My Gu Can Cultivate on Their Own

Chapter 30

Chapter 30: Breaking Through A Bottleneck, Asking For Guidance

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This was the first time Fang Yuan held such a huge fortune in his hands.

With a huge sum of a hundred and eighty thousand primeval stones, he didn’t even know how to spend it.

“I’ll continue to buy medicinal pills. Strength is the most important.”

Fang Yuan made up his mind.

With so much money, he had to rush to the tenth layer of the Foundation Establishment Realm in one go!

Otherwise, he would really be letting down his efforts!

Thus, he went to the pill pavilion again and bought all the medicinal pills he couldn’t afford before. He only spent less than thirty thousand.

This feeling being able to buy whatever he wanted was great!

After bringing these resources back to the courtyard, Fang Yuan once again entered seclusion.

Because some medicinal pills were more valuable, Fang Yuan didn’t choose to cultivate in a medicinal bath.

Although this method could allow absorbing and refining many materials at the same time, the utilization rate was relatively low while the consumption was high.

After eating, he would slowly refine them one by one, wasting less medicinal power.

It would just take a longer time.

There were still a few days before the outer sect competition, and the sect was also preparing, so there was still plenty of time.

Fang Yuan sat cross-legged. After taking the first medicinal pill, the medicinal power spread in his body, and majestic spiritual essence flowed through his meridians, continuously tempering his body.

Those that couldn’t be absorbed for a moment flowed into his acupoints, providing a better cultivation environment for the Gu worms.

After the medicinal efficacy had completely disappeared, Fang Yuan continued with the second pill.

By the fifth pill, the improvement that the pill could bring was already negligible.

This was because his body had developed a drug resistance. Although it wasn’t so strong that the pill completely lost its effect, if he wanted to rely on this type of pills to break through to the tenth layer of Foundation Establishment, he would have to consume even more.

That meant more primeval stones.

A huge amount of primeval stones!

Coincidentally, what he had now was primeval stones, so he did not panic at all.

Moreover, he had bought more than one kind of medicinal pill. He had bought several sets of all the medicinal pills that he had not taken before, all for this breakthrough.

Just like this, time passed by little by little.

The spiritual essence that Fang Yuan had accumulated in his body was also increasing at a terrifying speed.

When he felt that he was about to explode, he let the Moonlight Gu absorb the moon essence.

Even though he could not enter the enlightenment state, he could still refine the excess spirit essence into a liquid state.

When the liquid spirit essence lake in his acupoints turned into a vast ocean, Fang Yuan slowly opened his eyes.

He had hit a bottleneck.

Fang Yuan could clearly feel that his cultivation had reached a limit.

In the dark, there seemed to be a barrier pressing down on his head.

It made it impossible for his realm to continue rising.

He got off the bed and landed silently.

His aura was completely withdrawn into his body.

In fact, he had already reached the tenth layer of Foundation Establishment.

But this was only on the level of spiritual essence strength.

Even though the Drunken Gu had broken through to rank three, it still did not bring him into the Enlightenment Realm.

He had a cultivation base, but he still felt that there was something lacking.

This feeling was somewhat different from when he was in the body refining stage.

It was hard to describe.

Even the nine-turns rod technique had been cultivated to rank eight, and he was only one step away from completing it.

Just like his own realm, he also felt a bottleneck there.

“Looks like I’ll have to ask someone for advise.”

Fang Yuan felt that he might be able to find some answers from his seniors who were also at the tenth layer of the Foundation Establishment Realm or had already reached the Enlightenment Realm.

The easiest way to ask someone else was to put up a reward.

After releasing a reward mission at the sect’s mission pavilion, there would presumably be many people willing to help.

Therefore, he found the counter disciple of the mission pavilion and put two thousand primeval stones and his identity card on the counter.

“Senior, I want to register a mission.”

“You didn’t do two missions just to register one, did you?”

The counter disciple knew Fang Yuan and smiled. “What kind of mission do you want to register?”

Fang Yuan thought about the wording and said, “The reward is in regard to cultivation. You just need to write that it’s for layer ten Foundation Establishment masters and layer one Enlightenment masters .”

“So you’re about to break through, huh.” The disciple at the counter understood. “Don’t worry, I handle this kind of task somewhat often. I’ll add write that there’s a time-limited reward. When the time comes, I’ll pick the one with the strongest comprehension for you. How about it?”

“Then I’m counting on you, Senior.” Fang Yuan very sensibly stuffed a bag to him, which contained about 30 pieces of fingernail-sized primeval stones.

It was very necessary to build a good relationship with people in such an important building of the sect.

The disciple at the counter immediately beamed with joy. “Junior, don’t worry. I’ll screen them one by one for you. By the way, what cultivation technique are you practicing, Junior?”

“The nine-turns rod technique.”

“Not many people practice the nine-turns rod technique and the like. I’ll keep an eye out for their types of cultivation technique for you.”

“Thank you for your hard work, Senior.”

“No problem, no problem…”

After exchanging some pleasantries, Fang Yuan left the mission pavilion and returned to his own small courtyard to tidy up the room that had been dirty due to his cultivation.

Soon, half a day passed. When it was close to evening, someone knocked on the courtyard door.

“Is it the person who accepted the mission?”

Fang Yuan calculated the time. It was almost the mission’s time limit, so he walked over.

As soon as he opened the door, he saw Wan Qian in a plain white dress standing at the door.

“Senior Wan? It’s you?”

Fang Yuan was a little surprised. The sect was so big, so how could he just happen to meet someone he knew?

“I saw your request in the mission pavilion, and I just happened to meet the requirements, so I’m going to see if I can help you.”

Wan Qian looked calm and said softly, “It’s just the right time to repay the favor I owe you.”

“Ah?” Fang Yuan looked bitter. “If I had known, I wouldn’t have put up the reward. It’s thousands of primeval stones.”

Wan Qian casually threw a bag into Fang Yuan’s arms.

“Here, after deducting 20% of the processing fee deducted by the sect, the rest is inside.”

“It’s a joke, don’t take it seriously.”

Fang Yuan smiled and handed the bag back. “I don’t lack primeval stones at the moment. Come in and talk.”

Wan Qian didn’t take it and directly walked into the open space of the courtyard. “No need, I don’t like to owe others anything. Let’s start now.”

Fang Yuan nodded and no longer insisted. He followed Wan Qian to one side of the courtyard.

The two stood facing each other.

Fang Yuan began to talk about the problems he had encountered after cultivating for this period of time.

Wan Qian listened quietly, and her expression gradually became a little strange.

“No wonder I can’t see through your strength. You actually rose to the tenth layer of the Foundation Establishment Realm.”

“How… did you cultivate…”

Fang Yuan thought for a moment and said truthfully, “I ate some pills and meditated to refine them. I’ll naturally break through.”


Wan Qian’s expression finally changed a little.

She looked at Fang Yuan as if he was a monster.

She already felt incredulous.

From the first time she met Fang Yuan until now, it had only been half a month.

In this short period of time, he was actually able to break through consecutively without any sense of delay. He only felt the bottleneck when he encountered the barrier between major realms.

Wasn’t this too exaggerated?

Perhaps this was the legendary practice of rising one level at a time, like drinking water…

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