My Underachieving Seatmate Doesn’t Need Any Comforting

Chapter 15

Chapter 15

After a while, Qiao Shao opened the door and looked at He Shen with a speechless expression. “You just committed a grave sin against the school bully, won’t he beat you up?”

He Shen: “He can’t beat me.”

–To death, you mean! He can’t beat you to death!

In just two short days, Qiao Shao had grown used to his blind self-confidence.

Chen Su wanted to stay in their room for a while.

Qiao Shao was going to the cafeteria, and he asked Chen Su, “Do you want me to bring you something back?”

Chen Su shook his head. “I’ll go later to get something to eat.”

Qiao Shao said, “Then I’ll wait for you.”

“Don’t wait. It’s already so late. You go on ahead.”

Qiao Shao thought about it and decided to leave with He Shen.

For one thing, his foot was injured and it was inconvenient to move about. He needed a powerful crutch. For another, he felt that Chen Su needed some time to sort out his emotions. After crying like that, the depression in his heart was cleared, but his eyes were swollen. It was understandable that he didn’t want to leave their room like this.

Qiao Shao said to him, “Then I’ll go eat first.”

Chen Su gave him a rare smile, “Go.”

Qiao Shao held himself up using He Shen’s arm, and the two walked side by side.

Chen Su stood by the door and looked at them for a while. His heart was filled with unprecedented ease. Qiao Shao was different from him. Even if both their family situations weren’t good, but Qiao Shao was more confident than him. He should learn from him and work hard to take a step, maybe life will turn for the better.

By the time they arrived at the cafeteria, it was already a bit late, and the queue was much shorter.

Qiao Shao now understood that there was something wrong with his “object of reference”, but he can’t change it now. After much difficulty, he had finally been able to comfort Chen Su. If he revealed his identity now, Chen Su might begin to doubt his life!

So now, Qiao Shao was not only trying to be an ordinary student, but also a student from a poor background. Setting aside the difficulty of the matter for the time being, the crux of the matter was if he was going to take this to be a long-term plan!

He can’t hide from Chen Su forever, right? Sooner or later, his identity will be exposed and when that time comes…

Qiao Shao was very worried.

Because he was preoccupied with his thought, when he found himself at the foot of the stairs, he wondered, “Where are we going?”

He Shen held his dinner plate in one hand, and supported him with the other. “The second floor.”

Qiao Shao knew that the second floor of the cafeteria was dominated by the “rich students”, and various “expensive” dishes emerged in an endless stream.

He was a “poor” student. Why would he go there? He immediately shook his head: “I’m not going!”

He Shen said: “My food is on the second floor.”

“Then you go up, I’ll eat on the first floor.”

He Shen looked down at him and said something that seemed irrelevant. “In fact, I can carry you up to the second floor with just one hand.”

Qiao Shao: “!!!”

He Shen smiled: “Want to give it a try?”

What ‘try’! As if!

From what Qiao Shao has learned about him from the past 48 hours, it really was something he could do!

‘Why do I even have to go to the second floor? I’ve already got my food …’ Qiao Shao grumbled in his heart.

They arrived on the second floor. As soon as they came up, they met Lou Xiao.

Boss Lou stood there, looking at everyone as if they were beneath his notice. All the other students gave him a wide berth.

Lou Xiao held a cigarette. “Why so slow?” He glanced at Qiao Shao, “Who is this?”

As a veteran &#k2018;blind person’, he couldn’t distinguish people from animals if they were more than 3 meters away.

Qiao Shao’s prejudice against him had fallen to the very bottom. When he thought of how the school tyrant’s ruthless appearance was all because he was nearly blind, he wanted to laugh.

As the two approached, Lou Xiao said again, “Who’s child is this?”

Qiao Shao didn’t want to laugh anymore, he wanted to fight for his dignity!

He Shen put down the plate and put his arm around Qiao Shao’s shoulders, “He’s with me.”

Lou Xiao’s fierce eyes blinked and it destroyed the atmosphere, “Oh, it’s him.”

He could see clearly that he was the “little girl” in the toilet; the transfer student with the thin arms and legs.

Qiao Shao weighed the height difference between himself and the school bully…and decided to put up with it for the time being.

Everyone around him were so tall. Did East High’s food have some kind of growth hormone or something! Qiao Shao couldn’t help thinking how he was shorter than they were despite being a year older and he felt his heart was being squeezed.

At this moment, there came a cry of surprise. “Xiao Ge?”

It was Blue-hair.

Lou Xiao turned to look at him.

“You actually … unexpectedly,” Blue Hair blurted out, “how were you so fast!”

His tone was very complicated, and sounded a bit disillusioned.

Lou Xiao was completely ignorant of the matter. “What?”

After receiving He Shen’s meaningful glance, Blue-hair trembled. He realized that he was plucking hair from the tiger’s bottom, and quickly waved his hand. “No, nothing!” After that, he hurried away.

Lou Xiao was bewildered, “Was that just Wei Jiayu?”

He Shen: “En.”

Lou Xiao: “He said I was so fast. On what?”

He Shen said calmly, “Who knows, he’s always making a fuss about nothing.”

“That true,” the school bully didn’t suspect him at all, “Let’s eat. I’ve been waiting a long time.”

Qiao Shao, who was seated next to them. “…”

What do I do? I kind of feel bad for the school tyrant?!! !!

He had inexplicably been made to carry a pot that he had secretly taken his girlfriend back to the dormitory to do bad things, but now he’s also been made to carry the shocking pot of ‘resolving the battle in just a minute’!

Qiao Shao sat a little farther away from He Shen.

He had already subjected the school tyrant to such a miserable situation; he was afraid that, sooner or later, he was going to be eaten clean by this scoundrel!

He Shen reached for the meat on his dinner plate.

Qiao Shao looked at him like he was the devil.

His four-yuan meal had a total of three pieces of meat. With one pinch from his chopsticks, he had taken away a full third of it!

Qiao Shao still wanted to grow!

He Shen said, “It’s quite delicious.”

Qiao Shao was unhappy. “This is mine!”

“Why so stingy?”

Young Master Qiao, whose nickname was ‘the boy who scattered wealth’, never expected to ever be called ‘stingy’.

Qiao Shao said dryly, “I am not.”

Without a trace of politeness, He Shen then looted his plate. “Then I’ll have some more.”

Qiao Shao was annoyed, “This is mi- …”

He had now taken two-thirds!

He Shen pushed his pork cutlet rice in front of Qiao Shao. “You eat this.”

Qiao Shao was dazed.

He Shen said, “You don’t want to eat it?”

Qiao Shao looked at him. “This is your food. Doesn’t this have more meat?”

A big bowl of rice topped with four or five large pieces of pork cutlets was many times better in terms of quality than his four-yuan set meal.

He Shen said, “It’s occasionally good to eat less meat.” He has completely taken over Qiao Shao’s plate.

Qiao Shao stared at him for a while, completely uncertain.

Did He Shen deliberately give him his pork cutlet rice?

Was it possible for this guy to be so kind?


He has a foul mouth and takes pleasure in a lot of bad things, but he has a good heart.

Qiao Shao poked at the ribs, and realized that he felt a long absent sense of gluttony.

At home, Aunt Wu would make every effort and rack her brains to get him to eat even a single bite of food.

It’s a pity, he …

Qiao Shao bit down hard on the pork cutlet, and the flavor of the meat awakened all his taste buds.

He Shen saw him eat and the corner of his lips ticked up. He leisurely ate the four-yuan student meal on his dinner plate.

After supper, Qiao Shao went back to do his self-study, and He Shen and Lou Xiao left first.

Once they were out of the school gate, Lou Xiao said, “You would rather starve to death than eat that pigwash from the first floor.”

That’s right, they call the four-yuan meals pigwash.

He Shen said, “It’s good to try it occasionally.”

Lou Xiao glanced at him. “Was the celery also good?”

He Shen hated this kind of dish the most. Just seeing it made him lose his appetite.

He Shen said quietly, “Isn’t it touching? Didn’t I pay such a high price just to coax the little shorty to eat meat.”

After eating a plate of celery, he was nauseated.

Lou Xiao chuckled and lit his cigarette, “You’re not really thinking of dating that little kid, right?”

He Shen: “What do you think?”

Lou Xiao raised his eyebrows.

He Shen said, “I’m not a beast. How could I lay my hand on such a child?”

Lou Xiao paused. He felt there was something wrong with that.

It wasn’t until he went to the bar and had a drink that he finally realized what it was.

You’re taking issue with his height?

Shouldn’t the issue be his gender?

Unfortunately, He Shen had already gone home and he had no one to tell his revelation to.

During evening self-study, Qiao Shao was very devoted to listening to the lesson. During the last part, the day students had all already gone home and so he sat beside Chen Su and they did the exercises together.

As expected, Chen Su was amazing. He only got half a problem wrong on the entire exercise sheet!

Qiao Shao looked at his own paper that got a barely passing score. He was in a very complicated mood.

There’s a long way to go. Fight on, Comrade Qiao!

After returning to the dormitory, Qiao Shao took a shower and lay down to sleep. However, he became lost in thought.

He didn’t feel reconciled. He felt it was simply unfair to Chen Su.

Chen Su obviously didn’t steal anything and yet, why did he have to bear this stigma?

How can he prove his innocence?

He thought and thought but still couldn’t find a way. This was when his phone vibrated.

Because he was wearing headphones, he quickly noticed it.

Qiao Shao was hiding under his quilt and looking at his phone.

Without Friday: “Sleeping?”

It was He Shen, why was he looking for him in the middle of the night?

Qiao Shao answered him, “No.”

Without Friday: “Can’t sleep?”

Qiao Shao was thinking of going back to sleep soon when this guy sent another message, “Are you thinking of helping Chen Su?”

Qiao Shao opened his eyes wide, quickly deleted the message he was typing, and re-typed. “How can I help? Can you prove that he’s innocent?”

In the dark rental apartment, He Shen stood up from his chair and walked towards the balcony. One hand was in his pocket and the other was tying on his mobile phone.

Qiao Shao soon received the information.

Without Friday: “Yes, as long as you promise me one thing (づ  ̄3 ̄) づ ╭ ~.”

Qiao Shao: “…”

Would it kill you not to send those emoticons!


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