My Gu Can Cultivate on Their Own

Chapter 18

Chapter 18: Frost Wolf

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Fang Yuan, who had been traveling for a long time, did not know that the ten or so villages in Black Wind Mountain had already decided not to find trouble with them.

But he did not care about this, he just did not want to be constantly interrupted and waste time.

With his current strength and the grade of his Gu worms, these little thieves from Black Wind Mountain were no longer his match.

To put it bluntly, he could kill as many as he wanted. They were all nutrients for the Bloodthirsty Gu.

In the blink of an eye, half a day had passed, the convoy had already left Black Wind Mountain’s territory.

It was noon, and just as they were about to rest and cook, they suddenly heard a whistle not far away.

Fang Yuan immediately reacted. This was a warning from the Gu slave.

What he could not defeat was coming!

The sound was very close, and it was probably lurking around!

Fang Yuan’s heart jumped, he turned his head and looked at Yu Bing who was squatting on the ground, using the Food Making Gu to make food.


There was a sharp whistle, accompanied by a cold light. Fang Yuan’s body followed his heart, and with Bloodthirsty’s triple ability, his speed reached the level of blocking this attack.

The worm rod in his hand suddenly sank, and it actually made Fang Yuan feel an irresistible pressure.

Looking closely, it turned out to be a three-meter-long frost wolf!

In his memory, this was a Bronze-level mutated beast, and when it matured, it was at least at the sixth layer of the Foundation Establishment Realm!

At this time, Yu Bing also reacted. Looking back, she saw a huge wolf head in front of her, and she was so scared that she fell to the ground.

“Quick… Go…” Fang Yuan gritted his teeth and shouted these two words.

Only then did Yu Bing wake up from her dream. She stumbled and ran to the crowd at the side.

The veins on Fang Yuan’s hands bulged. He had already unknowingly used the fifth revolution of the worm rod.

With the nearly fifteen times increase in strength, he still found it difficult to handle the impact of the huge wolf’s sneak attack this time.

The giant beast seemed to want to flatten him, and its strength grew stronger and stronger.

There was nothing he could do. This was the difference in physique between a human and a wild beast. They were born this way.


Fang Yuan roared and poured liquid spirit essence into his hands. The pressure immediately lessened a lot.

Step by step, he pushed the frost wolf back a few steps, leaving a deep claw trace on the ground.

The frost wolf seemed to have sensed that the human in front of it was not a pushover. It spat out a frost storm and tried to trap Fang Yuan. Then, it took the initiative to retreat and rushed towards Yu Bing.

However, under the cold wind, Fang Yuan’s body was only covered with a thin layer of frost. He moved horizontally and once again blocked the frost wolf.


The frost wolf lowered its body and let out a threatening cry. Its eyes were fixed on Fang Yuan.

Evidently, it knew that if it did not get rid of this troublesome human in front of it, it would not be able to eat the meat at the back.

Fang Yuan had never been so serious before, and he also displayed a battle stance to confront it, saying without turning his head: “You guys, retreat.”

Yu Bing and the others naturally knew that Fang Yuan was talking to them.

They also knew that staying here would only distract him.

“Brother, be careful.”

Yu Bing called out softly, afraid that Fang Yuan would be distracted, before retreating to a distance with the other Gu masters.

This level of battle was not something they could handle.

If they were not strong enough, they would be killed by the aftershocks of the battle if they forcefully participated.

Numbers were useless in front of wild beasts.

Especially these mutated beasts with attributes.

No, it should be called a demon beast.

It had a physique that far surpassed humans, as well as the ability of high-grade Gu worms. It even had a certain level of intelligence, and was already much stronger than ordinary mutated beasts.

Fang Yuan lightly twirled the worm rod, wrapping the surface with spiritual power, and the Moonlight Gu’s charge had already been added to it.

At the same time, opening the acupoints, the Bloodthirsty Gu and Golden Silkworm Gu flew out, supporting the battle from the side.

Facing such a powerful enemy, Fang Yuan did not dare to hold back.

“Thirty seconds left, the Bloodthirsty effect will disappear in thirty seconds. At that time, my speed will not be able to keep up.”

“I have to find an opportunity to kill it within these thirty seconds!”

It was very difficult.

Thus, Fang Yuan wanted to find an opportunity to kill it in one strike.

Thirty seconds was very tight.

However, it was the frost wolf that made the first move.

After all, wild beasts were wild beasts. Even if they had intelligence, they could not control their own nature.

Fang Yuan saw the opportunity and dodged two attacks consecutively. Then, he hit it on the head with his rod.


There was the sound of weapons clashing.

Fang Yuan was shocked. Then, he was bounced several meters away by the recoil.

The frost wolf took the opportunity to give chase. It was still a simple and straightforward claw attack.

Fang Yuan was in an extremely sorry state. He could only raise the worm rod in his hand to block.

The huge force of the impact was transmitted from the rod to Fang Yuan’s palm, making him fall to his knees.

With a bang, a rock under his knee directly shattered. Then, half of his thigh was plunged into the soil.


Intense pain came, and Fang Yuan knew that he was injured.

“Bronze head, iron bone, tofu waist, how could I forget this!”

This was the hunters’ summary of the Wolf.

The skull was the hardest part.

Even Gu masters of the same rank, let alone him, might not be able to break it.

Fang Yuan was anxious, but he lost his best chance to attack.

The Bloodthirsty Gu saw that its master was suppressed, and it immediately released a large number of worms.

A buzzing sound echoed in the forest. After it spread, it continuously bit its body, blocking the frost wolf’s vision.

This completely enraged it. It spat out the frost storm again, instantly freezing a group of worms to death.

But this also gave Fang Yuan a chance to catch his breath.

“Golden Silkworm Gu!”

Fang Yuan raised his rod high.

The Golden Silkworm Gu immediately understood and turned into a ray of light, entering the rod.

The rod itself could hold all kinds of Gu worms.

After the Golden Silkworm Gu entered, the rod was covered in a layer of dark green light, having poison added to it.

Fang Yuan did not say anything, directly throwing it at the frost wolf’s stomach!


The sound of flesh tearing could be heard. Although the nine-turns adamant rod was a blunt weapon, under the support of multiple forces, it turned into a sharp arrow and easily passed through the most vulnerable part of the frost wolf.

The frost wolf felt a sharp pain and was about to go berserk, but in the next second, its vision turned black and it could no longer move.

The Golden Silkworm Gu did not disappoint Fang Yuan.

It was indeed the king of poisonous Gu.

Once the poison entered the opponent’s body, as long as the difference in cultivation realm was not too big, the effect would be extremely fast.


Fang Yuan took a deep breath. This battle could be said to have used all of his trump cards.

And he had almost lost.

This also made him realize the terror of this world’s demon beasts.

Compared to Gu masters, a single demon beast could probably defeat more than three Gu masters of the same realm.

After all, most Gu masters did not know how to train their physique, and were very fragile compared to demon beasts.

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