My Little Sweet Wife

Chapter 755 - Eternal Happiness II (Ending)

Chapter 755 - Eternal Happiness II (Ending)

Qin Wenqian held it in her hands and uttered every word clearly. "Mr. Qin Gengxin ~ I want to ask you to marry Xian Guiying and love her for the rest of your life ..."

The host kept whispering in her ear to remind her and to teach her. Qin Wenqian obediently followed, "Forever?"

The voice of a child echoed in the entire hotel's hall. The people of the Xian Family and Qin Family watched the child's actions and couldn't stop themselves from grinning from ear to ear.

Qin Gengxin looked at Qin Wenqian with a funny expression as if he understood what she was asking. Then, with a serious expression, he said with a small laugh, "I'm willing."

Qin Wenqian immediately giggled. The laughter of a child could be heard through the microphone. It sounded especially pleasant.

Then, the host whispered something into her ear. Qin Wenqian nodded and looked at Xian Guiying, who was smiling. "Mommy...Ugh ... Miss Xian Guiying, can I ask if you are willing to marry Qin Gengxin and have a lifetime of mutual respect and love and never to part with each other?"

Xian Guiying looked at Qin Wenqian with a smile and said gently, "I'm willing."

Qin Gengxin looked at Xian Guiying in the blink of an eye and held her hand tightly.

Just as the host was about to drop Qin Wenqian, she held the microphone and refused to let go, as if she still wanted to say something. The little girl squeezed and rubbed the microphone for a moment before she said, "Daddy, mommy, hurry up and bring the baby out to play with me. Daddy, mommy, you will never leave Qianqian, will you? I want to be with you forever ~ Daddy, mommy, Qianqian loves you ~"

Qin Gengxin and Xian Guiying could not help but hug the child and handed the flower to the host. They carried Qin Wenqian throughout the wedding, and Qin Wenqian, who was in the arms of her father and mother, watched her parents exchange drinks, clapping happily until the end of the wedding.

The host sighed with emotion. "Let this family embrace their life happily."

At that moment, Xian Guiying seemed to have seen the tears in Qin Gengxin's eyes. He hugged her and Qin Wenqian tightly.

It was an incomparable sense of security.

She knew that after twelve years of waiting and perseverance, she would finally be able to see her happy family bloom.

Xian Guiying had been pregnant for eight months. Her stomach was growing bigger and bigger every day.

At night, when Xian Guiying could not turn over in her sleep, Qin Gengxin woke up and helped her turn over. He rubbed her cramping leg and while rubbing it, he said to her belly, "Little thing, let your mother suffer less. Be careful, once you are born, I will spank you!"

Xian Guiying laughed as she kicked him, "You dare to hit your child!"

"I don't dare. How could I bear to hit my child." Qin Gengxin smiled shamelessly as he held her in her arms.

Xian Guiying was thirty-eight weeks pregnant and the baby arrived early. Qin Gengxin stood in the unfamiliar and sacred delivery room, holding her hand until he saw the baby's bloody body, then lowered his head and kissed her deeply on the lips. "It's been hard on you, wifey, I love you."

Xian Guiying was a little exhausted, but she still smiled as she looked up at him. "How do you feel?"

"I feel a little dizzy." Qin Gengxin answered truthfully. Watching her give birth to a baby and then seeing a baby being born just like that, as a man, he actually felt a little dizzy.

Xian Guiying smiled at him for a while before she closed her eyes to rest. She even forgot to ask if the baby was a boy or a girl.

It was Qin Gengxin's first time carrying a newborn baby. He didn't know how to carry it, so he looked like a lost wooden person. The nurse smiled and taught him how to carry the baby until he learned how to walk around the room with the baby in his arms, not even willing to let it go.

When Xian Guiying woke up, she saw Qin Gengxin standing by the window, playing with the child. She turned her head and looked at his back, smiling. "Is it a boy or a girl?"

"Guess?" Qin Gengxin turned around and smiled at her.

"How could I have guessed? I was so tired that I forgot to ask." She carefully sat up and watched as he reluctantly gave her the baby. She reached out to take it, then lowered her head to look at the baby's face, which was still a little red after just being born. She gently untied the blanket and looked at it, then smiled.

"I love both my son and daughter. Guiying, thank you. Thank you so much." Qin Gengxin stood by the bed and looked at her.

Xian Guiying smiled as she hugged the sleeping baby and said, "Have you thought of a name?"

"I've already decided on the name."

"What's his name?"

"Qin Feiyang."

Xian Guiying was stunned for a long time before her eyes widened. "Qin Feiyang? Is it a good name?"

Qin Gengxin raised his eyebrow and Xian Guiying immediately laughed. "You're too uncreative, but it seems like the name is very nice to listen to."

From then on, Qin Gengxin lived the life of a super father.

During the Mid-Autumn Festival, everyone came to drink wine and eat sumptuous meals. Qin Feiyang was always in Qin Gengxin's arms, and everyone came to see the child. When everyone was eating, they directly pissed Qin Gengxin off, and Qin Gengxin just laughed and said that he would change the child's clothes and diapers.

As Secretary Dai watched Qin Gengxin carry his son, she sighed emotionally and said, "I told you before, I really wished to see Qin Gengxin take care of the child with you, and let him know how hard it was for you to take care of the child alone."

Xian Guiying smiled at Qin Gengxin's back as she watched him carry the child upstairs. She then said, "He's been at a loss for what to do for a month. Many of his clothes have been ruined by his child's urine and feces."

"Guiying, I finally see the real and blissful smile on your face." Secretary Dai raised her glass and raised her eyebrow.

Xian Guiying also smiled as she raised her glass and clinked it against hers. "I wish us all happiness."



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