My Hidden Wife is Sweet

Chapter 482 - The Boy

Chapter 482: The Boy

Since they must stop Gu Siting from suspecting them, they finished the rescue plan that very night.

Fu Hanzheng returned to F Land, to pretend as if he were still pursuing the outlaws, whilst arranging his men to follow Yuan Shuo into A Land for the rescue.

Fu Shiqin was getting ready for work in the morning, when Yuan Bao who was sleeping in the same room, got up as well.

The boy was quite independent. After he got up, he zipped open his own bag, grabbed his toothbrush and toothpaste, brushed his teeth and washed himself.

With the toothbrush in his mouth, Fu Shiqin stared at Yuan Bao who was brushing his teeth and standing on the chair. He asked, as he spat away the foam, “Your parents are both gone, aren’t you afraid?”

Yuan Bao wiped his face and blinked.

“Why should I be afraid?”

They were out getting his wife back and they would return when they found her.

Fu Shiqin thought for a while, brushed his teeth quickly and took him out of the room as he kicked open Fu Shiyi’s room door.

“Get up you two, time to take care of the kid!”

However, even after he ate breakfast with Yuan Bao, the two of them were still sleeping.

He was just holding Yuan Bao and heading up the stairs, ready to toss the boy over to them, when Mrs. Fu and Fu Shengying hurried over to the villa, after hearing that they had come home the night before.

The moment they entered the villa, they spotted Fu Shiqin holding a boy who was eating a lollipop.

Mrs. Fu looked at him and then at Yuan Bao.


Fu Shiqin asked, “What’s mine?”

Mrs. Fu pointed at Yuan Bao. “This is not your son?”

Fu Shiqin put Yuan Bao down onto the floor and said, “That is impossible.”

Fu Shengying asked, “Your brother’s?”

Fu Shiqin was confused. “They have only been together for a brief period of time, where would they get this three-year-old son from?”

Mrs. Fu asked again, “So he is Shiyi’s?”

Fu Shiqin got a bit irritated. “Not ours, someone else’s. We are supposed to take care of him for a couple of days.”

Unconvinced, Mrs. Fu said, “He is really not our grandchild?”

Fu Shiqin replied, “Mom, I understand clearly that you are very eager to have a grandson but please turn to our brother and Mu Weiwei for this question. There is no need to talk about this with me. I can’t have a baby right now…”

His mother had been very interested in asking other children to call her grandma these past few years but none of her three sons was yet able to give her any grandchildren.

He was just speaking when his father picked up the little boy.

“Little boy, call me grandpa!”

Yuan Bao smiled sweetly, “Grandpa!”

Mrs. Fu followed. “Call me grandma!”

Yuan Bao turned to Mrs. Fu and said sweetly, “Grandma!”

Fu Shiqin sighed as he saw his parents playing with the boy. He said, as he checked the time, “Alright, it’s time for me to go to the company, you can play with him.”

“Hang on, you said that Mu Weiwei has been found. What is going on? Do tell!”

Fu Shengying remembered what he was here for and stopped Fu Shiqin who was about to go out.

Fu Shiqin said, “Gu Siting doesn’t want to give us a peaceful time, so he took away Mu Weiwei and tried to convince our brother that she is dead. But the DNA test showed that she is not, so our brother has arranged a rescue mission. Your daughter-in-law is still alive.”

Hearing his words, Mrs. Fu got annoyed.

“Why the Gu Family again?”

Fu Shengying thought of the grudge held between the Fu Family and the Gu Family and asked, “Are you sure that she can return safe and sound?”

He truly had no intention of seeing one more blood debt added between the Fu Family and the Gu Family.

“Of course we have to get her back safe and sound, otherwise our brother will either kill himself so he can be in the afterlife with her or stay single for the rest of his life.”

Having said those words, Fu Shiqin hurried off and headed for the company.

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