My Gu Can Cultivate on Their Own

Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Lazy Gu Worms

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After obtaining the Gu eggs, Fang Yuan returned to his residence and began to concentrate on his cultivation.

He randomly picked a Gu egg and placed it in his acupoint, using his own spirit essence to feed it.

The purpose of this was to let them familiarize with his aura and strength before they were born, to form a good impression of him, and to prevent them from betraying their master right after hatching.

[Ding, you have successfully hatched a Black Iron grade Gu worm — Drunken Gu!]

After half a day of nurturing, the first Gu worm finally hatched.

It was not a dead worm!

Fang Yuan heaved a sigh of relief.

He began to inspect the condition of the few Gu worms.


Why was it sleeping?

Didn’t the system say that it would cultivate automatically?

Just as he was puzzled, his acupoints suddenly shook, and a huge suction force came from the Drunken Gu.

In the blink of an eye, nearly half of the spirit essence in his acupoints was swept away like they were being sucked in by a whale!

This sudden unexpected situation gave Fang Yuan a fright.

If this continued, wouldn’t he be sucked dry right away?

Fortunately, the Drunken Gu’s state did not last long.

As more than half of the spirit essence in his body was absorbed by it, its body began to emit a gentle light.

In the end, like a singularity explosion, its body suddenly expanded countless times, from a larva the size of a grain of rice to an adult worm the size of a thumb.

At the same time, the system notification sounded in its mind.

[Ding! Congratulations, host, your Drunken Gu has successfully broken through! You have obtained the ‘Wine Making’ skill!]

[Your Drunken Gu has started cultivating, current progress: 1%!]

“So you can only cultivate automatically after reaching tier one.”

Fang Yuan realized this later, and at the same time, he was glad that he was not rash and tried to hatch three Gu worms at once.

If he really did that, he would probably be a dried corpse now.

There were still two Gu eggs left.

He had no choice, and he could only take out two primeval stones and hold them, absorbing the spirit essence inside.

The green light entered his arm through his palm and flowed along his meridians towards his acupoints.

After an unknown amount of time, he slowly opened his eyes after the two primeval stones had lost their luster.

He looked at the already wasted primeval stones with some heartache.

The efficiency of directly absorbing the spirit essence inside primeval stones was very low.

It could be said that he did not even use one tenth of the value of one primeval stone.

In order to hatch the remaining two Gu eggs, Fang Yuan had spent a lot of capital.

In the blink of an eye, a day passed. On the afternoon of the second day, Fang Yuan finally hatched all the Gu worms and let them enter the state of automatic cultivation.

Taking advantage of the time to rest, he began to check the condition of the few Gu worms.

[Your Drunken Gu sensed that its master’s physical fitness was relatively weak. After a day of bitter cultivation, it produced good wine and gave it to its master. Production Progress 100%!]

Fang Yuan’s eyes lit up.

Fine wine?

Then he took a look.

[Spirit Wine LVL 1] : after drinking the fine wine, one’s physique can be permanently increased to a certain degree.

It can actually increase one’s physique?

This was beyond Fang Yuan’s expectations.

He originally thought that it was just a wine that could temporarily restore one’s spirit essence, but he did not expect it to have such a good effect.

Without saying a word, he drank it directly!

As the spicy wine entered his throat, a cool feeling spread throughout his body.

Soon, a layer of black mud appeared on his skin, as if the impurities in his body had been cleaned out.

Fang Yuan felt as if he had soaked in a mint bath. His whole body felt comfortable, and it was the kind of feeling that came from the inside out.

“Unfortunately, the quantity is a little small.”

Fang Yuan smacked his lips.

The Drunken Gu could only produce a few tens of milliliters at a time, and it would be gone after one sip.

The increase in physique was also very limited.

However, small amounts add up.

When the level of the Drunken Gu increased in the future, the problem of production would definitely be solved, and perhaps even better wine would be produced.

Then, he looked at another Gu worm.

[The Iron Skin Gu is in a dispirited state. Because there are no divine weapons to attach to it, the cultivation effect has been greatly reduced, Current cultivation progress 1.1%]


What’s going on?

The Iron Skin Gu is starting to slack off?

It only increased by 0.1% after a whole day?

If left unchecked, it would take more than three years for it to cultivate to 100% increase in level?

Three years to a level, thirty years to ten levels!

This speed is too slow.

Fang Yuan could not accept it.

Even if he had four Gu worms in his acupoints, it would still take almost eight years.

It seemed that he had to find a weapon as soon as possible.

It would not be a good idea to let the Iron Skin Gu continue to be lazy.

If nothing went wrong, other than the Drunken Gu, which only needed to consume spirit essence, the other Gu worms should have entered a lazy stage.

Thus, he continued to read.

[Because the Moonlight Gu did not use precious herbs to recuperate on a full moon night, it was in a low mood and its cultivation effect was greatly reduced. Current cultivation progress: 1%]

[Because the Bloodthirsty Gu did not have a supply of beast blood, it was very unhappy and its cultivation effect was greatly reduced. Current cultivation progress: 2%]

As expected, these two were also thorns.

Those who did not meet the requirements did not cultivate.

Moreover, their requirements were even more excessive.

One needed to soak in a medicinal bath.

The other needed to suck precious beast blood.

They were much more troublesome than the Iron Skin Gu.

These two things required a large amount of primeval stones to buy, and Fang Yuan had no way to get them at the moment.

“I should think of a way to get a weapon first.”

A weapon was easy to find. He had a good relationship with the Hall Master of the Gu Immortal Sect’s outer sect’s martial arts hall, he could go there and see if there were any suitable weapons.

As for the other things, he could only go to the mission pavilion to get the sect’s bounty missions and go out to hunt for resources.

This was the most convenient way to earn primeval stones.

After making up his mind, Fang Yuan went straight to his destination.

Countless disciples came and went from the mission pavilion.

This was also a popular place within the sect.

Fang Yuan looked at the dazzling array of missions, his gaze shining slightly.

However, most of them were sect missions like mining, patrolling, and guarding. They could only be carried out within the sect’s territory, and the pay was very low.

The more high paying ones were support missions.

To put it bluntly, the Gu Immortal Sect was a group force. It occupied a large area of territory.

If there was territory, there would be disputes.

At places where the borders intersected with other sects, if there were conflicts over resources and they did not completely fall out, they could only rely on low level disciples like them to fight.

After all, if there was a sect expert, it would no longer be a small matter.

Fang Yuan did not choose this kind of mission.

He felt that his strength was not enough to protect himself, and it was easy for accidents to happen in a chaotic battle.

Other than that, there were a small amount of other bounty missions.

Usually, they were sent by individuals, and the request was to get the required amount of materials within a limited time.

Compared to other missions, this kind of mission was more dependent on luck, and whether it could be completed depended entirely on one’s looks.

This was also the only type of mission that could be repeated. Usually, a bounty mission would have dozens or even hundreds of people accepting it. The reward was first-come, first-served.

Fang Yuan picked a few collection type bounty missions.

He did not want to complete all of them. He planned to come across these things as he went out to collect the materials he needed.

He did not want to waste the rewards he would receive for free.

“I haven’t seen my parents for a long time. I’ll take this opportunity to visit them.”

Fang Yuan thought to himself and walked out.. He walked all the way to the outer hall.

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