My Master Disconnected Yet Again

Chapter 20 - The Novel's Storyline

Chapter 20: The Novel’s Storyline

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Lonemoon had already transmigrated into this world of immortal cultivation for 300 years. The long time that he had spent in this world almost made him forget about his previous life in the other world. It was only after realizing that he had transmigrated into a book that those faraway memories began to surface.

He recalled that the book was his 16 years old niece’s. She had always been a quiet girl from young, a princess-like little girl. There had been a period when she was always hugging that book, reading it countless times. Out of curiosity, he had taken a peek.

Since it was a novel that little girls would read, obviously it would not be of much depth. It was nothing beyond ‘you love me, I love you’, all about loving-till-death kind of stuff. He was always contemptuous of those kinds of ridiculous novels, yet this book had certain descriptions that were interesting and fresh, and he had finished it without even noticing.

After a lapse of many years, the details of the book had become blurred in his memory but the general idea of the storyline still left an impression on him. Yi Qing was one of the characters in the book, and he was an absurdly cool and super formidable character. When he was introduced in the story, he was already the greatest Sword Immortal of the Three Azure Realms, a character who truly was very powerful within the Three Azure Realms.

Although he knew the storyline, he realized that he was quite far back in the timeline before those events happened. Since they were both Sword Cultivators, it was no wonder that he grew curious of the Sword Immortal. He thought that even if he really were to meet him, it would be after his Immortal Ascension.

Never had he expected that he would meet Yi Qing so soon, and it was before he had become a Sword Immortal. He was extremely excited at that moment, and it was with almost no hesitation that he decided to cozy up to a certain powerful someone. He even came up with a perfect plan to invest in the most stable relationship with him—to get closer to him by becoming his master. Being the Sword Immortal’s master would be such a cool and safe position; the thought of it was absolutely beautiful.

But he did not expect his perfect plan to be intercepted by someone else. More so by the same kind of person as him who had also transmigrated here. To be honest, in the beginning, he really hated this girl named Shen. He even dropped his gentlemanly demeanor, wanting to snatch Yi Qing over from her. In terms of strength, cultivation or luck, he did not lose out any bit. His immortal cultivation had been such a smooth journey that he could totally be considered a transmigration P2W player 1 . Little did he know that even though he could fake being a P2W player, someone else used a cheat! That slash of the sword by Shen Ying had not only sundered the sea, but also his fragile self-esteem.

Damn it, that cheat was too much for a P2W player! By right, he should have hated her more but perhaps he had lived in this world for too long, or perhaps he missed people from his hometown, or was tired of the ambiguity and how people from ancient times never expressed themselves clearly.

In any case, by the time he had reacted, he was already in the kitchen!


Apart from Shen Ying, who else could he talk with when he had the urge to shout some holy shits, scold a few darn its, and also say fuck this, fuck that, and fuck everything. Who else, who else, who else?

Taking a step back, under the lack of administration for the game, it would be more beneficial to befriend the cheat than to become an opponent. Passing on general knowledge about the world was certainly the basic responsibilities of a friend. As a transmigration senior, he had hoped that the other party was surely just like him, someone who had read the book and understood the storyline before transmigrating over.

But he didn’t expect that he had miscalculated again.


Wasn’t this the world of a single book? Why would other people have different ways of transmigrating? Why did the things that were taken for granted change the moment it concerned Shen Ying? Are you a freaking cheat or bug?!

More importantly, he had just taught her a bunch of general knowledge. Why did she circle back to the original question? What did you just listen to, did you even hear what I said?

“What kind of book is that?”

“…” Lonemoon’s face stiffened as he thought of what the book described and felt a stuffiness in his chest.


“Yeah… Forget, forget it.” His mouth twitched before squeezing out these few words.

“Oh…” Shen Ying nodded. “What’s written in it?”

“That was my niece’s book, what else would be in there for books that little girls read?” he groaned. “Isn’t it just some… stuff about girls and guys.”

“A romance novel?”

“Um… not exactly?” He flushed, glaring at her impatiently. “Why are you asking for such details, it’s none of your business right?”

“Is it some obscene content?”

“Ru-… rubbish, there’s not a lot…”

“How much.”

“Four to five chapters… Hey, I said it’s not obscene content.”

“I understand.”

“You… why are you looking at me like that?” Lonemoon immediately exploded atop the fan. What did you even understand? “I already told you it was my niece’s book, I didn’t buy it! Why are you looking at me like that, do I look like someone who buys porn?”

“Yeah.” Shen Ying patted his shoulders understandingly. “I understand. We’re all adults.”

“What do you know! It really wasn’t porn, plus I only flipped a few pages accidentally. I didn’t read it in detail.” Although the obscene paragraphs had left quite the impression on him, he definitely did not remember the book because of that. “How would I have known that little girls nowadays actually like this kind of stuff. I never read them before.”

“Yeah. One book is sufficient to last you for 300 years.”


“Thank goodness your niece wasn’t reading about gays!” Who knows what might have happened then.

“Shen Ying!”


Could the game even continue like this?!

“Master?!” Lonemoon was just about to flip out when a familiar voice rang out.

Yi Qing had already completed his Lightning Tribulation and flown over. It was at that time that Lonemoon realized the tribulation clouds had dissipated and the surroundings had also resumed its brightness. Even the Blackheaven Sect’s protective mountain array had also disappeared. Yi Qing was now exuding the pressure of a Nascent Soul cultivator. It could be sensed especially clearly from the Sword Intent scar between his brows; looking at it once was enough to feel the Sword Intent seeping out. He had indeed successfully completed his Nascent Soul Formation and had become a Nascent Soul Sword Cultivator.

“Are you done?” Shen Ying glanced at him.

“Yes, your disciple has already completed his Nascent Soul Formation.” Yi Qing bowed and his tone was filled with excitement that he could not hide. He did not expect that one session of epiphany would allow him to advance to Nascent Soul stage directly; moreover, it had been so smooth sailing. It was all due to Master’s enlightenment. He indeed had a great Master. “It was all thanks to Master for protecting the Dharma for me.”

“Ah…” Protecting Dharma? Did I?

Lonemoon’s mouth twitched. Oh please, those arrays were set up by me. Where’s the strong sensing powers of Spirit Qi! Sword Immortal, are you blind?

“Congratulations, Perfected Yi Qing, for successfully forming your Nascent Soul.” Alright, you’re the big shot. I’ll put up with it.

“Supremacy.” Yi Qing cupped his fists towards him and nodded. He was far more courteous yet less friendly towards him, drawing a clear line between him and his master.

“…” He was indeed being biased. That scheming Shen! ̄へ̄

“Is there food to eat?” Shen Ying asked suddenly.

The corner of Lonemoon’s mouth twitched. Do you know nothing but eating? All you care about is food. (╬◣д◢)

“Master, please hold on.”

Holy shit, you really do have food! 0ДQ

Yi Qing walked onto the fan, habitually opened the storage pouch by his side and as if by magic, he dug out chrysanthemum cakes, lotus flower biscuits, fish slices, golden milk cakes, small day cakes…

Where’s the Sword Immortal? Why would you bring so many pastries? You are totally a chef!

“Go ahead and eat, no need to stand on ceremony!” Shen Ying nudged at Lonemoon’s hands as she pointed at the all the pastries that filled the surface of the fan.

Lonemoon: “…”


Who wants to freaking eat with you? Give me back my Sword Immortal!

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