My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots

Chapter 664 - : Exposed

Chapter 664: Exposed

“At that time, the people around Gu Mingzhe were all girls from Emperor District. Qianqian could not even get close to Gu Mingzhe. Yet now, Gu Mingzhe announced to the whole world that Qianqian was his first love. Do you believe such lies?

“Even if you believe this nonsense, Qianqian has a nasty mouth. She provoked Selina and sent the Gu family spiraling down the path of bankruptcy. Do you think that with Gu Zhongcheng and Qin Yun’s hunger for power, they’d rather the Gu family suffer a blow than destroying Gu Mingzhe’s first love? If it’s not because Qianqian is still useful to them, they’d have long rushed to Jiang District to beat Qianqian up and make her scram. They might even send people to silence her forever!”

The Jiang family, “…!!!”

Jiang Shuwan asked, “Then… What is Qianqian’s value? What makes her so valuable that the Gu family is willing to suffer this without giving up on her?”

Zhong Kuijun really wanted to throw bricks at this family. Things had already advanced to this point, yet they could still ask such an idiotic question.

Standing next to them, Jiang Hanlin replied, “Can it be because of Pu Yu? Gu Mingzhe found out about Pu Yu’s identity and made his way to the Zhong family. Thinking that Qianqian is Pu Yu’s daughter, he starts treating Qianqian well?”

The Jiang family lapsed into silence.

“It doesn’t make sense! How did Gu Mingzhe know that Qianqian is Pu Yu’s daughter? He has never seen Pu Yu’s picture. Weren’t all the pictures of that b*tch destroyed 17 years ago?” Grandma Jiang asked.

“I know how!” Jiang Shuwan suddenly shouted. “It’s the necklace! It’s the necklace Qianqian’s wearing! Gu Mingzhe told her many times that Qianqian’s necklace is very beautiful, and he asked her where she bought it from. Qianqian answered according to what I taught her. She said it was a family heirloom left by her mother.”

Grandma Jiang suddenly recovered some intelligence too. “That’s right! The Gu family’s main business is in jewelry. If he knows who the necklace originally belongs to, he must have deduced Qianqian’s identity from the necklace.”

“In other words, Gu Mingzhe doesn’t love Qianqian at all? He simply covets the power behind Qianqian’s identity?” Xie Congrong was washed with a sudden epiphany.

Grandma Jiang narrowed her eyes, looking like a scheming old fox. “Then, did he bring Qianqian to Emperor District because…”

“Qianqian’s family is from Emperor District! Previously, Selina messed with the Gu family until they were unable to retaliate. After that, the Gu family acquired help from someone from the Huang family, a second-tier wealthy family in Emperor District. That person turns out to be Selina’s biological mother. Yet, they still can’t do anything about Selina. Under such circumstances, Gu Mingzhe doesn’t choose to break up with Qianqian and marries her despite the pressure he’s facing. Only now that he announces that he’s going to Emperor District. He even intends to bring Qianqian along. Obviously, the power behind Qianqian is even stronger than the Huang family! Oh, my god! Is it possible that Qianqian is backed by a first-tier wealthy family in Emperor District?” Xie Congrong was so excited that her heart was about to leap out from her mouth.

Grandma Jiang’s eyes lit up as she nodded vigorously.

“It must be! It must be! Otherwise, why would Gu Mingzhe be so bold as to marry Qianqian directly? He must know that the power behind Qianqian is definitely comparable to Selina, or even surpass Selina altogether! Selena is from a first-tier wealthy family in Luntan; a top-notch nobility. In terms of economy in Camino, only first-tier wealthy families can compete against her.”

Jiang Shuwan listened to their analysis and asked impatiently…

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