My Master Disconnected Yet Again

Chapter 22 - Temporary Hostage

Chapter 22: Temporary Hostage

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As a former itinerant cultivator, Yi Qing had had more than his fair share of dealings with Fiendish Cultivators and was very familiar with their scent, but the fact that one of them could infiltrate the Blackheaven Sect and kill a Perfected Nascent Soul cultivator meant that they must have been fully prepared. It had taken him one full hour to find the traces of Yin Qi even though he was very sensitive to it. Strangely, this Qi was not found at any of the exits but at the base of the nearby Yingyuan Peak.

With Yi Qing leading the hall masters, they followed the trail which led right back to the hut where Yi Qing lived in. Even before nearing the hut, they could already detect a pungent whiff of blood. Feeling his heart quickening, he hastily walked inside. What he saw was a big mess: the plates which had been on the stone table were now scattered all over the ground in pieces and the gravy from a dish mixed with fresh blood covered the whole table.

“This… this is…” Yan Qiu was also shocked. “What happened?”

“Where’s Shen Ying?” Lonemoon looked around, but did not see any trace of her.

Yi Qing quickly searched around the house but did not find her. Turning around, he walked towards the blood-stained stone table and formed a hand seal. Immediately, the entire stone table lit up brightly and an image slowly appeared. This was the scene that had taken place an hour ago.

A familiar figure was eating, her whole attention on the food. If one could not fail to see the food on the table visibly diminishing, one would have mistaken it for a looping movie clip. It was not until the dishes were completely empty that the scene changed. A figure covered in blood suddenly came crashing down. Wearing a red dress, her hair was dishevelled and half her face was smeared in blood. But even so, one could still make out that she was a stunning woman.

“Fiendish Cultivator!” Xi Qiu blurted out. Stepping forward, he stared carefully at the image above the table. Suddenly struck by a thought, he whispered, “A female Fiendish Cultivator in the Nascent Soul stage… and wearing a red dress. Could she… be the Venomous Witch—Qi Chengyu?!”

The badly injured female Fiendish Cultivator in the image seemed to be talking to the person at the table. Suddenly, she grabbed the person holding onto a bowl by the neck and flew off in the southwest direction.

Upon seeing this, Yi Qing’s eyes widened and he exclaimed, “Master!” He immediately turned around and headed out towards the southwest.

“Wait…” But before Lonemoon could stop him, Yi Qing had already disappeared. Lonemoon had no choice but to fly after Yi Qing on his sword. However, Yi Qing was flying so fast that Lonemoon only caught up with him after a considerable distance. “Yi Qing, calm down. Blackheaven Sect has been sealed off. Let’s find out what this Fiendish Cultivator is up to before pursuing her. Shen Ying will not be in…”

Wait a moment!

“With her freakish strength, shouldn’t we be more concerned for the Fiendish Cultivator?!” Why the hell are you so worried!

“I know Master will be okay.” Instead of stopping, Yi Qing flew faster. “I am worried about Master going out alone.”

“What’s the problem?”

“The problem is…” He suddenly turned his head and said with a look of certainty, “She’ll never find her way back!”


Holy shit! So it turns out that this creature isn’t only a foodie, but is also freaking directionally challenged. What made you choose such a worthless creature as your teacher? I really don’t know! “By the way, how did she end up in the clutches of the Fiendish Cultivator?” That image had provided no sound so he had no idea what the Fiendish Cultivator had been saying.

“From what I know about Master…” Frowning, Yi Qing hesitated for a moment before saying, “It’s not that she can’t fight and defeat the Fiendish Cultivator.”


“Master was just… too lazy to resist!”



That worthless creature can laze to death for all I care!


On her last legs, Qi Chengyu flew out of the Blackheaven Sect. She was badly hurt; even Nascent Soul cultivators could be driven to the point of collapse. The meridians in her entire body were badly damaged. She had to give it to Yu Ding, that cunning old thief. Even though she had planned this for so many years before the opportunity finally came by, he had still somehow managed to injure her before he died.

Her body was at the brink of collapse. She had to regulate her meridians, otherwise she would die. With no options left, she found a secluded place and stopped. She released her grip on the hand of her hostage, preparing to push her away.

Qi Chengyu didn’t know if it was the lack of strength caused by her severe injuries, but she was unable to push that person away. Instead, she was the one who staggered a couple of steps back; she had to use all her strength to suppress the blood from rushing to her heart. She then turned to look at Shen Ying.

“Seeing that you are so obedient, you can go! I won’t kill you.”

The alarm bell had sounded, signifying that the Blackheaven Sect had discovered what she had done. The various escape routes left were all sealed off, so it would be extremely difficult for her to break out of this place. Her original intention had been to find someone to use as a hostage during her escape, and in this she had been unexpectedly lucky. She had not only taken a hostage but also managed to leave the mountain exit with her hostage without being intercepted. Even the guards on patrol that they encountered on the way did not seem to see them. It seemed that even God was helping her, letting her take her revenge!

She raised her hand and tried to release the immobilizing lock she had put on the hostage. But just as soon as she activated her Spirit Qi, she felt a great pain originating from the meridians of her whole body. Blood Qi started to surge up from within her, but she suppressed it once again. She growled fiercely, “Hurry up and leave, before I change my mind.”

Taken aback, the hostage was silent was a moment before answering with a nod, “Ok.” She then turned and left.

Qi Chengyu made sure that Shen Ying had walked quite a distance away before sitting down in the lotus position. She began to regulate her meridians. But just as her Spirit Qi finished circulating one cycle through her body, a familiar female voice suddenly rang in her ear.

“Sister, do you remember which direction we flew from?”

Qi Chengyu almost suffered a Qi Deviation at the shock of hearing this voice. Forcing down the fresh blood that had surged up to her mouth, she looked up and glared at Shen Ying. Is this person asking for death? Does she really think that I will not kill her?

Taking a deep breath to suppress her boiling anger, she pointed to the right. “Over there!”

“Oh, thank you!” Shen Ying nodded with a smile before walking away in that direction.

Qi Chengyu closed her eyes again and continued to regulate her meridians. Just as she had completed half a cycle…

“Sister, are you sure that’s the way?” That familiar voice rang out again. “There is no sea over there, only a river!”

“You have to cross the river, then go through the woods before reaching the sea!”

“Ok, thanks.”

“If you come back again, I will really kill you!”

Seeing her walk away, Qi Chengyu decided to choose another place to regulate her meridians. However, ten minutes later…

“Sister, I can’t find the river!”

“…” Qi Chengyu clenched her hands and almost vomited blood. “Do you want to die?! I told you go to the right, to the right. Can’t you follow directions?”

“I can’t!” she replied honestly. I guess this means I’m lost.

“You…” She had to take several deep breaths before she managed to suppress the urge to kill. Pointing hard at one direction, she said, “If you dare to come back, I will use your bones for my spirit practice. Over there!”

“Ok… I’ll remember.”

After that, she turned and walked away again. Ten minutes later…


“If you dare ask the way again, I’ll kill you now!” Qi Chengyu straightaway hurled a fireball in Shen Ying’s direction, burning a half-meter pit into the ground next to her.

“No, it’s not that.” Shen Ying blinked innocently and shook her head. “It was getting late so I decided to stay.” Then as if by magic, she pulled out two pheasants from behind her. “Sister, can you roast chicken?”

Qi Chengyu: “…”

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