My Underachieving Seatmate Doesn’t Need Any Comforting

Chapter 122

Chapter 122

It is said that every day has its thoughts and every nights has its dreams. Could it be that He Shen’s days were too lacking in activity?

Qiao Shao reflected on himself a little bit. He found that he was indeed not very active. Every time, it was He Shen who…

Ah, drop it. Qiao Shao came back to his senses. How could he dare take the initiative? If he doesn’t take the initiative…take the initiative…

It would be thoroughly impossible, completely impossible in reality. It would be better…

Qiao Shao had a thought. He decided to compensate someone in his dream.

In any case, it’s just a dream. It will make He Shen happy.

Qiao Shao put down his phone and turned to look at him.

He Shen was also watching him.

Qiao Shao shifted to his side. He Shen smiled indulgently and raised his school bag. Qiao Shao nimbly rested his head against his leg.

What was with this person’s hobby? Qiao Shao curved his lips in a smile and thought, since He Shen was willing to let his leg go numb, then let it go numb!

Half an hour in a dream was naturally not really half an hour. He felt like he had just closed his eyes when they had already arrived at school.

When Qiao Shao got up, He Shen sat there motionless.

Qiao Shao asked him, “What’s wrong?”

He Shen said helplessly, “My legs are numb.”

Yeah, half an hour of staying motionlessness will make your legs go numb. Your dream is really logical!

The driver had already gotten out of the car to open the door for them. He Shen endured the pain of pins and needles on his arms and legs and got out of the car.

Qiao Shao looked at him like this and felt strangely distressed. “Should I massage them for you?”

He Shen took his hand and said, “If you help support me, I’ll be fine.”

Qiao Shao carefully supported him, waiting for him to recover.

At this time, the sound of a braking car came from the side. Qiao Shao turned back and saw a flashy sports car.

The door opened and a teenager in casual clothes and sunglasses came down from the car.

Upon seeing him, Qiao Shao froze.

He Shen frowned and let go of Qiao Shao’s hand.

Qiao Shao was still in a state of shock. Is this Zhao Puyu? This must be Zhao Puyu. But the question was how did Brother Stone Head become so shameless!

Zhao Puyu, whose character design had just collapsed, immediately saw Qiao Shao. He came over and stopped him with a hand on his shoulder and said, “Are you still mad at me?”

Qiao Shao had a very unfavorable opinion of this Zhao Puyu who obviously had a big hole in his head. He slapped away his hand and said, “No.” At this time, he realized that He Shen had already walked away.

Zhao Puyu caught up with him and said, “Don’t be angry. You know, in my heart, you are my best friend.”

Qiao Shao really had no idea that he was so important in Lao Zhao’s heart, he said, “We’re friends, not best friends.”

Zhao Puyu said, “You see? You are still angry at me. If we aren’t best friends, then who is? Tell me, has anyone else bathed with you? Has anyone else worn the same pair of trousers with you? ?”

Qiao Shao looked at He Shen walking ahead and realized the origin of this dream.

How long has he been letting his vinegar age? Has He Shen been holding a grudge against Zhao Puyu for so many years because of this joke he made when he was 17 or 18 years old?! What amazing grudge bearing ability!

Oh, Qiao Shao had a sudden realization. He Shen really knew how to bear a grudge because this guy never forgets anything.

Qiao Shao caught up with He Shen. “Aren’t your legs numb?”

He Shen said, “No.”

Qiao Shao looked at this awkward boy, and his heart felt both sour and sweet. “Why are you upset?”

He Shen said, “I’m not.”

Qiao Shao said, “Zhao Puyu and I…”

Who knew that He Shen would reply, “I know you don’t like him anymore.”

Qiao Shao: “???

He Shen didn’t go overboard and said, “I know you haven’t liked him for a long time now and you like me now.”

The problem was, Qiao Shao has never liked Zhao Stone Head!

Qiao Shao was dumbfounded and He Shen started walking forward again.

Qiao Shao caught up with him again and said, “What did you just say? When did I ever like him?”

Did He Shen also have some misunderstanding in reality? No, that can’t be. He and Zhao Puyu usually never see each other. He…

Fortunately, He Shen in the dream clarified for him. “Back then, when you kissed me, you said you mistook me for someone else.”

Qiao Shao was dazed for a moment. It turned out to be about that kissed four or five years ago? Wait a minute, didn’t the dream fast forward? When did he say such a thing?

Although it’s your dream, you shouldn’t be so unreasonable, He Shen Shen!

Qiao Shao didn’t try to argue with him and immediately said, “Back then, I was afraid you’d hate me.”

He Shen looked at him. “What?”

Qiao Shao reminded himself to clarify things with He Shen once he wakes up. He said: “I just kissed you suddenly at that time. I was afraid that you hated it.”

He Shen was surprised. “You…”

Qiao Shao didn’t care whether they were in school or anywhere else. He leaned up and kissed him again. “I just want to kiss you.”

He Shen held his arm firmly. “There’s a lot of people around.”

Qiao Shao said, “What does it matter? I can tell everyone that I like you.”

He Shen’s eyes widened slightly, surprised.

Qiao Shao has nothing to fear, he stared at him and said, “I like He Shen, no, I love you…”

He had just said these three words when he suddenly felt a mild sense of vertigo. The helmet had been plucked off his head and a fierce kiss was pressed against his lips.

Qiao Shao was already gasping for breath but he didn’t try to push him away.

He Shen said hoarsely. “It’s dawn.”

Qiao Shao looked at him. “You’re heading to work?”

He Shen bit his fair throat. “I don’t want to go anywhere.”

By the time the two woke up again, it was 3 in the afternoon.

Qiao Shao felt like he’d been run over. He was so tired, he couldn’t even move a finger.

He Shen embraced his husband and kissed him over and over.

Qiao Shao lazily looked at him. “He Shen Shen.”

He Shen was a bit distressed and said, “There’s no logic in dreams.”

Qiao Shao pressed against his forehead. “I think it’s very logical.” Giving yourself a big spoonful of vinegar for absolutely no reason.

He Shen pressed against his neck and said hoarsely, “I don’t like Zhao Puyu.”

Qiao Shao said helplessly, “What did he do to provoke you?” In reality, he knew He Shen wouldn’t have that kind of misunderstanding.

He Shen didn’t say anything.

Qiao Shao pretended to push him away. “If you’re not gonna talk, then scram and go to work!”

He Shen sighed, “He changed girlfriends six times this year.”

Qiao Shao stared at him. “What does this have to do with you?”

He Shen said, “What if he becomes a bad influence on you?”

Qiao Shao: “???

He Shen loved his earlobes the most, he knew that Qiao Shao was ticklish and always loved to tease him. “If one day you replace me, what would I do?”

He kissed Qiao Shao until Qiao Shao’s knees went weak. Qiao Shao found it both infuriating and funny. “Just because of this, you don’t like Zhao Puyu?”

He Shen said, sounding very much in the right. “If you treasure your life, you must stay away from slag men.”

Qiao Shao didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “You’re worrying too much!”

He Shen kissed him and as a result, the two of them didn’t leave the room that night either.

When his consciousness was a little fuzzy, Qiao Shao heard He Shen sigh very quietly and whisper, “You don’t know how important you are to me.”

Qiao Shao’s heart went soft like mush because in his heart, He Shen was also incomparably important.

It was precisely because he was important that he worried so.

Later, holographic games were finally released to market.

He Shen invited Qiao Shao to have a go at it.

Qiao Shao first asked, “Is there anything indecent in this game?”

He Shen said, “Of course not. These are games marketed for all ages so player behavior is strictly regulated.”

Qiao Shao followed him to the game, and then… Qiao Shao, who was turned into an elf, was pressed against the Tree of Life by He Shen, the great demon lord.

Qiao Shao said, “You said the regulation was very strict!”

He Shen wrapped him up with his huge black wings. “Guai Guai, we’re the GM. We’re not players.”

Strict supervision and regulation was enforced for players but as game administrators, they had overall privileges.

—Including certain adult privileges.

End of the full text.

The author has something to say: OK~ Let’s put an end to the story of He Shen and Qiao Shao~

The same old saying, the story will end, but their love will continue forever~


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