My Rich Wife

Chapter 2689: The Awakened Gramp

Chapter 2689: The Awakened Gramp

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If he could obtain the help of this guild, even the power of intelligence would be of great benefit to him.

“The guild is now divided into four factions, and each faction has a candidate. The strongest person has already reached the peak of Dao Consciousness and has gathered 15 Hearts of Saint Kingdom. The most terrifying thing is that this person has gathered all 15 Hearts of Saint Kingdom in just a year. At this speed, a new Holy Lord will probably be born very soon.”

He originally thought that Ruoyao wouldn’t tell him such obscure information in detail, but he didn’t expect this silly girl to tell him everything.

“What? Fifteen Hearts of Saint Kingdom!”

Qin Yu was shocked. One had to know that he had already been ranked at the top when he obtained the three hearts previously.

However, he did not expect that after the battle between the Demon Sealing Valley and Hua Tian, there would be someone who had gathered so many Hearts of Saint Kingdom.

He roughly estimated that it had been nearly three years since his divine soul had left the Saint Kingdom.

“That’s right. Three of these four people brought Holy Lord runes into this Saint Kingdom, while the last one entered from the Saint Realm. He’s also the strongest among all of them. ”

Ruoyao explained in detail to Qin Yu again.

For the next half a month, Qin Yu had been hunting nearby demon beasts in the Ancient Demon Land.

He could roughly guess that after the life-and-death journey, his strength had risen from the True Consciousness Realm to the Dao Realm.

This was a huge leap in cultivation level. Qin Yu did not know what exactly happened.

In the end, he guessed that his divine soul might have absorbed the power of those experts during this journey, especially on the final ancient battlefield, which was why he had such a terrifying increase.

Furthermore, Qin Yu’s divine soul seemed to have undergone a mutation that he could not explain. Ruoyao, who was also a Dao Realm girl, was not his match at all. Even some powerful Dao Realm Demonic Beasts could not withstand a single strike from Qin Yu.

“Immortal Emperor Yao, are you there?”

After killing another Demonic Beast, Qin Yu called out to Immortal Emperor Yao again.

However, he didn’t receive any response. Immortal Emperor Yao seemed to have left completely in that dream.

He was willing to seal his immortal emperor’s body and soul power in the corpse.

After all these years, the moment he had been waiting for had finally arrived.

For some reason, Qin Yu felt a little melancholic.

Perhaps it was because of Immortal Emperor Yao’s last sentence. What was his relationship with his father?

Why did he address his father as ‘king’?

“Hey! Although your strength is stronger than mine, you can’t be distracted in the battle. These demon beasts will take your life at any time!”

Ruoyao stood in front of Qin Yu with her hands on her hips and lectured him sternly.

“Yes! Yes!”

Qin Yu didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. This girl seemed to be very curious about him and had been following him.

However, this girl had helped him before, so Qin Yu could not chase her away. “Gulp! Gulp! Gulp! I’m starving. I finally managed to wake up.”

After Qin Yu killed another Demonic Beast, a voice suddenly sounded in his sea of consciousness.

However, that voice wasn’t Immortal Emperor Yao’s voice. After sensing it carefully, he realized that it was the consciousness of the dagger in his sea of consciousness.

“Brat, I’m so hungry! Hurry up and bring me to eat these Demonic Beasts.”

The dagger roared with a hint of anger.

“Who are you? Why are you in my sea of consciousness?”

Qin Yu asked with a frown. This dagger was more or less related to the area he had left.

Could it be the soul of an old man? However, it could materialize as a weapon.

“Didn’t you hear what I said?”

In Qin Yu’s sea of consciousness, the dagger suddenly emitted a furious killing intent.

The dagger became like a venomous snake, and the aura it gave off made Qin Yu feel as if he had fallen into an ice cave.

This terrifying power made Qin Yu feel that this dagger could destroy his entire divine soul at any time.

“Hey, what’s wrong with you? I’m talking to you but you suddenly run away!”

Ruoyao looked at Qin Yu, who had suddenly started to kill the Demonic Beasts in a frenzy. She immediately put her hands on her hips and said unhappily.

Qin Yu did not pay attention to the girl at this moment. The most important thing now was to quickly appease the gramp in his sea of consciousness. “Another one. This one seems to be quite powerful.”

A huge demonic scorpion was moving underground at lightning speed.

It suddenly shot up under Qin Yu’s body, and a black light appeared. In the next moment, the scorpion’s tail attacked Qin Yu’s face like lightning.

“Ling BC)! ”

Qin Yu stomped on the ground, and his body had already knocked away the yellow sand on the ground.

Nine Heavens Manifestations Gaze accurately locked onto the demonic scorpion’s head. The dagger then directly pierced through its head.

In an instant, the demonic scorpion’s body shriveled up, and all its power was absorbed into the dagger.

“Why is it so little? I’m starving!”

The dagger’s angry roar came from his sea of consciousness again. However, probably because he had gotten some energy, his anger was not as serious as before.

“Sir, don’t worry. I promise you that I’ll let you eat until you’re satisfied!”

Qin Yu quickly assured the time bomb in his head. It had to be taken care of.

“Eh? Where’s the demonic scorpion’s crystal core? Once one reaches the Dao Realm, one’s body will condense a Saint Crystal Core. Why is this demonic beast’s crystal core gone?”

Seeing Qin Yu turn around and leave, Ruoyao hurriedly went to flip through the shriveled corpse of the Demonic Beast, but she found nothing.

“Hmm? Oh no! Someone from the Guardian of Order is giving orders, and it’s a four-star guardian. I have to rush over immediately!”

Ruoyao’s expression changed.

“Follow that girl. I can smell some pretty good energy in the direction she goes. ”

The voice in his sea of consciousness gave another order.

“F*ck! F*ck your entire family!”

Qin Yu gritted his teeth. How could such a guy appear out of nowhere? Moreover, he was not its match at all.

“Hmm? Are you a little dissatisfied?”

The dagger emitted a terrifying energy, like a bomb that was about to explode.

“No, there’s no dissatisfaction. You must have sensed wrongly.”

Qin Yu quickly followed Ruoyao.

“Brother, why are you here? Are you worried about my safety? I’m very strong!” Ruoyao was touched when she saw Qin Yu following her.

“But you must hide behind me and not stand out later. Even a four-star guardian has to send a distress signal. It seems that we have encountered an enemy that is not easy to deal with this time.”

Ruoyao said seriously. “Then why do you want to go since it’s so dangerous?”

Qin Yu asked curiously.

“This is the guild’s blood seal. Guardians with more stars can command guardians with fewer stars. Moreover, once they encounter difficulties, all guardians have to help each other. Otherwise, we will be hunted down by the guild. This is also one of the reasons why the Guardians of Order has become the number one guild..”

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