, he was naturally not unfamiliar with such a voice.

“It’s been ten years, dog system, you’re finally here.”

Fang Yuan ridiculed it, and the worry in his heart also disappeared with the arrival of the system.

Then, he began to check the system’s functions.

After understanding it after a while, Fang Yuan could not help but laugh.

The function of this system was very straightforward.

It allowed his Gu worms to cultivate automatically!

In other words, in the future, no matter if he was eating, drinking or sleeping, he no longer needed to expend energy to absorb the World Spirit Essence to feed his Gu worms.

They could be self-sufficient!

This was simply good news for people like him who had extremely poor talent!

He remembered that when he saw his fellow disciples breaking through and being able to go to the Gu spirit hall to collect new Gu worms, he was very envious.

Now, it was finally his turn.

Coming back to his senses, Fang Yuan then carefully looked at the skill description.

[Skin Hardening LVL 2] (passive) : the Iron Skin Gu allows the owner to have a stronger defense against external attacks. (current increase is double)

[Permanent Strengthening LVL 2] (passive) : the owner of Iron Skin Gu will receive an all-round permanent increase in a certain degree of vitality. (current increase is double)

After the Gu worm leveled up, the skill level would also increase correspondingly with the Gu worm’s breakthrough, and the effect would double.

Moreover, with the addition of a permanent enhancement skill, the change was also very obvious.

Fang Yuan tested it. The current him could already easily pick up a rock that was about half his height.

In the past, this was absolutely impossible.

It seemed that as the Gu worm’s grade increased, the Gu master would also receive more ability buffs.

“I have to hurry to the Gu spirit hall to get new Gu worms. The earlier I nurture them, the earlier I can gain.”

Thus, Fang Yuan directly left this place.

“But before that, I have to go to the certification office to update the information.”

If he did not report it, he would be treated as a disciple who had not broken through. At that time, no one would specially test his realm strength for him.

Fang Yuan searched for the direction and walked towards a hall in the mountain.

A few minutes later, he arrived at his destination.

Just as he entered, a disciple with a desolate expression brushed past him and threw the Gu worm in his acupoints on the ground.

“I have already been chased out of the sect, so what use do I have for you?”

It seemed that he was someone like Fang Yuan, who had not broken through even after entering the sect for ten years.

There were many people like him in the Gu Immortal Sect.

After all, the Gu Immortal Sect was one of the top sects within a radius of tens of thousands of miles, and they had thousands of disciples.

There were many geniuses, but also many idiots.

Geniuses were high and mighty, and idiots would only be forgotten by history. They would be mocked by the world when they returned to the mortal world.

But now, his fate was completely opposite to this disciple.

Fang Yuan stopped and watched as his figure disappeared in the direction of the mountain gate, then he looked at the Gu worm that had fallen to its death, shaking his head and walking inside.

There were not many people in the hall. He found and walked into a room that no one was evaluating in.

There was a small transparent crystal ball in the middle of the room. As long as he injected his spirit essence into it, he could judge his realm and strength based on the brightness.

There was an old man sitting next to him. He was the elder of this certification office.

Fang Yuan walked forward and handed over his identity token.

“Outer sect disciple Fang Yuan.”

The elder looked at him with a faint smile. “Hmm… you’ve been in the sect for ten years.”

Fang Yuan cupped his hands and didn’t say anything.

“Put your hands on it.”

The elder began to guide Fang Yuan.

The test wasn’t complicated. As a light screen lit up, the elder could see the result with just a glance.

“You’re indeed in the Foundation Establishment Realm. You’re quite lucky to have broken through in the last two days, but your foundation is a bit lacking.”

As he spoke, he picked up a brand-new plate from the side and engraved it.

Soon, he handed it to Fang Yuan.

His name and realm were engraved on it.

Most importantly, there was a unique Gu Immortal Sect imprint on the back.

It represented the Gu Immortal Sect’s token.

As long as it was hung at the waist, most Gu masters outside would give the Gu Immortal Sect some face and would not attack the holder of the token.

Other than that, Fang Yuan would be able to enjoy more benefits and protection from the sect every month.

It could be said that there were all sorts of benefits.

The only requirement was that he could break through again within ten years.

Otherwise, he would still be kicked out of the sect.

However, this requirement was no longer a problem for Fang Yuan.

With the system, would he still need ten years?

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