My Gu Can Cultivate on Their Own

Chapter 16

Chapter 16: Golden Silkworm Gu

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The so-called Gu slave was someone controlled by the Soul Capture Gu to refine itself.

The reason why Fang Yuan gave up on the bandit from earlier was naturally because the second-in-charge was stronger.

Moreover, this person was cowardly and afraid of death, so his state of mind was very poor and it was very difficult for him to get rid of the control.

Now, he wanted to do something big.

That was to refine the legendary king of venomous Gu — the Golden Silkworm Gu!

Fang Yuan’s gaze was on the sealed village. With a wave of his hand, he retrieved the worm cloud that the Bloodthirsty Gu had turned into back into his acupoints.

Right now, the village was littered with corpses. There was not a single living person.

However, under Fang Yuan’s deliberate manipulation, the Bloodthirsty Gu did not devour their flesh and blood.

Looking at all this, Fang Yuan did not feel much guilt.

After being in this world for more than ten years, he deeply understood a principle.

If he did not kill, he would be killed.

“Gu slave.”

“Master, your instructions!”

“Go dig a hole and throw all the corpses in.”


He did not have any questions and directly did as he was told.

Gu slaves were like this. After being controlled, they lost all consciousness and only had obedience and memories left.

A huge pit was dug out manually, and he carried the dead bodies in the village to the pit.

After the Gu slave was done, Fang Yuan took out an incense burner from the storage space of the Drunken Gu, lit the incense inside and threw it into the pit.

Soon, the stench of blood was mixed with a unique fragrance, which gradually spread out.


A slight sound started to be audible from the dense forest.

Fang Yuan immediately picked up the Gu slave and hid him on a nearby tree.

Then, just as they climbed up the tree, countless figures crawled under their feet.

Scorpions, venomous snakes, centipedes, toads, venomous lizards, bullet ants, poisonous frogs and spiders.

Each of them were highly toxic. As long as one of them took a bite of you, even an Enlightenment Realm cultivator would fall.

Facing such a terrifying scene, Fang Yuan’s heart was actually getting more and more excited.

That was because what he wanted to refine was the Golden Silkworm Gu, and what he wanted was extremely venomous. The more venomous, the better!

“I didn’t expect there to be so many types of toxic creatures hidden here. There should be eighty-one types, right?”

Fang Yuan could no longer count. There were too many toxic creatures. In the blink of an eye, ten minutes had passed, and there were still a large number of extremely toxic creatures coming out of the forest in an endless stream, rushing into the pit.

The inside of the pit had already become an Asura arena.

Countless of the creatures were fighting one another under the effect of the incense.

Poison, blood, and broken limbs gathered together.

The next step was to wait.

The creature that would have survived until the end would absorb all the poison and blood essence.

The process was very long.

It would take seventy-two hours, a total of three days!

Only through such tempering could a Golden Silkworm Gu with the most violent toxicity and tenacious vitality be born.

It could even change its body shape and structure!

“I’m really looking forward to what it looks like.”

Speaking of which, this was Fang Yuan’s first time refining a Gu worm.

The method he used was quite strange. He had to use the blood essence of people to refine it.

If he hadn’t met this group of robbers, he probably wouldn’t have had the chance to try it in his entire life, unless he killed civilians indiscriminately.

However if that was the case, it would be easy for people to treat him as an evil cultivator and attack him in a group. At that time, he might not have a peaceful life.

Killing the robbers was justifiable.

Fang Yuan placed his hands behind his head and sat on the edge of the tree branch, casually asking, “Gu slave, have there been any powerful mutated beasts appearing recently?”

A red light flashed in the Gu slave’s pitch-black eyes, as if the Soul Capture Gu had activated his original memories.

Not long after, he replied, “Yes, Master. There is one.”

“After passing through Black Wind Mountain and walking a few dozen miles from the main road, you will reach the territory of a high level mutated beast.”

“Can we go around it?”

“No, there is only the one road.”

Fang Yuan nodded, it seemed that he still had to scout the area when the time came. He then asked, “What’s the situation around your Black Wind Mountain Village?”

“There are a total of thirteen villages within a hundred and fifty miles. Black Wind Mountain Village is the largest one, the rest are nothing to be afraid of.”

“However, if they keep blocking the way, it will be quite troublesome. Do you think the letter that was sent out earlier will have any effect?”

The Gu slave did not speak.

It seemed that he could not judge this kind of subjective thinking.

Fang Yuan shook his head and did not ask anymore. Instead, he said, “Gu slave, you stay here and keep an eye on them. If anyone intrudes within five hundred meters of this place, kill them without mercy!”

“Yes, Master!”

Fang Yuan then returned to the place where the convoy was. When everyone saw that he had returned safely, they could not help but heave a sigh of relief.


“Second Young Master!”

The group of people immediately surrounded him.

Yu Bing even touched and looked at him.

Fang Yuan did not know whether to laugh or cry. “Don’t worry, your brother is not injured.”


Yu Bing didn’t believe him. She still looked at his body carefully.

After confirming that Fang Yuan didn’t even tear his clothes, she was relieved.

However, she turned to look at him with a suspicious gaze.

“Brother, don’t tell me you went to the Black Wind Mountain Village as a guest.”

“How is that possible? They’re not that kind.”

Fang Yuan smiled slightly and didn’t say much. “There shouldn’t be any robbers appearing for the next part of the journey. Everyone can rest for two days and wait to recover before continuing on the journey.”

“Brother, you didn’t… kill them all, right?”

Yu Bing was surprised at her own words.

Black Wind Mountain Village had several hundred people.

Even if Shi Hao came at his peak, his spirit essence would not be enough to kill them all.

How could Fang Yuan be capable of doing it?

The Gu masters looked at each other, as if they felt that Fang Yuan had already negotiated with the bandits near Black Wind Mountain, giving them some of the goods to ensure their safety.

In the end, Fang Yuan nodded his head under their gazes!

Was he admitting that he had killed all the people of the Black Wind Mountain Village?

Holy shit!

He must be joking, right?

Fang Yuan did not need to lie to them.

“Second Young Master, are there no survivors?”

In the end, someone still raised this question, his realm limiting his imagination.

“Of course not.”

When these words were said, the group of people looked at each other and smiled, as if saying, ‘I knew this was the case.’

Fang Yuan took a sip of the water bottle, then said: “The only person who survived is now my Gu slave, helping me refine Gu in the village.”


The crowd was silent for a while, then someone suddenly asked: “Second Young Master, how… how did you do it?”

“It’s very simple. First, I sealed their village gate, then I let the Gu worms go in and bite those subordinates to death.. I just had to guard against the two leaders.”

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