My Instant Marriage

Chapter 92 - I will never miss you this time Young-soo

Chapter 92 - I will never miss you this time Young-soo

That night both Young-soo and Eunbi stayed next to Juno in the hospital. They felt like they wanted to talk to each-other and share their life experience which has happened after their divorce; however they didn't speak to one another instead they gazed at each-other often, and they felt so awkward therefore to break the awkwardness between them Young-soo showed her the pictures and videos of Juno which was on his phone.

Young-soo could guess that her face looked so tired due to her official work. He apologized for disturbing her on her busy official schedule.

It's true that she was tired but she doesn't want to hear any kind of apologies from him. "Young-soo, please you don't need to apologies to me anymore when you haven't done anything." She felt like she wanted to talk to him all-night as they meet after so many years.

Young-soo checked the time of his wrist watch and it reads 3.30am therefore he asked her to sleep on the attendant bed and he went out of the hospital room.

Next day in the morning, when Juno woke-up the first person he saw was Eunbi. The person who he was thinking that she was his mother, he was so happy to see her next to him on the bed. He stood up on the bed, and hugged her happily, "Omma, you came." Juno looked at his father who was standing next to Eunbi, "Appa, see finally Omma have come to meet me."

Eunbi was so happy to see the happiness on Juno's face. Young-soo was even happier than Eunbi to see the smile back on Juno's face.

That day Juno got discharge from the hospital, and Eunbi went along with Juno to Mr. Lee's residence for the first time after the divorce. Lots of memories were flashed through her mind. Mrs. Lee doesn't like to take Eunbi to her residence as Juno's mother, however she make sure to not utter any hateful words to Eunbi. She could understand that her son Young-soo is doing all these things only because of the happiness of his lovable son.

Juno held one of his mother's hands, took her to his room, and showed the toys to her. It was Young- soo's room the one which they spend together nearly for a day. Now it was modified according to Juno's likings and preferences.

Eunbi could understand that how much Young-soo loves his son.

That day Juno never let go of Eunbi's hand, he held her hand tight. As Juno was not fully recovered from the fever Eunbi decided to stay with Juno, and soon in a few minutes Juno falls asleep on Eunbi's lap.

Young-soo shed some happy tears; that finally his son could experience the mother's love and care through Eunbi.

As Eunbi saw the tears on Young-soo's eyes she asked him, "Are you alright Young-soo?"

He cleared his throat and nodded his head, "Yeah, I'm alright."

He sat down in the armchair in the room, "Eunbi may I ask you something?"

"Sure," She replied.

"Will you stay next to my son and be his mother?"

Without any second thoughts she replied him, "I will Young-soo, and I promise you that I'll take good care of Juno as my son."

Young-soo was so happy to hear the positive reply from Eunbi, he doesn't know how to express his gratitude towards Eunbi but all he did was thanked her with happy tears.

"I will speak regarding this matter to my parent, and get their permission," Eunbi said.

"Let I and Juno come along with you, because you are going to speak to your parents for the sake of my son, therefore we'll accompany you."

Eunbi made a gentle smile on her face, "You guys are welcomed, however I want to clear about a thing to you Young-soo, that Juno is not only your son, now he's our son."

He flashed a smile before he replies to her, "I'm sorry hereafter I'll not mean that Juno as my son, he's is our son." He paused for a few seconds, their gaze met with each other, and their hearts skipped a beat. Soon they changed gazes on Juno, Young-soo realized that he still have feelings for her.

Eunbi thought, 'in the past I have realized it lately that I was in love with you, but this time I'll never miss you again in my life Young-soo, and no matter what I will love you to the core, and lead a happy life with you along with our son till the end.'

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