My Master Disconnected Yet Again

Chapter 24 - Frightening Murderous Intent

Chapter 24: Frightening Murderous Intent

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Qi Chengyu used the beast pill to help her recuperate and rested for the whole night to finally heal a small part of her meridians. Previously, she had purposely traveled to places where Spirit Qi was scarce in order to avoid being tracked down by the Blackheaven Sect, but that had caused her recovery to be too slow. The only thing to be glad about was that her injury would not worsen. Fortunately, she would be able to return to Ming Yin Mountain, but her only worry was…

What will happen to Shen Ying?

With her lacking sense of direction, if I were to return to Ming Yin Mountain, wouldn’t she die of hunger alone?

Did she kidnap a hostage or a burden?!

“Shen Ying…” But just as she was about to start talking, the sound of fierce winds was suddenly heard. Alarmed, she turned to grab the person beside her and retreated 100 feet. The next moment, a sword emitting Yin Qi was stabbed into the spot where they had been standing at.

“Who is it? Come on out!” She looked to the right of the forest.

A moment later, two shadowy figures slowly came out from the forest, both donned in gray robes. The figure walking in front smiled, revealing half of their bony face. “Heh, so it was Fiend Supremacy Impermanence over here. Sorry to intrude.”

“Bi Hao? You are Blood Fiend Yu Yan’s Dharma Protector!” Qi Chengyu became more wary towards the two people who were approaching with ill intent.

“So Fiend Supremacy has heard of me.” That person laughed. “Not bad. Fiend Supremacy Yu Yan is our master.”

“Yu Yan’s henchman, why are you looking for me?”

“It has been rumored that Fiend Supremacy Impermanence is an absolute beauty. From the beginning of your immortal cultivation you were already the number one beauty throughout the entire Six Schools Three Sects known as Fairy Yu. Both of us have always admired your elegance. We were passing by this place, so we specially came over to pay you a visit.”

“Hmph, don’t try to fool me. Speak your real purpose!”

“Fiend Supremacy, you have misunderstood me…” Bi Hao’s smile grew increasingly chilly. But just as he was about to explain, the person beside him cut in.

“Senior Brother, don’t waste your time speaking nonsense with her. Look at her state now, she is obviously seriously wounded. Even if we were to do anything, what could she do to us?” The other person stared directly at Qi Chengyu and the look in their eyes grew hot as if ready to swallow her whole. “I heard that she has a body of pure Yin. Cultivating with that can allow our cultivation to rise dramatically. She was previously a Nascent Soul Fiend Supremacy and we couldn’t touch her, but now she is seriously wounded. What are you waiting for? Quickly harvest her!”

“Junior Brother Ren Yi, how can you not cherish and be more tender towards such a beauty?”

“Hmph! Are you going to go for it or not? If you aren’t, I am going to harvest her first. This is a Nascent Soul cultivator. After harvesting her, I can complete my Nascent Soul Formation.” He even swallowed a mouthful of saliva.

“Shameless!” Qi Chengyu gritted her teeth as she wanted to form a hand seal using Spirit Qi, but she immediately felt an acute pain in her heart as if it was being pierced by millions of swords—she was immobilized. “Heart Burn Array, you…”

“Heh heh… How can we not make some preparations in order to have a fun time with you, Fiend Supremacy?” He had already set up the array formation before showing himself.

Bi Hao quickly walked over. He scanned her body with no discretion, lust and greed apparent in his eyes. “Fiend Supremacy Impermanence, do not worry. Bi Hao is not like the other Immortal Cultivators, not completing the harvest and allowing others to play around with you. From today onwards, you only need to serve my brother and I.” His hand then stretched towards her breasts.

Qi Chengyu’s eyes were aflame with anger, a familiar scene from her past flashing across her eyes. The memories of those nightmares that she had once thought she could escape from were awakened, and they replayed again and again before her eyes. Even joining the ranks of Fiendish Cultivators had not enabled her to escape from all that.

Her eyes were filled with despair as she watched Bi Hao’s hand draw closer, but it was suddenly and violently caught by another hand as a toneless voice rang out.

“Molesters will have their hands chopped off!”

“…” Bi Hao was taken aback. He had not realized there was someone else beside the Fiend Supremacy. Taking a closer look, he saw that this person was a mortal with no Spirit Qi and then heaved a sigh of relief.


“There’s one more girl!” Ren Yi took a step forward as his lustful eyes moved over to Shen Ying. “Hahaha… This is great. Senior Brother, this one is mine!”

Shen Ying!

Qi Chengyu panicked and shouted, “Don’t touch her!” She had totally forgotten about her presence! She had wanted to protect this young lady but never did she expect that she would drag her into this mess. She could accept whatever that would happen to her, but Shen Ying… she was still an innocent lady. She could not allow her to experience such disgusting things. “She is only a mortal and has no ties with me. If you dare to touch her, the day I recover will be the day I feed on your bones!”

“Hmph, you cannot even save yourself yet you still want to save others.” Ren Yi did not take her threat to heart. “Mortals cannot be harvested, but perhaps she can be made into a puppet!”

He summoned his weapon at the end of his words, seemingly about to form a hand seal and cast a Dharma spell, but then Bi Hao suddenly shouted loudly, “Stop!”

“Senior Brother?” Ren Yi was taken aback.

“Fiend Supremacy Impermanence, we are very sorry for everything that has happened today. We hope for your forgiveness and that you will let insignificant figures like us go.” All of a sudden, Bi Hao spoke in an extremely respectful tone, the pride and glee long disappeared from his eyes which were instead… filled with fear?

“Senior Brother!” Ren Yi was stunned at seeing this sudden change in attitude.

“Shut up!” Bi Hao turned back and glared at Ren Yi, preventing him from spouting another word, and then continued to speak respectfully to Qi Chengyu. “I will certainly go to Ming Yin Mountain personally to give a formal apology in the future.” Finished, he immediately took away the seal for the array formation on the ground with one hand and then took out a bottle of elixir for her. “Supremacy’s injury is pretty serious, and as Fiendish Cultivators we should help each other. Here is a bottle of rejuvenation elixirs as our apology.”

“Are you crazy?!” Ren Yi was completely stunned, but he was once again silenced by the look thrown at him by the other.

“What are you up to now?” Qi Chengyu looked at the elixir in her hand.

“I only want to make befriend you and build up good karma between us,” he laughingly said. As if worried of being doubted, he even swallowed one of the rejuvenation pills. “It is rumored that Supremacy has been looking for Gan Zirui from the Grand Vacuity Sect. I have chanced upon the news that he is currently hiding in Grand Vacuity Sect’s Sword Comprehension Peak.”

“Are you speaking the truth?!” Qi Chengyu was shocked. Her eyes had turned red and were emanating murderous intent.

“I dare not hide facts nor lie in front of you, Supremacy.”

Qi Chengyu gritted her teeth and her eyes became alight with a burning hatred as if remembering something. She had searched for so long. So… so, he had been hiding over there.

“If the both of you are alright…” Bi Hao raised his head, and carefully said, “May we make a move first?”

Qi Chengyu took a deep breath before suppressing the turmoil within her. She took the bottle of elixirs from him and said in a deep voice, “Get lost!”

At her words, Bi Hao’s hands became relaxed and he immediately became joyous. “I shall take my leave now!” He quickly dragged along Ren Yi who grumbled with indignation as they left and disappeared within a moment as if being chased by evil ghosts.

“Senior Brother, what was all that about?” After flying for 50km, Ren Yi could no longer hold it in and he flung him aside. “It was such a good opportunity and you just let it go like that. With our talents, once we miss this chance, we may never be able to complete our Nascent Soul Formation!”

Bi Hao stopped and then suddenly squatted down hugging his right arm. He spewed mouthfuls of blood on the ground as his right arm hung at an awkward angle to the ground.

“Senior Brother!” Shocked, Ren Yi quickly took Bi Hao’s pulse from the other arm. After checking his pulse, Ren Yi’s eyes widened. “Senior Brother… your Golden Core! How could it? When did you sustain such serious injuries?”

“If we stayed any longer, I am afraid not only would my Golden Core have been shattered, the both of us would have died there!”

“How is that possible…” Ren Yi was frightened. “Unless… Qi Chengyu was faking it? She was not actually wounded?”

“It’s not her, it’s the other one!” Bi Hao shuddered as if recalling something.

“The other one? You mean…”


As someone with a Five Elements Maimed Spirit Root, he had always relied on his acute awareness and ability to sense imminent danger to safely perfect his Golden Core and maintain a position amongst all the Fiendish Cultivators. Yet, from the grasp of the girl who was beside Qi Chengyu, he was able to sense a kind of frightening murderous intent he had never experienced before; the kind that was overwhelming and could not be escaped from. All he felt at that moment was—death!

He did not even know when exactly his Golden Core had been shattered. That person… was too scary!

“But… isn’t she a mortal?” She had obviously possessed no Spirit Qi.

“I am not sure either.” Bi Hao clenched his trembling hands. “But that person must not be simple. If we were to ever meet that person again, it would be best for us to keep away from her as far as possible!”


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