My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots

Chapter 1810 - Nan Xu's Aunt is Invited

Chapter 1810: Nan Xu’s Aunt is Invited

The students widened their eyes and asked, “What happened?”

The class teacher, Teacher Zhong, said, “Students, do you know why this happened?”

The students were silent.

“Walking with tied-up legs is not a test of how well one can walk. It is a test of how well two children can walk together. When two people have three legs and one of them is a shared leg, they need to cooperate and understand each other. Whether it’s cooperation or understanding, it takes time to get used to each other’s rhythm. If there’s no foundation of cooperation between the partners, it will be impossible for them to work well together. That is why Li Xinjie and Wang Hongjin lost the match. Do you understand?”

Nan Xu’s demonstration and Teacher Zhong’s explanation helped the other students quickly understand what was going on. Subsequently, they all looked at Li Xinjie with contempt once again.

For the first time, Li Xinjie’s persona shattered in front of the entire class.

This little goddess had just been exposed as a selfish and vain hypocrite.

In comparison to Li Xinjie, Li Xinran was much more likable.

After all, everyone’s opinion of Li Xinran was based on Li Xinjie’s words.

The open day only lasted half the day. In the afternoon, the parents would leave.

Nangong Nuannuan had planned to leave when all the other parents did. However, the class teacher, Teacher Zhong, unexpectedly asked her to stay behind—to head to the principal’s office with Nan Xu.

The principal knew Nan Xu’s true identity, so Nuannuan figured that the principal wanted to discuss his safety in the school.

Unexpectedly, when Nuannuan and Nan Xu entered the office, they saw another teacher, who was next to 30 students standing in the principal’s office with their heads lowered. Behind the children stood their parents. It was obvious that these children had done something wrong, or they would not be so ashamed to face others.

Nuannuan looked at Nan Xu and saw that he did not seem bothered. She could not understand what was going on, so she could only go with the flow.

“You should be Nan Xu’s aunt and uncle, right?” The principal saw Nangong Nuannuan and Chi Yang walk in and hurriedly stood up to greet them.

The principal knew about Nangong Xu’s identity and that Nangong Nuannuan was the eldest daughter of the Nangong family. Furthermore, during the incident regarding the poisoning epidemic, Chi Yang had stepped forward as a public spokesperson twice—one time even sitting right beside the president. Thus, the principal was very familiar with Chi Yang too.

Although many people had seen Chi Yang on television, at that time, he had been dressed in uniform and maintained the demeanor of an iron-blooded soldier. However, today, Chi Yang was dressed casually and even sported a pair of gold-rimmed glasses. His attire made him look refined and elegant. If the principal had not been paying close attention to the matters of the Nangong family, he would not have been able to recognize this iron-blooded general.

The fact that the principal did not choose to brag about his identity gave Nangong Nuannuan a good impression of him.

As expected of a premier school in Emperor District, the principal’s demeanor was completely different from the behavior of teachers from the Jiang District’s Jia Yong school.

“May I know why the principal has called us here?”

The principal glanced at Nangong Xu, whose expression remained unchanged. He chuckled and asked Nangong Nuannuan and Nangong Xu to sit down. Then, he said, “I’ve called the two of you here today to talk about Nan Xu’s performance in school.”

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