My Little Sweet Wife

Chapter 30 - Unplanned Meetings III

Chapter 30 - Unplanned Meetings III

"Miss Jiang, please have another drink ~"

On the 10th floor of the hotel, Jiang Ruolan was persuaded to drink two bottles of spleen wine and half a glass of white wine.

Feeling that she was a little drunk, she went out to look for a washroom. Unfortunately, the washroom on the 10th and 11th floors were closed for cleaning.

Jiang Ruolan had no choice but to hold back the disgusting feeling that appeared in her mouth and rushed to the washroom on the 9th floor. After vomiting non-stop, she finally felt a little relieved.

She quickly washed her face and look at her pale face in the mirror. She took out a tissue from the bag and wiped the water off her face and hands, before leaving the washroom.

Just as she was walking out, she met Jiang Bingqing who was walking towards her. She was frightened and instinctively trying to leave, but Jiang Bingqing had already caught the sight of her with her sharp eyes. "Jiang Ruolan?"

Jiang Ruolan stopped in her tracks, knowing that she could no longer avoid her. She turned around and met her face to face.

"What a coincidence?" Jiang Bingqing had a contemptuous look on her face. "This is the first time I have seen a shameless woman like you. Did you know that Xian Zihao will be here today, and that is why you came here too? Let me tell you, my mother is here too. Stay away from Xian Zihao!"

"If you think so, I can't help it." Jiang Ruolan lowered her eyes and turned to leave without further explanation.

"Stop right there!"

She stopped.

"Jiang Ruolan, I warn you! If Jiang Family can't tolerate you, Xian Family won't tolerate with you either! Stop daydreaming! You should know your status! Hand over the crystal necklace my father gave your mother back then and then immediately scram!"

"I'm talking to you! Did you hear me?" Seeing that Jiang Ruolan just stand there and not talking, Jiang Bingqing suddenly pinched her arm cruelly. "You slut! You dare to be arrogant with only a few years of effort?!"

Jiang Ruolan, who was initially dizzy from drinking too much, could not bear the pain, so she pushed her (Jiang Bingqing) roughly. "Enough!"

"You dare pushed me?!" Jiang Bingqing stumbled a little. "Do you really think you can fight with me just because you've grown a pair of wings?"

She (Jiang Bingqing) stepped forward, lifted her slapped her (Jiang Ruolan) face. "Why would such a despicable person like you act so holy and noble towards me? A bitch is a bitch! You dare to snatch someone's man! You dare to climb into someone's bed!"

Jiang Bingqing wanted to slap her again but this time, Jiang Ruolan was prepared and raised her hand to block but someone quickly grabbed her (Jiang Bingqing) wrist.

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