My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots

Chapter 1713 - Voice Control

Chapter 1713 Voice Control

“How do I use the voice control system?”

Just as Huang Ziyu finished asking that, the voice of an electronic device rang out.

“Hello, I am an intelligent voice control system. My duty is to help you complete your instructions. What do you need?”

Suddenly, a 3D projection appeared in front of Huang Ziyu.

On it were the options (Ward service], [Body sensation], [Temperature adjustment], (TV), (Voice control network], (Under attack], and


There were many sub-choices under each of the main choices.

The voice continued to ring out. “May I know if you need anything? If you need anything else, I can help you contact the main channels.”

“How fancy!” Huang Ziyu stared at the huge control screen with her eyes wide open.

Although she had seen many amazing things as a member of the Eagle Special Forces, this was the first time she had ever seen such a cool ward.

The intelligent voice spoke again. “Thank you for the compliment. If you have any suggestions, you can let me know. My master will continue to improve on me.”

“I want to see all the gossip about Jason Neo.”

When Eric heard the name Jason Neo, his brows raised slightly. He did not expect this amazing girl from the Eagle Special Forces who knew hypnosis was also someone who enjoyed gossiping as entertainment.

That was right. Eric knew Huang Zichu’s identity the moment he laid eyes on him.

Although he did not know Huang Ziyu’s identity, based off of Huang Ziyu’s unintentional hypnosis of him just now, he could tell that this girl was probably the Master Hypnotist of the Eagle Special Forces.

Despite being a special forces soldier with special abilities in the Eagle Special Forces, this girl was actually asking such a fancy system about gossip. Moreover, it was gossip about Jason Neo. Eric felt that this was very interesting

“You like Jason Neo?”

Huang Ziyu covered her mouth and chuckled, and her face turned a little red. “That’s right. I’m sorry for making you laugh.”

Looking at the little girl’s slightly reddened face, Eric suddenly felt that she was very cute.

Previously, Queen had told them that KE had already disbanded. From then on, they would live normal lives. She had even asked them to fall in love, get married, and have children. He still felt that such a thing was impossible for him to ever do.

However, meeting Huang Ziyu made Eric feel like falling in love could not be too bad if it was falling in love with a girl as adorable as this one.



Moreover, falling for her would definitely feel pretty good!

Hence, after hearing Huang Ziyu’s reply… Eric could not help but add, “I know Jason Neo. If you like him, I can help you get his autograph. If he comes to Camino again, I can even get him to have a meal with you.”


Huang Ziyu, who had initially been very worried about her brother, had been quickly distracted by the intelligent system. Now, she was distracted again by Eric’s suggestion.

Eric used Jason Neo to successfully build a bridge of communication between him and Miss Huang Ziyu.

Listening to Eric talk about Jason Neo made Huang Ziyu extremely happy.

Her previously nervous heart gradually relaxed inside the ward.

After Nuannuan injected Huang Zichu with general anesthesia, he quickly fell asleep.

Both his legs had been injured when the bomb exploded.

When the bomb exploded, a lot of broken shrapnel lodged into his legs. At that time, he had been able to save his legs and clean the wounds. He had considered himself lucky enough to not have to amputate them since there was a high chance the shrapnel could have caused severe inflammation.

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