My Underachieving Seatmate Doesn’t Need Any Comforting

Chapter 13

Chapter 13

Being stared at made Qiao Shao uncomfortable. That look in He Shen’s eyes, it was as if he could understand the questions!

He covered his paper and turned to look at him. “If you’re that curious, just do your own.”

He Shen said, “There is nothing to be curious about this paper.”

“Then what are you staring at?”

He Shen’s lips ticked up, “I’m curious …” He wanted to say, ‘just how many can you do.’ But then he thought it would hurt the little shorty, so he changed it to, “how you could use such a thick pen with such a tiny hand. Can you even hold on to it? ”

Qiao Shao: “???”

It seemed it would have been better if he just hadn’t changed what he wanted to say. Looks like he ended up hurting his feelings even more.

He cleared his throat and said, “What I wanted to say was that you shouldn’t buy things just to save money. This pen is not suitable for you.”

Qiao Shao was offended by what he said. But he’d said so many things that made him angry that he didn’t know where to even begin.

“Why isn’t it suitable?” Qiao Shao showed off his pen. “One pen has six colors, I’m getting six pens for the price of one!”

Simply wonderful!

Qiao Shao was very satisfied with its cost-effectiveness. This was much cooler than his previous Montblanc.

He Shen looked at him. “You use six different colors to answer your exercise sheet?”

Qiao Shao: “…”

“Give it to me.” He Shen held out his hand.

Qiao Shao put the pen in his hand. He Shen confiscated the pen and took out three slender signature pens from his drawer. “Use this.”

Qiao Shao said, “No need. I’ll buy it myself.”

He Shen smiled. “One pen is ten yuan. You really won’t trade with me?”

So what if it’s ten yuan? Even if it’s 10,000 yuan, if Young Master Qiao doesn’t want to trade then he won’t trade!

Besides, his six-color pen is so cool!


Qiao Shao reacted. A student who spent 50 yuan a week for living expenses, when offered a 10 yuan … Trade! Let’s trade!

He Shen saw clearly the play of emotions on his face and couldn’t help but tease him. “Okay, looks like you don’t want to trade.”

His tight hold on the three pens was completely impenetrable.

“Well …” Qiao Shao said, “Who said I wouldn’t trade?”

He Shen was laughing inside. “The offer has now expired.”

Qiao Shao was angry. “Then give me back my six-color pen!”


“He Shen!”

“I’ll trade it with you for two pens.”

Qiao Shao was incredulous, “It was just three awhile ago.”

He Shen said, “That’s what you get for not obediently listening. The price has now risen.”

Who the hell would listen to you!

Qiao Shao calculated carefully. His pen was eleven yuan, and He Shen’s pen was ten yuan each. It was also easier to use than the thick pen—only a fool wouldn’t take that trade!

“Deal!” Qiao Shao pried opened He Shen’s hand and snatched the two pens.

He Shen had relaxed his grip, otherwise, how could this little kid have opened his hand?

With his new pen, Qiao Shao’s handwriting was a lot neater than before.

He Shen sat beside him and twirled the six-color pen with his long fingers. He said lazily, “If you had listened earlier, you would have had three pens.”

Qiao Shao shot back, “As though you’re that kind?”

He Shen was in high spirits again. He once again took out the signature pen from the drawer and said to Qiao Shao, “Let’s do it like this &#k2026;”

Qiao Shao, “Huh?”

He Shen, “Call me Papa and it’s yours.”

Qiao Shao, “…………………………………”

As a result, ‘Papa He’ had an exercise sheet plastered to his face.

Today was Tuesday and the last class is for general cleaning.

He could still sleep in PE class, but it won’t be good to sleep while everyone was busying about cleaning the room, so He Shen slipped away.

Qiao Shao was too lazy to pay him any mind. What made him feel absolutely helpless was that the whole class acquiesced in his shameless behavior.

Not a single person protested.

This was the formidable combined might of a delinquent and a slacker! Qiao Shao felt his knowledge increase!

Because of his foot injury, Qiao Shao did not have to take part in the cleaning, and he continued to do his homework.

Most of the students didn’t mind cleaning. As long as they manage to get out of having a proper class, sweeping the floor and wiping the windows made them extremely happy.

Qiao Shao thought he could finish this math exercise. Because it was an exercise sheet, the perfect score was 100. Qiao Shao saw that he had answered everything, and felt that he could somehow get around 80. For him, this small goal he had set for himself was already a mid-to-high grade. After all, considering how often he fails, chasing his goal also needs to be done bit by bit.

After finishing his math paper, he also still had his Physical Chemistry and English workbook assignment. Qiao Shao was full of fighting spirit and decided to continue the fight after a short toilet break.

When he got up, Song Yixu, who had been dancing around while clutching a mop, said, “Where are you going?”

Qiao Shao answered.

Song Yixu said, “I’ll help you there.”

Qiao Shao hurriedly said, “No need, I can manage by myself.”

Song Yixu didn’t insist and just bade him to be careful.

Qiao Shao’s ankle didn’t hurt so long as he didn’t apply any force to it. He limped to the men’s bathroom and saw an acquaintance as soon as he entered the door.

“Chen Su, are you in charge of cleaning the toilet?” Qiao Shao saw Chen Su holding a toilet brush and brushing the urinal.

Chen Su was struck dumb for a moment. He then stood up, a thin sheen of sweat on his face, “Yeah.”

He then hurriedly said, “You’re going to use the toilet? Those have all been brushed.”

Qiao Shao said, “I’m going to use the cubicle.”

Chen Su nodded and continued to work.

When he came out, Qiao Shao frowned, “How come you’re the only one here?”

Although there were four toilets on the first floor, because there were a lot of students, each toilet was quite large. The toilets were part of the common area. Each class took turns cleaning it. This week their class was responsible for cleaning the toilets.

His hand holding the brush paused for a bit and Chen Su said, “Our other classmates have already finished their share.”

Qiao Shao frowned, and wanted to say something but Chen Su said, “Hurry back to the classroom. I’ll be finished soon.”

Qiao Shao said, “I’ll help you.”

Chen Su looked at him and smiled. “Your ankle’s hurt, how can you help?”

“I didn’t hurt my hand though.”

There was a look of gratitude in Chen Su’s eyes. “It’s okay, there’s only a little left. I’ll finish soon. You should go back to the classroom first. The ground is slippery. What if you fall?”

Qiao Shao looked at it and felt that there really weren’t much left to do. With his lame leg, it would be annoying if he was more of a hindrance than help.

So he said, “Next week, you and I can pair up for the general cleaning.”

Chen Su suddenly looked up.

Qiao Shao said, “Rest assured, my foot will be all fine by next week.”

“Um …” Chen Su lowered his eyes and said, “Alright.”

Qiao Shao left the toilet, a little worried.

Was Chen Su being bullied?

How can someone so quiet and honest, so earnest and hardworking in their studies, be bullied?

But … in his previous junior high school, bullying was never because of the way you study.

Could it be the same here?

Qiao Shao suddenly returned to his senses when he heard people talking just ahead.

“Do you guys think Chen Su will tell the teachers?”

“Nah, when did he not clean the toilet? He’s never told the teacher.”

“He’s got some guts.”

“Leave it. He’s feeling guilty! He’s done so much bad things, he deserve to clean the toilet!”

“Maybe he likes the toilet …”

Qiao Shao couldn’t stand to listen anymore. He walked straight up to them and saw a few familiar faces.

They were all students from their class, including Song Yixu.

Qiao Shao frowned, “Why do you make Chen Su clean the toilet every time?”

These few classmates froze, Song Yixu was the first to speak. “Qiao Shao, you should stay away from Chen Su.”

Qiao Shao asked, “Why?”

“Because Chen Su’s bad news.” said a tall, sturdy boy.

Qiao Shao remembered that his name was Jie Kai.

“Talking about your classmate like this doesn’t make you any better.” Qiao Shao said with no trace of politeness.

Jie Kai grew angry and said, “Are you trying to pick a fight!”

Song Yixu grabbed him and said, “Qiao Shao just transferred and doesn’t know the situation yet.”

Jie Kai snorted and said, “I wouldn’t be so sure of that. Maybe he’s the same, look at his sissy look.”

Qiao Shao also got angry. “What did you say!”

Song Yixu said, “Jie Kai, just shut up!”

Jie Kai snorted.

Qiao Shao had curled his hands tightly into fists. If he weren’t afraid of having his father called in for causing trouble just as he had transferred schools, he would have punched him already!

Song Yixu drove away Jie Kai and others. He pulled Qiao Shao close and said, “I don’t mean to say bad things about people, but Chen Su really isn’t anyone good.”

Qiao Shao stared at him. “You shouldn’t define people so casually.”

“No,” Song Yixu said to him, “You don’t know, but Chen Su is weird. We’ve been in the same class for almost a year. He’s unsociable. He ignores everyone, doesn’t engage with anyone and does everything by himself.”

Qiao Shao heard this and grew even angrier. “So what?”

“Nothing. At worst, we’d think he’s just gloomy and boring, but …” Song Yixu said. “His hands aren’t clean. He steals things.”

Qiao Shao was stupefied.

Song Yixu said, “You share a room. Wait until you lose something …”

He didn’t finish talking and simply closed his mouth.

Qiao Shao saw the pale-faced Chen Su ahead of them.

Chen Su had just finished cleaning the toilet and he still had a mop in his hand. Sweat was rolling down from his forehead. He looked even more awkward because of his gaunt and bloodless face.

Qiao Shao called out to him. “Chen Su.”

Chen Su seemed to have been jolted awake. He turned around abruptly and walked away without looking back.

Poor Qiao Shao with his lame leg, couldn’t catch up.

He turned to Song Yixu. “Do you have evidence to say that!”

Song Yixu paused. “Everyone knows, where he is, things will end up missing …”

Qiao Shao sneered. “You’re saying he’s guilty based on this? Just how many people have died from unjust accusations!”

Qiao Shao ignored Song Yixu, and he returned to the classroom. Unfortunately, he did not see Chen Su.

At dinner time, Chen Su still did not return.

He Shen, though, returned and sat beside him, carrying a plastic bag.

“What’s wrong?” He Shen asked him.

Qiao Shao was in a bad mood. “Nothing.”

He Shen poked his cheek, “Then why are you fuming?”

Qiao Shao slapped away his hand and said, “Do you know Chen Su?”

He Shen said, “En, he was first on last month’s exam.” It was just what Qiao Shao himself had told him.

Qiao Shao rolled his eyes and felt that he had asked the wrong person. When it comes to being unsociable, there was no one more unsociable than this person! All day long, he’s either skipping class or sleeping!

“What happened to him?” He Shen asked Qiao Shao again.

Qiao Shao hesitated for a moment but still said, “They have no evidence but they’re saying that Chen Su is a thief.”

He Shen looked at him, chin in hand. “And you think he’s not?”

Qiao Shao said with compete certainty, “He isn’t!”

“Why? You’ve only known him for two days. How much do you know about him?”

Qiao Shao said indignantly, “You guys have known him for almost a year. Are you telling me, you know a lot?”

He Shen was stunned by his response.

Qiao Shao got up and said, “I’ll go find him and get to the bottom of this.”

He Shen said: “So what if you find out the truth? The problem isn’t whether he stole or not, but that no one believes him …”

Before he finished speaking, Qiao Shao turned to stare at him. “I believe him.”

He Shen’s pupils shrank.

“Does it have to be a lot of people?” Qiao Shao said, “I alone will be enough!”

He Shen looked into his bright eyes, momentarily losing himself.

Does it have to be a lot of people?

Do a lot of people need to acknowledge you?


One person is enough.

Just one who really believed in him was enough.

He Shen took a breath and said, “Qiao Shao …”

Qiao Shao was going to look for Chen Su, and gave an absentminded, “Huh?”

He Shen pulled on his hand and said, “I’m feeling a bit jealous.”

Qiao Shao: “???”

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