My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots

Chapter 680 - Mole

Chapter 680: Mole

“Even so, do you know what kind of income five billion would bring to the Ling family?”

“Grandpa, I know that because of my stubbornness, the Ling family has lost a lot today. Like what Zhong Nuannuan said, even if she didn’t take any imperial jade today, someone else would anyway. Anyway, Soaring Clouds Pavilion wouldn’t have cracked open the raw stone anyway, right? Moreover, so many people saw Zhong Nuannuan pick the imperial jade today, and was found in our Soaring Clouds Pavilion. Perhaps our business will improve because of this?”

“Nonsense, of course! Are you saying I should thank you now?”

Ling Pinyuan, “…”

“I don’t care what method you use. Since Zhong Nuannuan has snatched the boyfriend that you have set your mind on, you should intercept and give her a choice to make. Either you step into her relationship with Chi Yang, or she should give up this imperial jade.”

Ling Pinyuan looked at Ling Li in disbelief.

“Grandpa, but Zhong Nuannuan has already given it to Chi Yang’s grandfather.”

“I don’t care about that. You’re the one who caused this trouble, so you have to think of a way to deal with it. Either you do as I say and finish it off, or you break off all ties with the Ling family. From then on, we’ll go our separate ways.”

Actually, when he first woke up, he thought that he could figure it out, but with his life returning and his body improving, he started down this rabbit hole again.

Zhong Nuannuan, a woman who had nothing, relied on his Soaring Cloud Pavilion to become as powerful as the Ling Corporation.

How could he get over this?

“Grandpa! I can’t do this!” Ling Pinyuan refused directly.

“What did you say? You dare say no again?”

“Grandpa,” Ling Pinyuan said with difficulty. “I know this is my fault. I shouldn’t have made a bet with Zhong Nuannuan and lost so many of the Ling Family’s raw stones. But Grandpa, you said before that you would give me the right to handle 15 raw stones. So, when I made a bet with Zhong Nuannuan, I didn’t say that I would bet 20 stones. Instead, I bet 15 stones. Can’t you treat it as giving me those raw stones?”

Although Ling Pinyuan hated Zhong Nuannuan, she still felt a little nervous when she thought about having to face that peculiar woman again.

She was merely the daughter of a commander, and she had come from the countryside. How could she be so skilled?

Since she fought with Zhong Nuannuan twice, she was able to convince herself otherwise the first time. However, in the second time, she lost to the other party in one move. She knew that there was more than meets the eye about this woman.

Could it be…

After Zhong Nuannuan got kidnapped and sold by human traffickers, she joined some organizations that she should not have joined. Now that she was near Chi Yang, did she have an ulterior motive?

Ling Pinyuan suddenly felt enlightened and thought that she had discovered something new.

If that was really the case, then could she be the one who set Chi Yang up last time?

Meanwhile, was she the mole in the military base?

Undeniably, Ling Pinyuan did possess some form of intelligence. Unfortunately, she made her guesses in the wrong direction from the start.

Ling Li was about to criticize Ling Pinyuan when Ling Pinyuan told Ling Li her guess.

Ling Li’s eyes lit up with hope.

“In that case… Zhong Nuannuan may be the mole, and she’s also a killer. She has used her family to return home and snuck to Chi Yang’s side to obtain information?”

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