My Gu Can Cultivate on Their Own

Chapter 22

Chapter 22: Beautiful Senior

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As the disciple at the counter cried out in surprise, the crowd’s attention was drawn over.

At the same time, the corpse of the frost wolf that Fang Yuan took out from his storage space suddenly burst out with a cold current.

In just an instant, the temperature in the mission pavilion dropped to the freezing point.

A large amount of ice power continued to gush out, rushing towards the disciples at the side.

This was the outer sect, and many of the disciples were still in the Qi Refinement Stage. They definitely wouldn’t be able to withstand the impact of the Ice Spirit Wolf’s Foundation Establishment Stage strength.

Fang Yuan naturally couldn’t just watch them suffer. If something happened to these people, he would be the one to be punished.

He immediately spread out his five fingers, and the worm rod fell into his hand.

The heat of the flame surged out under the stimulation of the liquid spiritual essence, forming a flame barrier.

The impact of the ice power was very powerful. However, it was only the power left behind by a dead body. Fang Yuan did not even need to use his Bloodthirsty ability to completely cancel it out.

Then, he immediately put away the corpse of the frost wolf.


Seeing that the crisis was over, the counter disciple rebuked, “Junior, don’t you know that submitting materials with elemental energy must be handled at a special place?”

Although it was a rebuke, his tone was not very strict.

Fang Yuan looked at him apologetically, “I’m sorry, this is my first time submitting materials for a mission, so I don’t know the procedure.”

“Forget it, I’ll register it for you first. Later on, keep it for me. When the bounty is confirmed, you can receive the reward.”

“Is it that troublesome?” Fang Yuan frowned slightly. He might as well sell it directly.

“I’m the person who posted the mission.”

At this moment, the beautiful female cultivator walked over and looked at the disciple at the counter. “No need to trouble yourself. Help me cancel the mission. I’ll directly trade with this junior.”

After saying that, she looked at Fang Yuan and sized him up with her beautiful eyes. Then, she said, “Junior, it’s not convenient here. Why don’t we go to Yunlu Peak to settle it?”

Yunlu Peak was a mountain peak near the mission pavilion. There weren’t any sect buildings there, so there weren’t many people around. They did not need to be afraid that the corpse of the frost wolf would hurt others there.

However, Fang Yuan didn’t agree immediately. Instead, he looked at the disciple at the counter and asked, “Is it true?”

The beautiful female cultivator raised her eyebrows. Did he think that she was a liar?

The disciple at the counter was a little embarrassed. “Yes.”

Fang Yuan nodded. It seemed that there was no need to deduct the processing fee of the sect’s bounty for a direct transaction. He could earn a little more, but he still didn’t directly agree. Instead, he said, “Then let’s go to the sect square. It’s the same in the corner.”

“That’s… alright too.” The beautiful female cultivator was a little helpless. This little junior was clearly not weak, but he was overly cautious in doing things.

Seeing that she had agreed, Fang Yuan directly walked out.

They arrived at the sect square.

There were quite a number of people here, and it was also the place he had suggested. There was no need to worry that the other party would send people to ambush him here and snatch the materials.

“We’ll do it here.”

Fang Yuan flicked his sleeve, and a pile of fur and bones appeared on the ground. The cold air was awe-inspiring, but he had the worm rod in his hand. All he needed to do was condense a fire to maintain his body’s temperature and resist it.

However, the cold current didn’t seem to have any effect on the beautiful female cultivator. Her eyes lit up, and she reached out to gently stroke the fur of the frost wolf.

“Such a dense elemental power. It shouldn’t have been preserved for more than half a year, right?”

Fang Yuan thought for a moment. “I met it more than two months ago.”

“Fur and bones. They’re both top-grade. I’ve offered a reward for a long time. Only yours can be used.”

The beautiful female cultivator was very satisfied. She directly handed a bag to Fang Yuan and said, “I’ll take all of them. Count and see if there’s enough.”

Fang Yuan didn’t count them in detail. He just opened it and took a look. After confirming that they were all primeval stones, he weighed them and felt that they were close to a thousand.

“Senior, you’ve given me too much.”

Even with its flesh and blood, the value of the frost wolf’s body didn’t exceed four hundred. Therefore, Fang Yuan returned half of the primeval stones to her.

Unexpectedly, the beautiful woman did not accept it.

“Just now, when I was in the mission pavilion, I doubled the reward. This is what you deserve.”

Fang Yuan understood and did not insist. Seeing that the other party was not someone who lacked primeval stones, he cupped his hands and planned to leave.

“Hey, junior, wait.”

The beautiful woman suddenly called out to him.

“Senior, is there anything else?”

“I wonder if you can tell me where you met the frost wolf?”

“Do you want to come across another one?”

“Exactly. I need a lot of ice element materials. One frost wolf might not be enough.”

Fang Yuan nodded and did not continue asking. He said directly, “From Yunding City to Black Wind Mountain, about fifteen miles after passing the mountain.”

“Thank you for informing me, Junior.”

“If there is nothing else, I will take my leave.”

The beautiful woman nodded. “Goodbye.”

Fang Yuan threw the primeval stone bag into his storage space, his gaze turned and landed on a sect building in the distance, and he strode over.

Right now, he did not lack Gu worms. What he lacked was resources to increase the efficiency of his Gu worm cultivation.

Since he had gotten quite a lot of primeval stones from this beautiful senior whose identity was unknown, together with his own, he should be able to cultivate his Gu worms another round.

The cultivation progress of several Gu worms had slowed down, especially the Hunter Swallowtail Butterfly Gu.

It was the only Gu worm which requirements had not been satisfied, and its cultivation efficiency was the lowest, thus it was far behind the other Gu worms.

The highest level was the Golden Silkworm Gu refined by Fang Yuan, which was already a rank three.

Originally, Fang Yuan could have broken through to a higher realm with the help of the Golden Silkworm Gu, but he refined that energy into liquid spirit essence.

Fang Yuan only wanted to step into a higher realm one step at a time.

He did not want to use the strongest Gu worm to bring him to a higher realm.

Otherwise, he could have found a high rank Gu worm and used all his means to subdue it and become a stronger Gu master.

But in fact, this kind of Gu master’s foundation was very poor, and their compatibility with Gu worms was very low.

In the past, there were also Gu masters who wanted to use this method and take shortcuts, but without exception, they were not a match for Gu masters with the same status and cultivation level.

Even fighting with someone with a cultivation level lower was very strenuous.

After all, no matter how powerful a rank three Gu worm was, it could not beat ten rank two Gu worms.

Thus, there was a famous saying in the cultivation world.

Gu worms were like mistresses!

It meant that if one wanted to raise a Gu worm, it was no different from raising a mistress outside.

One had to put in a lot of effort and resources.

If one wanted to quickly increase their strength, it was even more so.

The outer sect competition was about to start. To stand out among hundreds of thousands of people, having strength was the most rigid condition!

Because of this, Fang Yuan thought of a method that could increase the efficiency of Gu worm cultivation.

Buying medicinal pills!

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