My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots

Chapter 662 - Something Wrong

Chapter 662: Something Wrong

Hence, as Gu Mingzhe’s mother-in-law, Jiang Shuwan immediately ordered, “Mingzhe, since your friend is so powerful that they can counteract the decision made by Duke Eton’s daughter, after you’ve settled the Gu family’s matter, you might as well ask him to check in here too. They should inform the

foolish police here to release Hongyi.”

No matter how good his self-control was, Gu Mingzhe could barely contain the flooding anger in him and nearly gave Jiang Shuwan a horrible kick.

He believed that Zhong Qianqian must have been influenced by Jiang Shuwan, her stepmother, for Zhong Qianqian to become as stupid. If Zhong Qianqian was not brought up as horribly and turned out to be as normal as Zhong Nuannuan, he would not have to feel as disgusted with Zhong Qianqian.

Damnit, he had to depend on medication to get hard every night as he bedded Zhong Qianqian.

He really suspected that he would end up sexually dysfunctional if this continued.

“Mom, even though this person is my friend, he is nobility. It’s not as if he’s someone who will listen to everything I tell him to do.

“The Gu family asked him for help because this matter was just a verbal dispute. However, Hongyi did break the law first, in this matter. The police have already verified the evidence. With regards to his status and reputation, he won’t help us to prevent unwanted gossip. Even if it’s me, I’ll be too embarrassed to ask him to help!”

Jiang Shuwan listened to Gu Mingzhe’s rebuke and did not know what to say. After realizing that Gu Mingzhe glared at her, she lost all of her courage to speak.

However, Xie Congrong was not done with them.

“Since he has power and reputation, what’s so difficult about asking him to bail someone out? Don’t think that I don’t know all about the dirty things that you people from Emperor District have done. Which one of you doesn’t have any blood on your hands? If all of you are as law-abiding as you say, how can you ever become the rich?”

“Shut up!” shouted Jiang Hanlin. He, too, was on the verge of death due to anger.

Even though he was anxious too, he felt that Gu Mingzhe’s words made sense. They were indeed being rude.

“Why should I shut up? It’s your son who’s captured too!”

Gu Mingzhe was really in no mood to talk to the Jiang family.

He felt that the essence of the Jiang family’s intelligence accumulated into Zhong Nuannuan’s brain, leaving behind only dregs in theirs.

“Auntie, you’re right. Who doesn’t have some blood on their hands indeed? After all, those who achieve great things don’t bother about trifles. Yet, then again, why should they help you? Why should I owe them a big favor for Jiang Hongyi’s sake? Auntie, I can accept that you are Qianqian’s biological aunt, but you’re not Qianqian’s aunt. Jiang Hongyi is not Qianqian’s biological cousin. So, why should I help you? Especially after you said such nasty words?”

“Eh? Why am I not…”


Zhong Kuijun and Jiang Hanlin spoke at the same time. Even Jiang Shuwan’s face turned pale from fright.

Even though their whole family knew about this, this was still top secret! If outsiders found out, they would all be sent to jail, would they not?

“We haven’t even finished dealing with the Gu family’s matters, and you keep saying that you want to save Hongyi. Is there something wrong with your brain? Can’t you differentiate the severity of the matter? Can’t you let Mingzhe settle the Gu family’s matters first before thinking of a way to help Hongyi? It can be done if you want him to receive a shorter sentence, or come up with a way to get him to parole, or even get him medical parole. So, why are you making a fuss at this juncture? Now, you’ve upset Mingzhe and dissuaded him from saving Hongyi. Are you happy now? Idiot!”

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