My Pet Is a Holy Maiden

Chapter 116

Good News

A sharp, harsh metallic scraping sound resounds through the training ground.

The sound is made from the striking of a spearhead against a sword.

The one handling the sword is Tatsumi.

What he is wearing on his body is what should be called the “uniform” of the priest-soldiers, chainmail with the Savaiv god’s holy stamp carved on it.

He’s swinging the blade for training, a one-hand sword. And in his left hand is a wooden shield.

And the one facing against Tatsumi was Vas, holding a spear.

Showing the same priest-soldier rank chainmail as Tatsumi, he swings a training spear, constantly attacking Tatsumi without break.

The unleashed thrusts that Barth makes are fast and heavy, fully loaded with weight.

The continuation of stabs could definitely not be handled with just a swords, so Tatsumi wards off Vas’s attacks, defending with the shield’s face.

Tatsumi has now yet to use magic just once.

That’s because it’s not combat, it is training.

Of course, there’s combat training for mixed use of magic, but if anyone were to fight Tatsumi using magic at full force, the match would be ended in an instant no matter who it is.

He could jump in from a far distance using <<Instantaneous Transmission>>, and after attacking once he could then retreat using <<Instantaneous Transmission>> again.

Perhaps, it wouldn’t be impossible to use ‘Amaryllis’ to make use of a contradictory strategy of “Far-ranged close combat’, and could completely one-sidedly rule the flow of the fight.

‘Deadly Hit’ ‘Breakaway Hit’. That is Tatsumi’s original fighting style, but you can’t rely on only that.

At the same time that Tatsumi is an exorcist for evil and a magic beast hunter, he is also a priest-soldier who protects the temple.

At times he must think of having to swing a weapon against a human. Having the skill to capture your opponent without killing them is also something needed for priest-soldiers.

Which means, there is a need to progress your original fighting strength without relying on magic. Not only that, the progression of battle skill, the basis of everything else, is never a good thing to slacken on.

For that reason, Tatsumi is proactive in participating in battle training without magic.

Tatsumi and Vas, who became priest-soldiers at the same season.

Since then they have been contested against each other in training many times, and someone who is in a certain sense his rival.

At the end of Tatsumi’s line of sight is Vas, smiling with a fearless expression.

Even since they started their training as priest-soldiers, Vas has never swung the same weapon as Tatsumi.

Vas is currently in the Savaiv Temple, the only one that uses a spear at one look.

Of course, he has aptitude for the spear. Yet, his just his aptitude couldn’t improve him this far.

When Tatsumi was combining Giuseppe’s magic lessons, and collecting experience in L’s shop from the magic beast hunters, Vas single-mindedly continued to fling the spear.

Vas is not a magic user. For him to become strong, if one was to say it honestly, there was nothing but for him to continuously train.

That result is now bearing flower, and becoming real.

Still filled with his own confidence, Vas, continuing to smile, steps a few feet forward.

To say it in kendo terms, his footwork slides him forward. Without a sound, taking the distance between him and Tatsumi, Vas continues to stab toward Tatsumi at high speed.

Along with the sound of the sky being cut, the spearhead attacks Tatsumi.

The lashing spearhead gouges against the face of the shield Tatsumi holds greedily.

That intensity could normally pierce through a shield being held. Therefore Tatsumi skillfully holds the shield, the spearhead’s intensity chipping as it slips against the surface of the shield.

Vas’s spearhead lashes toward Tatsumi’s shield, and when it’s parried the spear smoothly passes by Tatsumi’s body.

Suddenly, the lashing spear’s posture swims along with Vas. Tatsumi does not overlook this opening, and takes a big step toward Vas.

The strong point of the spear is its long design. There’s no need to say that the spear can one-sidedly attack from outside the range of a sword.

However, once one jumps toward the chest, the spear’s design becomes one’s foe, and now the sword becomes advantageous.

Vas’s body’s posture crumbles. Tatsumi’s figure crawling itself under that, he stretches to knock him off his feet from there.

No, he tried to mow him down. The moment he raised his sword with his right hand above his head, Tatsumi saw Vas’s mouth move.

At the same time, Tatsumi’s low posture becomes slightly more low. From there, he notices something floating up at him, attacking him.

It was the butt end of a spear.

While Vas’s posture was crumbling, he rotated the spear in his hand, and changed to attack with the butt of his spear.

Grazing by the ground, the butt end of the spear swoops onto Tatsumi.

But, although Tatsumi was surprised for a moment, he immediately dealt with it.

Now, as Vas uses his bottom position to attack with the butt end, Tatsumi sees in it something he’s familiar with.

His wife, Calsedonia, uses staff martial arts.

The staff she controls attacks at the same trajectory as Vas’s currently is. (TL: Calsedonia not here, he’s just talking about how the trajectory is the same as her martial arts)

To Tatsumi, who has seen the same attack over and over in contests with Calsedonia, it could be said that the means he chose was either a bad move or just unlucky.

To the spear butt attacking, Tatsumi counter-attacks using the cover of his shield.

The suppression from above completely stops the butt of the spear. In that moment, Vas’s face turns to shock.

From his point of view, he completely didn’t think the surprise attack using the spear butt would be guarded against. Surely, if his opponent wasn’t Tatsumi his attack now would have been no doubt effective.

And, that was a clear chance.

Using that space, this time Tatsumi mows him down.

For the edge of the training sword, it’s not possible to rip through the chainmail armor and behead someone.

But, it’s impossible to defend against the crash. Vas’s body, which took a big impact to the chest, shakes violently.

Taking another attack on top of it, Tatsumi takes the sword he swung around and tries to release a second attack.

“Okay, that’s enough!”

Soldier Ogin, who was overseeing the mock battle between the two, resounded his sharp voice throughout the training ground.

Today Calsedonia was stationed for charity treatment. And, when she does charity treatment for the Savaiv temple, there are always more of those who visit.

From the start, it was often said within the Savaiv temple that “The days when <<Holy Maiden>> is on duty there are more people who visit”.

Since the famous <<Holy Maiden>> Calsedonia is going to treat them, her believers that even had small injuries visited the Savaiv temple’s charity treatment section.

But, as the story that Calsedonia had officially engaged a foreign young man, the people that visited temporarily decreased.

Yes. In the end “Temporarily”.

On the days that Calsedonia was on duty, the visitors who come for treatment immediately went back to as it was. No, it’s possible to say that it increased from before.

The former Calsedonia wasn’t particularly good at going along with others, and although she smiled during duty, it couldn’t be said that she felt quite emotional.

However, after she was engaged it changed in a good direction.

Becoming cheerful, Calsedonia was then smiling without a worry for anyone. The reason for that does not even need to be said at this point.

As a result, the number of people visiting the place of her familiar smile became larger.

In the middle there were some with the opinion of “The somehow cold atmosphere of Calsedonia from before was better. Even more, what would have been better would be being stepped on with a cold smile…..”, but those people were at most a special case.

To the Savaiv temple, the charity given to the charity treatment section — The fees given for treatment — could never be ridiculed.

For that reason, the chances for Calsedonia to go to treatment duty had a tendency to increase.

And today, at the charity treatment section where Calsedonia was, a certain person appeared.

It was a person that Calsedonia knew well, and while she was lightly surprised that he appeared at the charity treatment section, she responded in a smile.

“Good day, Nana-san. What’s wrong today?”

Now in front of Calsedonia is that person. That person is Vas’s wife, and Tatsumi and Calsedonia’s acquaintance, Nana the goblin.

“E, Ehm……Y, you see……I have a bit of something to consult Calsedonia-sama with……”

Her dark brown cheeks clearly reddening, at Nana’s appearance of wanting to say something hard to say while looking at herself, Calsedonia’s polite smile becomes even deeper.

“Yes, it’s okay. If you’re okay with me, consult me about anything.”

Saying so to the <<Holy Maiden>> she looks up to, she visibly was relieved.

“W, Well, the truth is……”

Nana who whispered the consultation issue in a small voice. And, as Calsedonia listens to the conversation, her face slowly becomes serious.


While weighing on his chest that was hit, Vas slowly walks along the temple hallway.

Next to Vas was the figure of the originator of the blow, Tatsumi.

“Sorry. I put a bit too much force into it.”

“Ahh, don’t worry. This is training too so it’s fine. Since during training before I’ve also taken a blow you put your strength into.”


In the case of not using magic, Tatsumi and Vas’s martial art abilities are roughly rivaled by each other. This time Tatsumi had used tactics, but sometimes he inflicts harsh wounds.

“Well, if we go to the charity treatment section, and get healing magic put on it, it’ll get fixed right away.”

“Oh yeah, today Calse was in the charity treatment section too.”

“Ah, that person that’s always at the charity treatment section when you’re training?”

“N, no, not that……It’s not limited to that……”

While poking next to him, against Tatsumi’s elbow with a bit of effort, Vas makes a grin.

“Man, you’re loved as always. I’m jealous-”

“Y, You have a cute wife too!”

“Hey! At the very least to me, Nana is more of a woman than Calsedonia-sama!”

Tightening his fist vigorously, and clearly declaring his wife loved, Vas is pleasantly thought of and surprised at by Tatsumi.

If you look at it from the start, Tatsumi and Vas don’t differ too much in the point of being a devoted husband, but having a hard time understanding yourself might be a part of human sexuality.

And the two reach the charity treatment section, where if you peer into the large group of visitors, there’s a group of wives in each corner of the charity treatment room each talking about something.

“Hm? Nana is here too.”

“That’s true. Maybe she got a wound or something?”

Tatsumi and Vas look at each others’ faces and tilt their heads.

Calsedonia and Nana deep in talk with earnest faces.

At that situation, the men hesitate to call out to the wives.

“……Th, There’s kinda a hard-to-call-out atmosphere……”

“Y, Yeah……m, maybe Nana-san has some kind of illness……or something?”

While peeping to the side at Vas, Tatsumi cautiously opens his mouth.

“No, that’s not it. Normally she is the personification of energetic, and in the first place Goblins are demihumans with the divine protection of the earth, so they don’t get ill mostly.”

Having both the divine protection of the earth and an illness would have what kind of consequence?

It’s something Tatsumi doesn’t know well, but when in another world, he believes in that way. (TL: When in rome, do as the romans do.)

While crossing his arms and tilting his head, Tatsumi ponders. Calsedonia’s face tilts upwards and suddenly collides with his line of sight.

Just then, Calsedonia’s face that was serious up until then, suddenly shines brightly.

“Danna-sama! And Vas-san too!”

“Eh? Eh? Vas-kun!? W, Why is Vas-kun here……!?”

With a full-faces smile, Calsedonia turns toward Tatsumi and waves her hand with vigor. Waving.

Suddenly, Nana, immediately next to Calsedonia, turns to Tatsumi and Vas in a shocked face, and at once flusters in confusion.

The others who where in the charity treatment too, all at once turned their gazes toward Tatsumi and Vas.

The people surprised by Calsedonia’s vigor at first, and those people that understood that “It’s the <<Holy Maiden>>’s husband”, and the people who thought “Ah, just as always” and immediately became calm, were displayed to him.

It seems Tatsumi and Calsedonia are, to the people around them, completely receive the impression of “The two of one” or “Always together”.

When Tatsumi was worrying whether he should be happy about that fact or not, Calsedonia took Nana’s hand and pulled her to Tatsumi and Vas.

“Danna-sama, Vas-san. What’s wrong?”

“Ah, ehm, Vas got an injury during training.”

“Today I had lost, but next time I’ll win?”

“Like it would go like that. I’ll turn the tables on you.”

Seeing Tatsumi and Vas trash talking each other, Calsedonia makes a slightly pouting face that seems as if it wants to say “Again?”.

For her, that Tatsumi, her husband, would injure someone, is complex in many ways.

As he’s a soldier-priest, he can’t avoid injuries during training or duty. But, as a wife she doesn’t want her husband to suddenly be injured.

Those conflicting thoughts were on Calsedonia’s mind.

“B, By the way……what happened? It seems you are having a pretty serious conversation……”

While alternately looking at Calsedonia and Nana’s faces, Tatsumi earnestly asks about his doubts from a bit ago.

“Yeah, that’s…… Right?”

Calsedonia, gently grabbing on Nana’s shoulder next to her, she urges her in front of Vas with a “Go”.

“Uh, hey, Vas-kun………”

“Hey, what’s wrong, Nana. It’s not a disease limited to you right?”

“Y, Yeah……It’s certainly not a disease……”

Her cheeks redden and she fidgets with upturned eyes.

In a small voice, Nana finally announces it.. An attack-like sentence.

“You……know? I mi, might have……a baby.”

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