My Master Disconnected Yet Again

Chapter 28 - Chengyu's Revenge

Chapter 28: Chengyu’s Revenge

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Gan Zirui’s face was white as a sheet, his guilt from being exposed written all over his face. That originally decent and righteous face of his immediately became twisted and, seemingly too lazy to keep up the pretense any longer, he then glared at Qi Chengyu. “I intentionally did those things, but so what? Your cultivation was taught by me. Even if I took it back, what’s wrong with that?” Qi Chengyu clenched her fists tighter as blood started to seep out of her palms.

Gan Zirui’s glare grew sharper, even containing a hint of madness. “Back in the day, I had good faith and took you in as my disciple. I don’t know what methods you used to complete your Nascent Soul Formation within a hundred years, but I wasted 300 years before perfecting my Golden Core. What gives you the right to be ahead of me?”

Lonemoon furrowed his brows—so it had been envy. Envy of his own disciple becoming so formidable, even surpassing her master, leading him to wanting to destroy her? This person is crazy!

“In the beginning, I only wanted to maim your cultivation…” The more he spoke, the crueler he became. That look in his eyes suggested a desire to peel skin. “But never did I expect you to seduce Yu Ding. What are you? You are merely a beggar that I picked up. How can you deserve to stay by his side?!”

Huh? There’s a story!

“Do you know why I named you Chengyu? Chengyu, Chengyu, to inherit grace from Mother Nature. Isn’t that befitting of your body of pure Yin?”

“You knew that I had a body of pure Yin all along!”

“So what if I knew? You were the human cauldron that I was preparing for Yu Ding. Teaching you cultivation was only to allow more convenience in harvesting Spirit Qi. You should have just stayed in your place to do your job as a human cauldron and helped him increase his cultivation. Yet you made him fall in love with you to the point of even wanting to make you his partner in treading the Dao.” He started to take on an insane look, and the words coming out from his mouth sounded as if forced out through gritted teeth. “I had accompanied him for so many years, yet why did you deserve to be his partner in Dao? A body of pure Yin should be trampled on by millions of people, leaving only your aura by their side. I only made you return to your original destiny, so what’s wrong with that?”

Shen Ying: “This damn gay!”

Lonemoon: “This damn gay!”

At the same time.

Yi Qing: “…” Huh? What did they mean? Why was he the only one who did not understand?

“So… so you have been wanting to destroy me from the very beginning!”

“Destroy you? Now that you have completed your cultivation of a Nascent Soul, shouldn’t you be thanking me for sending you off to Ming Yin Mountain?”


“Stop! Stop quarreling.” Shen Ying took a step forward and looked back and forth between the two of them. With a serious look on her face, she said, “Both of you are adults. No matter what happened, can’t you just stop for a moment and have a good fight to settle it?” Did they only know how to bicker?

Qi Chengyu fell into a daze before seemingly recalling something. She summoned out her weapon and then moved towards the person opposite her. She appeared intent on going all out for it, holding no more reservations as the Yin Qi emanating from her was fully unleashed. The sword in her hand shone and reflected the image of her opponent as it greeted him.

Lonemoon furrowed his brows. The matter had already become very clear. Shen Ying had been right; this Fiendish Cultivator did not lie, and this Gan Zirui was indeed a scumbag amongst all scumbags. He fell into thought for a moment, then went ahead to form a seal and set up an array to isolate the whole area to avoid being discovered by others, although this would not last too long either.

Qi Chengyu and Gan Zirui were both Nascent Soul cultivators with similar power levels and on top of that, Qi Chengyu had been injured previously; thus, logically speaking she would not be able to defeat her opponent. But the opponent could not handle her crazy, reckless way of fighting. Without caring for her own life, she disregarded her defense for the sole purpose of taking revenge. Moreover, she had more cunning means at her disposal as compared to orthodox cultivators, causing Gan Zirui to retreat in defeat and be forced to a dead corner.

To go on like this would not do any good. Lonemoon’s expression became grave. Just as he was about to activate his Spirit Qi to end the fight quickly, Qi Chengyu suddenly let out a shout.

“Do not come over!” She spewed out a mouthful of blood and stared at the person before her who was in the same terrible state as she was. “Thank you for your good intentions, but my revenge has to be carried out myself!” She then resumed her attack once again.

Lonemoon paused the step he was about to take and then retracted it.

Gan Zirui came to look increasingly worse for wear as the fight went on. Even the unreasonable feared the suicidal; Qi Chengyu was obviously holding onto the idea of perishing together. No, he could not die here. Not when he had finally completed his Nascent Soul Formation!

“Qi Chengyu, do not forget that this is Sword Comprehension Peak. If you kill me, do you think you can leave here alive?” he threatened loudly. “The Supremacies on the mountains will discover this immediately!”

“Hmph, I did not intend to leave here alive.” Unafraid of his threat, her attacks became even more powerful.

“We can’t stay here any longer.” Lonemoon furrowed his brows. “The Grand Vacuity Sect will find out what’s happening here sooner or later. I need to leave and cause a diversion. As for the few of them on the mountain, Shen Ying, you… huh? Shen Ying! Where’s Shen Ying?”

Yi Qing was taken aback as he turned around and looked all about him, but then realized the person beside him had disappeared without a trace.

Holy shit!

When exactly had she left?


At the peak of Sword Comprehension Peak.

The three Soul Formation Supremacies were seated together in the hall. There was a beam of white light in their midst, shooting towards the sky. Within the bright light, there was a faint reflection of the immortal mountains and magical clouds. That was the only passageway linking the Middle and Upper Azure World.

“Huh?” One of them suddenly opened their eyes. “Someone just used a passage jade token of Sword Comprehension Peak.”

“Truly?” The others by the side also opened their eyes. “Senior Brother Qing Yun, can you sense who it is?”

“Not yet.” Qing Yun shook his head. “But since he is here, he will come up the mountains soon and we shall know then.”

“Sigh!” Another one of the Soul Formation Supremacies sighed and said, “Nowadays the number of Soul Formation cultivators in the Middle Azure World has been dwindling. It has been almost 100 years since someone is willing to enter the Upper Azure World.”

“Now that the Spirit Qi is so diluted, a situation like this is also very normal.” Qing Yun also sighed. “Anyway, our mission is to bring the fated people to the Upper Azure World and in doing so we will have completed our master’s instructions. It doesn’t matter how many people go up. Quality over quantity. If those cultivators with mediocre quality were accepted, Master would not be happy either. We need not be too rushed.”

“But the three of us have been waiting here for a few hundred years. How much longer must we wait? When will Master allow us to go back?”

“That’s right, I have had enough of this crappy place. The Spirit Qi is so diluted and resources are also limited. If we continue to waste our lives over here, we may never get to become immortals.”

“That’s right, this is just a tiny Middle Azure World. Why would it require the three of us to guard it? The resources we received were so little, and our cultivation has also been stagnant for so long. We may be mocked by the rest when we return.”

“Forget it, it is still our master’s orders, so what else can we do? As long as we manage to send a few people of good quality into the upper world, I’m sure we will be allowed to return.”

“Sigh. We can only hope the one that is coming this time… huh?” He stopped in mid-sentence with a look of shock on his face, his eyes widening. “Why can I feel the aura of a Fiendish Cultivator?”

The other two tried to sense it and were also shocked. “It is indeed the Yin Qi of a Fiendish Cultivator. Could a Fiendish Cultivator have broken in here? Who exactly is the person that is coming in this time?”

“It’s me!” Right after their words ended, a voice rang out by their side.

The three of them got a scare and turned to look before realizing a girl in green had unknowingly sat beside Qing Yun with her legs crossed like them, staring at them in boredom with a hand propping her chin.

“You… who are you?!” Qing Yun jumped up and fell back a few steps; they had not realized in at all that there had been a person beside them. “When exactly did you sit here?”

“Ever since you guys were complaining about how you were getting no raises at your jobs.” She shrugged and waved towards the three of them who were retreating further away from her. “What are you afraid of? I’m not your boss. I’m Shen Ying. Come over here, I have some stuff that I want to ask you guys.”

The three of them grew increasingly alarmed. This person had silently sat by their side for so long; she could not be a simple person. But no matter how they tried, they could not see through her cultivation.

“Come and sit over here! Chatting while standing is very tiring.” She then patted the space beside her.

The three of them took a step back again. “What if we do not want to sit?”

Shen Ying hesitated for a moment, but then her eyes narrowed and she suddenly cracked her knuckles loudly. “Then… you can talk while kneeling down!”


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