My Little Sweet Wife

Chapter 15 - Enemy III

Chapter 15 - Enemy III

"Who went overboard? I always see you as a man who tries hard to go up, but it turns out you are very despicable and dirty! I, Jiang Ruolan, am too stupid! You are the one who is a hypocrite! Han Xuegang, I'm warning you! Do not think that you can do whatever you want just because a woman loves you! Do not push me!"

Jiang Ruolan may not have much ability, but it was still possible for her to fight with teeth for teeth, eyes for eyes!

"Are you threatening me?"

"Was it a threat or a disdain? You know it very well!"

Jiang Ruolan didn't give him any face as she held her head high. She would never allow herself to be beaten or bullied like those women in those sentimental scenes; that would only show weakness through the tears.

She shifted her gaze to the woman in his arms, who seemed to have a rich family background. Han Xuegang hugged the woman and did not let her be impulsive, like running and arguing with her (Jiang Ruolan).

The former lover observed the anger in Jiang Ruolan's eyes with contempt and indifference, then lowered his head and comforted the woman in his arms. "Fei'er, she doesn't care about her reputation at all. Why do you have to be angry with her? This slap? Just think of it as retaliation for her years of madness against me. We don't owe her anything after this!"

Fei'er? Jiang Ruolan almost vomited blood. She suddenly stared at the woman in his arms.

No wonder she felt that this woman looked a little familiar. So this woman was the daughter of the chairman of the Ling Family from G City, whom she had interviewed in private, Ling Fei'er!

When interviewing Chairman Ling at the Ling residence, Jiang Ruolan chanced upon a young woman driving a BMW passing by.

The woman casually greeted them as she passed by, and Director Ling smiled and said that she was his only daughter, Ling Fei'er.

At that moment, Jiang Ruolan understood. She finally understood how Han Xuegang, an ordinary university student without a good background, could become the Ling Group's vice president in two years.

That's all because of the Ling Family.

He was using women to soared his position.

Her mocking gaze seemed to pierce Han Xuegang. When Jiang Ruolan glanced at him sarcastically, he just hugged Ling Feier more tightly, as if he wanted to prove to her that he loved the woman in his arms.

Jiang Ruolan suddenly laughed out loud, "Haha."

"What are you laughing at?" Ling Fei'er, who had been comforted by Han Xuegang, glared at her.

"Hahaha ..." Jiang Ruolan cried. The anger in her eyes had long turned into compassion. She looked at Ling Fei'er, who was about twenty years old, and said, "I was laughing at you. You are as stupid as I am."


"Jiang Ruolan!" Han Xuegang shouted in a low voice, clearly afraid that she would say something.

Jiang Ruolan had no intention of warning Ling Fei'er at all. Seeing Han Xuegang's anxious face, the curve of her mouth lifted. She never thought that she had a very high level of patience.

She laughed out loud and stepped forward. Under the suspicious gaze of Ling Feier, she raised her hand and pushed the couple in front of her forcefully from blocking her path, then walked out of the building.

"Cheh! Look at her arrogant attitude! I'm going to find my dad and--"

"Stop it, Feier. She's just a sad woman with a broken heart. What are you going to do? Aren't we going to meet a friend? Let's go."

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