My Husband, Warm The Bed

Chapter C1994

However, Shen Jimo was still silent, and Wang Qiming jumped: "what happened between Lao Shen and Su Su? What can't be said clearly? "

Silence for a long time, Shen Jimo looked up to the window: "these years, there are many contradictions and misunderstandings between us, we seem to never go back to the past."

Hearing this, Wang Qiming seemed to understand the problem: "is it because AI Xiaoman made Su Su misunderstand?"

Wang Qiming said: "Lao Shen, I once told you that AI Xiaoman is a woman with a bad mind. Stay away from her. Sympathize that she has no family since childhood, but look what she has done all these years. "

"It has nothing to do with AI Xiaoman. The key is still me. If I......" If he had made it clear to Yin Susu earlier, she would not have been so insecure about their feelings.

He knows everything, but he wants to be angry with her.

Wang Qiming added: "Laoshen, this is not what I should have known. Do you want to give up your feelings for so many years?"

"Not to give up, but to start again, just don't know if she will give me a chance to pursue her well?" Shen Jimo looks back at Yin Susu lying on the bed.

Before, she was always full of vitality. No matter who she was, she would be deeply attracted by him. It was he who made her less confident, and he who made her feel insecure.

Today, at the moment when he saw her fainting, he suddenly realized that all she needed was his sincere care for her and a sincere word to her that he loved her.

He failed to do such a simple thing for so many years.


When Yin Su woke up, she opened her eyes. The first person she saw was Wang Qiming. She was stunned. "How can I be here, senior?"

"As soon as I got out of the airport, I fainted, so I took it to the infirmary." It was Shen Jimo who let Wang Qiming hide things. Shen Jimo worried that Yin Su would not want to see him when she woke up, so he went out before she woke up.

"I was supposed to come to the airport to pick me up, but at last I had to ask for trouble to take me to the infirmary. I'm really sorry." Yin Susu didn't say it, but he thought Shen Jimo was a ruthless man.

She fainted in front of him, and he was reluctant to take her to the infirmary.

However, she is quite able to understand Shen Jimo's practice. He just reunited with his beloved woman, who cares about her irrelevant woman.

"Susu, is there anything else uncomfortable?" Wang Qiming did not ignore the loneliness in Yin Susu's eyes.

As long as she cares about Shen Jimo a little bit, Shen Jimo will have a chance.

"I'm fine." Yin Susu raised a bright smile. "Thank you, sir!"

"We have such a good relationship, what are we doing so politely?" Wang Qiming helps Yin Susu to sit up. "Let's go. Let's go back to the city first."

"Good." Yin Susu nodded.

On the way out, Wang Qiming asked again, "Su Su, is there a conflict with Lao Shen?"

"It's not a contradiction. It's only after so many years that he found that he didn't have me in his heart. Suddenly he died." Because she really put it down, when someone mentioned Shen Jimo in front of Yin Susu, she replied so frankly.

Wang Qiming secretly cried for Shen Jimo, "who says that old Shen has no heart? Did he tell it himself? Or from someone else? "

"Is this still important?" asked Yin Susu

"Why doesn't it matter?" Wang Qiming took out his best eloquence and advised, "if you want to give up a man who has been in love for so many years, shouldn't you find out what's the reason why you decided to let go?" "What he did made me feel his love. If someone just tells me that he doesn't love me, how can he stop me from loving him? " If it wasn't Shen Jimo's actions that made her feel cold again and again, how could she let go completely.

Sometimes, maybe it's not that I don't love you anymore, but I suddenly want to open up.

It should be sweet and happy to love someone, but when she chases Shen Jimo, she is only suffering and unbearable. Everyone is only a few decades, why should she find so many troubles for herself.

Wang Qiming said, "how can I feel that he doesn't love? Maybe he loves it very much, but because some things are trying to control his feelings. "

"Sir, will you stop talking about him? I don't want to talk about the past things and characters, and I don't want to influence my mood because of irrelevant people. "

"Well, if not, invite me to dinner and let me know." Wang Qiming prays for Shen Jimo in his heart, hoping that he can recover his beloved girl by his own ability.

"Well, all the restaurants in the capital, choose where you want to go."

"Miss Yin San treats me. Of course, I'll choose the most expensive one, whether it's delicious or not. It's a must."

Yin Susu was really amused by Wang Qiming's exaggerated appearance: "as expected, it's Wang Xuechang, who I'm familiar with. I haven't seen him for three years. He's still the most fond of style."

Wang Qiming said: "because this can be worthy of the identity."

"My identity?" Yin Susu shook his head. "I admit that my birth has brought me a lot of prosperity and convenience, but also this identity has brought me some resistance."

At that time, she definitely got a top scholar in liberal arts by her true ability, but many people thought that she was not worthy of the name.

Many people think it's the Yin family's relationship that makes her take that title.

She tried her best to get good grades by her own ability, but those outside ignored her efforts and thought that all she had was given by the Yin family.

"As the saying goes, every family has a scripture that is difficult to read, and different people have different troubles when they are born." Wang Qiming's family is not bad. He knows Yin Susu's troubles.

Yin Susu took a deep breath and clapped it on Wang Qiming's shoulder with one hand: "Sir, let's have a good time today if we don't talk about anything else."

"Good." Wang Qiming should, at the same time looked back, Shen Jimo stood in the crowd, his eyes fixed on Yin Susu.

Today's Shen Jimo is really not the one he used to know. The former Shen Jimo is like a little sun, which can warm everyone around him.

Today, Shen Jimo is more mature and more masculine. However, his temperament has changed, sometimes it feels gloomy, sometimes it feels gloomy.

He is clearly around, but always makes people feel a sense of distance, not to see his happy smile.

Love is more poisonous than poison in intestines. It can make a man like steel turn into a soft one. Wang Qiming secretly decided that he would continue to be single to the end, and never change himself for a woman.

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