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Chapter 273 (END) - Gu Material News

Chapter 273: Gu Material News

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At this moment, the expressions of the elders at the scene suddenly became fervent. Everyone immediately joined in the conversation.

“Sigh, Gu Mo branch master, I think that if the Gu Demon Sect is actually participating in this competition, then we will use their disciple identity tokens to determine how many points we can obtain!”

An elder sitting in the middle to Fang Yuan’s right turned his head and said to the Gu Mo branch master sitting in the leader’s seat.

The Gu Mo branch master immediately agreed and said.

“Mm, I feel that this method is not bad, it can be operated to a certain extent.”

The other elders immediately joined in, adding one sentence after another.

Since they were going to use the Gu Demon Sect disciples’ identity tokens as the main method to differentiate points…

“Then I suggest that we mark each outer disciple’s identity token as one point, each official disciple’s identity token as two points, each inner disciple’s identity token as four points, and each personal disciple’s identity token as eight points!”

“And the elders’ identity tokens’ points are twenty points each. If they have a higher level identity token, then we will see when the time comes, but I think it is not very likely. What kind of powerful Gu masters would they even send for such a small scheme at the Bewitching Ancient Abyss?”

An elder sitting on Fang Yuan’s left suggested.

“Oh, I think Elder Yin’s words are very reasonable!”

After that Elder Yin finished speaking, Elder Fu who was sitting beside him immediately agreed.

“Yes, yes, this method of differentiating points based on the level of the identity tokens is clear at a glance. No one can play favoritism or cheat. I agree with Elder Yin’s classification method!”

Elder Fu continued to add.

At the same time, beside these two, the other elders and peak masters also agreed.

In the end, Elder Yin’s classification method was completely accepted. As for any Gu Demon Sect members with higher strength, they would have to wait for them to appear.

Moreover, the sect master Gu Zhenren also said that the Gu Immortal Sect would send out a total of six hundred people this time, with the Gu Mo, Cheng Tian, and Si Lu branches sending out a hundred people each.

That meant that the remaining three hundred people would be reserved for all the other branches.

Since it was the sect master’s order, everyone could only obey, thus no one objected to this.

“Alright, then my branch will send out fifty people.”

A branch master with medium strength said.

Beside him, another elder said.

“Then our branch will send thirty people. The disciples are indeed weaker, and it is already very difficult for them to participate in the sect competition this time.”

No one doubted his words. After all, not all of the branches in the Gu Immortal Sect were as strong as the sun in the sky.

Just like that, you send thirty people, I send fifty, and the three hundred spots were quickly filled.

There were other elders who suggested that their disciples would need some time to return, but they would all return to the Gu Immortal Sect by tomorrow night at the latest.

So, the departure date for the Gu Immortal Sect competition was set for the morning of the day after tomorrow.

At that time, the Gu Immortal Sect’s people would be in charge of escorting all the disciples to their destination — the Bewitching Ancient Abyss.

At this time, the Gu Mo branch master said.

“Since Fang Yuan is also going, I will send two of my most outstanding disciples, Gu Tianming and Gu Shenzhan, as the leaders of our hundred disciples.”

Following his words, the Cheng Tian branch master also said.

“Since the Gu Mo branch master is already sending his top, I cannot admit that I am weaker, I will also send my two proud disciples, Gui Jiazi and Gui Lingzi, as the leaders of our Cheng Tian branch’s disciples.”

“Hahaha, since the two of you are going all out, I cannot fall behind. I will send San Shiwu and Si Shijiu as the leaders of the Si Lu branch disciples.”

The Si Lu branch master also said without hesitation.

The reason why the Si Lu branch disciples seemed to have such casual names was actually a shocking fact. Every time when the Gu Immortal Sect gathered new disciples to join the Gu Immortal Sect, the Si Lu branch would change everyone in this way.

Regardless of whether those people were still alive or not, it would not affect the names of others. This was also their Dao name, and it was something that would follow them for the rest of their lives!

Soon after, the three branch masters looked at each other and laughed loudly.

In the end, all the names of the participants were decided. Gu Tianqing, Qin Han, Zhou Chang, Bing Ning, Gu Yuange, Yuan Qinghe, and Yao Guang, who had followed Fang Yuan, stayed in their respective branches.

Following the arrangements of their branch masters, they might also go on the expedition, but Fang Yuan was not sure yet.

And at this time, everyone agreed that the red practitioner of the Gu Immortal Sect would be the guardian of this Gu Immortal Sect’s sect competition. He would be the one to ensure the safety of all the participants.

This red practitioner was actually a special position in Gu Immortal Sect, and the position was similar to that of the blood demon emissary of the Gu Demon Sect.

They were all powerful Gu masters who could directly decide the outcome of small-scale battles.

And they were different from the Gu Demon Sect’s blood demon emissary, who advocated indulging in their own desires and ended up brutally killing people.

The Gu Immortal Sect emphasized self-restraint, cultivating painstakingly, thus the Gu Immortal Sect’s Gu masters were calm and peaceful. They were strict with themselves and lenient with others. In the Gu Immortal Sect, Gu masters who specialized in bitter cultivation were known as red practitioners.

After the final list of people was finalized, everyone heaved a sigh of relief.

Right at this moment, the Cheng Tian branch master suddenly recalled something and told Fang Yuan.

“Ay, that’s not right? Fang Yuan, I suddenly remembered something important.”

“Oh, tell me!”

Fang Yuan stared at the Cheng Tian branch master and knew that he was a person with a personality and did not care much about his appearance and etiquette, so he did not care whether he was rude or not.

“The moonlight grass seeds, sunlight sunflowers, starlight fruit trees, whirling stones, Chenfeng stones, Jinsheng liquid, purple vitality mist, and many other materials that you mentioned earlier could actually exist in the Bewitching Ancient Abyss!”

“Because of the special environment in Bewitching Ancient Abyss, the rules there are small and large. The area is chaotic, so there is a high possibility of any kind of Gu worms in this world growing there, as well as precious Gu materials.”

“So I suggest, Fang Yuan, after you reach Bewitching Ancient Abyss, you should always pay attention to the distribution of elements there, as well as the distribution of rare Gu materials on the ground!”

“If there is a chance, you should gather those materials. The laws of heaven and earth there are very pure, thus the products are very powerful. If you can use them to refine the Gu worms, it will be much easier.”

“Oh, I did not know that the Bewitching Ancient Abyss had such a special environment”

Fang Yuan looked at the Cheng Tian branch master in surprise.

“Not bad, not bad, if what you said is true, you will have made a great contribution to the Gu Immortal Sect, at that time, I will ask the sect master, Gu Zhenren, to give you a reward!”

Fang Yuan looked at the Cheng Tian branch master seriously.

“Sigh, no need, no need! The reason why I did this was not to obtain a reward, I just wanted to do something for the Gu Immortal Sect!”

The Cheng Tian branch master quickly said humbly.

“And according to what I know, when our Gu Immortal Sect and Gu Demon Sect left the Bewitching Ancient Abyss, one of the main reasons was that an astonishing amount of sunlight, moonlight and starlight erupted from it!”

“It seems that after this period of time, in the Bewitching Ancient Abyss, there will be quite a lot of these three Great Dao Gu worms and special materials!”

“Looking at the time, it is about time for them to mature, you should be able to arrive just in time for it.”

The Cheng Tian branch master continued to add.

At this moment, Fang Yuan could not help but be suspicious. Wasn’t this too much of a coincidence?

He had just obtained the system’s reward, he knew that these things could be used to produce a new Three Light Gu, but he had just returned to the Gu Immortal Sect and already obtained the information of these main materials and ingredients?

Moreover, by chance, he was about to lead a team to this place. Fang Yuan would not believe that this wasn’t heaven’s will.

“Alright, I will remember this!”

Fang Yuan looked at the Cheng Tian branch master and nodded seriously.

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