My Sassy ‘Crown Princess’

Chapter 1011 - Extra Eleven (1)

1011. Extra Eleven (1)

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

Cang Qian’s eyes were winking and he said in the heart, a bunch of idiots outside? Come on! The dragon king and phoenix king are both outside!

“Roast it!” Boss Long urged impatiently.

Cang Qian took a deep breath, silently made a fire, under Boss Long’s pressure, Cang Qian’s barbecue skills had improved a lot.

“It smells so good.” A little fox in Hu Qianjiao’s arms couldn’t help sniffing.

Hu Qianjiao clutched the fox’s mouth and said, “My little ancestors! Don’t make any noise.”

And she thought in the heart, that is phoenix meat! Of course it smells good! Long Jingtian the lucky bastard!

It was said that Long Jingtian had a special hobby. When he met people of the Dragon race, he always liked cutting a piece of flesh from that one and ate it. No one knew whether it was true or not.

The little fox looked at the direction of the cave, will dense expectations filled in the eyes.

Hu Qianjiao picked his eyebrows. Barbecuing a phoenix before the two phoenix kings? Maybe only Long Jingtian the freak would have the balls to do this kind of thing! But, the one who did it was…the former phoenix king’s bastard son!

Hu Qianjiao narrowed her eyes and said in her heart, having lived for so long, if I don’t see it with my own eyes, I really can’t believe it!

“My lord, wouldn’t you do something?” Asked one of the elders of the Phoenix race.

“How? If you think you can do something about that freak, then do it!” Feng Ming faintly said.

The dragon king was watching on the other side. If they did something to Long Jingtian, he would definitely step in.

That elder’s eyes shifted onto Feng Li.

Feng Li sneered, unmoved. Feng Qian tried to kill Cang Qian without his permission. He deserved it!

Cang Qian was roasting the phoenix meat with his trembling hands, he originally thought, by doing so, he would provoke the whole phoenix race. But, it turned out that no one came out for this at all.

Cang Qian couldn’t help holding his head out suspiciously, “No one from the phoenix race has a Boss Long tittered and said, “I wish they would have a problem. Then I’ll have more to roast.”

Cang Qian, “…” He thought to himself, if the two phoenix kings come, you don’t know who roast whom!

“Why are you staring at me like that? Don’t believe in my abilities?” Boss Lou asked dissatisfactorily.

Cang Qian smiled and said, “How come?”

“Is the meat good? Dilly-dally.” Snapped Boss Long.

“Yeah, it’s good.” Cang Qian handed the roast meat to Long Jingtian.

Feng Li frowned, his son got ridden by that freak, now he even has to serve him? He only felt his face was burning hot.

Long Jingtian had a bite and said, “It tastes not good. Didn’t they say the phoenix meats tastes awful! A total lie! It tastes so awful!”

Cang Qian forced a smile, “Yeah, rumors are rumors. Just an old bird. How good would it taste?”

Feng Ming inhaled a big breath, thinking, my cousin is really interesting!

Boss Long had a twitch of his mouth, “Although it tastes not that good, the source force contained in it is rich.”

Hu Qianjiao grinding her teeth, Long Jingtian you as*hole, you should feel lucky to have phoenix meat to eat!

Cang Qian looked at Boss Long and said, “Is it a little inappropriate that we eat alone?”

Boss Long exclaimed disapprovingly, “What? Invite all them in to share with us? Come on. Look at their round belly! They should lose some weight.”

Cang Qian, “…”Who is this guy talking about? The dragon king? Phoenix king or fox king?

As Hu Tianjiao heard those words, she couldn’t help looking over at the direction where the dragon king was at.

How on earth did the dragon king give birth to such a goddamn thing?

Long Jinghua helplessly closed his eyes, took a deep breath. What now? Long Jingtian has already made the situation worsened like this?

Feng Li turned and walked away.

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