My Gu Can Cultivate on Their Own

Chapter 13

Chapter 13: Genius Yu Bing, Support Gu Master

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“Are you surprised that Uncle agreed to let me follow you to deliver the goods?”

Yu Bing had a smile on her face as she raised her chin and said smugly: “I am also a Gu master now. You did not expect this, right?”

“Indeed, I did not expect this, can I take a look?”

Yu Bing did not hesitate at all, her ten fingers moved lightly and opened her acupoints.

Immediately, four Gu worms jumped out.

Water Purifying Gu: Can purify water.

Food Making Gu: Can make food.

Falling Leaf Gu: Can let the target recover to an abnormal state.

Enemy Searching Gu: Can track traces and search for enemies.

“Support Gu worms…”

Fang Yuan could not help but hold his forehead, not saying a word.

No wonder he could not see through their realms.

It turned out that Yu Bing was a purely support type Gu master who had no actual combat ability and could be crushed with a single touch.

Moreover, she had very ordinary support type Gu worms. The resources needed to cultivate them were very little, resulting in her breaking through very quickly.

“So what! So what!”

Yu Bing looked at Fang Yuan’s expression and could not help pouting, saying unhappily: “You won’t dislike my Gu worms, right?”

Fang Yuan grinned: “Why would I? They are quite useful. At least we don’t have to worry about food and water.”

“Really?” Yu Bing did not believe him.


Fang Yuan thought for a while and started to change the topic. “Why didn’t you get a battle type Gu worm? If yours are purely for support, it would be hard to protect yourself in an accident.”

Yu Bing sighed lightly: “Those are too expensive, and the Gu worms on the market are all of average grade. They are all old worms, their lifespan is very short, dying after rising by two levels or so.”

“It’s that bad?”

Fang Yuan was stunned, he did not expect the Gu worms on the market to be so lousy.

Yu Bing glared at him: “That’s right. Do you think any place can be like a large sect like the Gu Immortal Sect, and they have an unlimited supply of grade Gu worm eggs?”

Fang Yuan was silent.

He thought of the disciple who was kicked out of the sect a few days ago because of the ten year period.

No wonder that person was so extreme.

He directly threw the Gu worm that he had nurtured for so many years to death.

After leaving the sect, the difficulty of obtaining resources would increase exponentially.

Just like Yu Bing, even if she was so close to Fang clan, it would be hard for her to obtain an outstanding battle type Gu worm.

Being kicked out of the sect would undoubtedly bring an end to the Gu master’s future.

Fang Yuan did not know about Yu Bing’s talent. She was two years younger than him and had the strength of one in the sixth layer of Foundation Establishment at such a young age, so she must be pretty good.

However, he still asked.

“Sister Bing’er, how long have you been cultivating?”

“Why do you ask?” Yu Bing seemed hesitant.

“To gauge your talent.”

Fang Yuan told her the truth.

“It has been six years since uncle and uncle Shi Hao taught me how to draw Qi into my body.”

Yu Bing’s cheeks were slightly red, “Aren’t I stupid…”

In other words, Yu Bing started cultivating four years after he joined the Gu Immortal Sect.

“It’s not bad.”

Fang Yuan shook his head, “Then how long did it take to open your acupoints?”

Yu Bing thought for a while, saying: “It should be around… less than eight months.”

“Eight months?”

Fang Yuan was shocked. This was already faster than most Gu masters.

His sister’s talent was not bad!

After all, after entering the Gu Immortal Sect, he had spent three whole years learning how to guide spirit essence into his body to break through his acupoints.

Starting from scratch was the most difficult step.

The subsequent cultivation breakthrough was not that difficult.

It was just a process of accumulating spirit essence.

Fang Yuan knew that his aptitude was very mediocre. If he did not have the help of the system, he definitely would not be able to break through to the Foundation Establishment Stage within the sect’s stipulated time.

In comparison, Yu Bing’s talent… Was too terrifying?

It was not an exaggeration to call such a person a genius.

She became a support Gu master?

Fang Yuan felt a little regretful.

It was such a waste of talent.

Yu Bing’s talent was all wasted.

“What… What is it?” Yu Bing was shocked by Fang Yuan’s reaction.

Fang Yuan laughed bitterly, “I spent a whole ten years to break through to Foundation Establishment.”

“How is that possible!”

Yu Bing was very surprised. “Second Brother, you defeated Song Yuanhong’s henchman in one move, why did you take so long to reach Foundation Establishment?”

“After I came back, my father gave me a lot of cultivation resources, I improved a lot in half a month.”

Fang Yuan explained, “Moreover, the difference between my Gu worms and that person’s is too big, so it is only natural for him to collapse at the first touch.”

“That is also very impressive…” Yu Bing’s eyes showed a hint of admiration, “I wonder when I can reach this level…”

“It is a bit difficult. Supporting Gu masters don’t have any battle strength.”

Fang Yuan looked at her exquisite face, feeling that such a beautiful girl had great talent, but unfortunately, she could not join a good sect.

Hearing this, Yu Bing could not help but feel a little disappointed.


Fang Yuan suddenly recalled some of the contents he had read in the sect’s ancient books, and he explained: “It is not impossible to change this situation. If you want to have actual battle strength, you have to abandon these Gu worms and find new ones to cultivate.”

Yu Bing pursed her lips. Giving up on Gu worms meant losing her cultivation.

To a Gu master, it required great courage.

She sighed. “After this transport, I should be able to get some primeval stones. If there are suitable Gu worms on the market, I will give it a try.”

Fang Yuan smiled as he stroked her hair, not saying anything.

Gu masters in the secular world were so pitiful.

Basically, no matter how talented they were, as long as they did not have enough wealth, they would not be able to join a sect. They could only be like Yu Bing, choosing cheap supplementary Gu worms to cultivate.

This was also the drawback of everyone raising Gu.

High grade resources were all concentrated in large sects, and to join a sect, one had to pay a huge fee, just like tuition fees.

A clan like the Fang clan, which was considered a first-rate wealthy merchant clan in Yunding City, could only afford to send Fang Yuan to the Gu Immortal Sect to cultivate alone.

This threshold already eliminated most people.

The rest of the lone cultivator Gu masters could only take risks in dangerous areas and capture wild Gu worms.

Very few lucky people could encounter larvae or eggs.

Those without such luck could only face adult Gu worms and fight them head-on.

Adult Gu worms were very strong. If ordinary Gu masters of the same rank met them one-on-one, they could only run for their lives.

Only disciples from large sects had the ability to resist.

This also caused the prices of Gu worms on the market to be ridiculously high, and no one could afford them.

Fang Yuan really wanted to meet a few by chance.

After all, danger and opportunity coexisted.

Unfortunately, in the blink of an eye, a few days had passed, and not to mention Gu worms, he had not even met a single mutated beast.

He did not know if his luck was good or bad.

He stuck his head out of the carriage window, looking at the vast group behind him. Fang Yuan’s thoughts gradually became heavy.

The journey this time was far, and it would be a lie to say that he was not nervous.

He looked at the list of goods that were being transported this time, and made a simple calculation.

The value of all the goods added up to more than fifteen thousand fingernail-sized primeval stones.

They had to be transported to the capital, which was around two hundred miles away from Yunding City.

Based on the speed of the carriage, it would take at least half a month.

This journey was filled with unknown variables.

If something happened, faced with such a huge amount of compensation, the Fang clan would not just suffer a great loss of vitality.

It was very possible for them to declare bankruptcy.

Fang Yuan knew this very well.

This escort carried the future of the Fang clan.

Only when Shi Hao recovered from his injuries would the Fang clan be able to survive this crisis.

This was the most important thing.

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