My Underachieving Seatmate Doesn’t Need Any Comforting

Chapter 27

Chapter 27

“Pfft!” Yu Yuanxi restrained her laughter.

She resisted and said nothing, but in her head, the “bullet screen” was already going crazy—Qiao tongxue, you are just too cute!

“You can only choose two,” Yu Yuanxi explained to Qiao Shao. “Besides, only one class period is allocated for club activities. You won’t have time to join so many clubs.”

Song Yixu was going crazy. “Brother, wake up. Don’t we do enough problem exercises on the weekdays!”

Regardless of Qiao Shao grades, his was the heart of a top student. “There’s no end to learning.”

Song Yixu was forced to concede and he clenched his fist. “I lost.”

Qiao Shao didn’t leave him hanging. “You let me win.”

Yu Yuanxi tapped the name of the clubs with a pen and said, “Come and choose two of the studying clubs.”

Qiao Shao said without hesitation: “Mathematics and physics.”

These two were the hardest, especially math. He almost wanted to kneel and cry ‘uncle’.

“Change one of them.” A sleepy voice sounded from beside him.

The sleeping He Shen turned over and squinted at them.

Qiao Shao looked at him: “Huh?”

He Shen said hoarsely, “Change physics into drama.”

Qiao Shao’s entire face was a question mark. “Why?”

“To strike a balance between work and rest.”

“I’m not tired.”

I’m tired.”

Qiao Shao: “???”

He Shen sat up a little, it seemed his head was much clearer. “The drama club is just an empty shell. You sign up and study in the classroom.”

Qiao Shao was moved by this remark. “Is that true?”

Yu Yuanxi replied, “Yes, the drama club said they’d write a script since the beginning of the year. Until now, they have yet to write a word of it, so it has not organized any activities.”

Qiao Shao accepted it and agreed. “Then the Drama club and Math society!”

“Okay!” Yu Yuanxi wrote him down his choices and gave him two QQ numbers.

“One is the president of the Drama Club, and the other is the president of the Mathematics Society.” Yu Yuanxi continued, “I will send them a message later. You can just add their numbers.”

Qiao Shao nodded: “If there are activities later on, can they remind me via QQ?”

Yu Yuanxi said: “En, you will be notified one day in advance.”

With her task complete, Yu Yuanxi left. Qiao Shao leaned in close to He Shen and asked, “What are you tired of?”

He signed up for his club. What was He Shen tired of?

He Shen looked at his face so close at hand, and his palm felt itchy again.

“Hey, I’m asking you.” Qiao Shao urged him.

He Shen said, “Come here.”


He didn’t think too much of it and got closer to him. He thought He Shen was going to whisper something to him.

He Shen pinched his cheek.

Qiao Shao: “…………………………”

He Shen laughed softly and whispered, “It’s really not made of tofu.”

Qiao Shao was speechless. “Have you gone crazy?”

This seatmate of his was always crazy. There wasn’t any time when he’s just normal.

He Shen smoothly changed the topic. “The Physics Society is very boring. I don’t feel like seeing them.” If he goes, they’re just going to be asking him questions left and right. It’s very vexing.

Qiao Shao said, “You don’t have to go.”

He Shen said as if it were something to be taken for granted. “How can I not go if you’re going?”

Qiao Shao was bewildered. “Why do you have to go if I go?”

He Shen rested his chin on his hand, “Are we not good friends?”

“Uh …” Qiao Shao said, “We are.”

He Shen has helped him so much that it would be unacceptable if they weren’t good friends by now.

He Shen laughed lazily, “Shouldn’t good friends be as inseparable as form and shadow?”

Qiao Shao: “…”

These words always sounded so reasonable and yet so wrong.

He Shen concluded. “Anyway, the Drama Club doesn’t have any activities, so you can study to your heart’s content.”

The matter about the clubs was now settled. Qiao Shao realized after a while why He Shen didn’t stop him from joining the Mathematics Society.

Because the Mathematics Society…


After adding the president’s QQ, the president included him into a group.

The group announcements were like bragging —

Welcome to Mathematics Society. All activities of the Society are conducted online. Weekly exercises are posted in the group. Please submit them by yourself.

Over the weekend, the association will be ranked according to the number and quality of questions answered. The first will be given the seat of honor as the president, the second will be vice-president.

Members who cannot submit the exercises will bear an empty title. Those who do not submit more than two times will be removed.

Looking all the way down, Qiao Shao was excited.

He told He Shen, “The Mathematics Society is awesome!”

He Shen tilted his head and looked at him.

Qiao Shao looked at his mobile phone and said to him, “It’s really cool. It looks like a mysterious organization. Everyone communicates anonymously. It’s all about math problems I don’t understand!”

He Shen answered back with an “En.”

After downloading the problem set, Qiao Shao said, “Our president is awesome. He has been ranked first for eight consecutive weeks. No one can match the quality and quantity of questions he’s answered.”

“Oh, the president is talking!” Qiao Shao stared a bit nervously at his phone.

He Shen still looked at him. “What did he say?”

Qiao Shao felt though that the president’s comments were a bit weird. “En, the president said—“last night I tried to do the god of learning’s Olympiad questions, and halfway through I knelt down”.”

Qiao Shao continued reading: “The president also said that the level of the god of learning is too high for us mortals to reach.”

“The president also said—but I feel I have made a lot of progress recently. Ever since I started to pay obeisance to the god of learning’s full marks test paper, I have improved my problem solving rate by at least five percentage points.”

He Shen chuckled. “Lunatic.”

Qiao Shao, who has just been reduced to a brainless fan of the Mathematics Society, was upset. “What are you saying? Our president’s awesome!”

It just seemed that he’d gone a bit silly from doing all those questions.

Many people in the group were talking and discussing the problem sets, and occasionally they showed worship and admiration for this god of learning.

Qiao Shao was very curious. Who was this god of learning?

It must be someone extraordinary to get this many badasses’ admiration.

It was a pity that he as a newbie who has yet to finish a problem set, he had no right to speak.

Qiao Shao put down his mobile phone and said to He Shen, “The road ahead is long. Everyone’s working hard to study well. I have to do my best too.”

“That’s right …” He Shen paused and asked Qiao Shao. “What’s the best score you’ve ever gotten before?”

Qiao Shao didn’t want to say and pretended not to hear.

He Shen said, “Come on, tell me. Anyway, it won’t be long before the monthly exam.”

Although Qiao Shao’s grades were not that great, the more important matter was that his previous school and East High’s grading system weren’t the same, so it was really hard to say.


He firmly believed, “It’s definitely better than yours.”

“Oh?” He Shen said, “what if we make a bet?”

Qiao Shao looked at him. “What?”

He Shen said, “We’ll just bet on this monthly exam.”

Qiao Shao wasn’t afraid of him yet. “Okay, we’ll see who can do better.”

“No need, as long as yours is less than thirty points below mine, I …”

“He tongxue,” Qiao Shao was a little angry. “Who are you looking down on?”

He Shen was startled and changed his tune with a smile. “Alright then, if your score is better than mine, I will be responsible for your lunch for one whole month.”

“So generous, then I …”

Without waiting for Qiao Shao to finish speaking, He Shen said, “If my grade is better than yours, you will call me a ‘ge’.”

Qiao Shao felt that He Shen was letting him off easy. What kind of stake was calling him ‘ge’. He said, “This isn’t fair. I can just stake one month’s worth of your lunch too.”

He Shen’s ability to incur hate was of the highest caliber. “I’m not lacking money.”

Qiao Shao said in his heart, ‘He Shen Shen, you don’t have the first idea of what it means to ‘not lack money’.

Of course, he couldn’t say it. Chen Su’s condition was good right now, and he couldn’t deal him a psychological blow.

Qiao Shao said, “I won’t agree to a bet with such unfair stakes. It is clear that I will take advantage of you.”

He’s certain to win. Wouldn’t he be cheating He Shen of a month’s worth of meals?

He Shen thought for a while and said, “Then how about we do it this way? If I win, you’ll have to promise to do something for me. When I think of something, that’s when you’ll do it.”

One promise from the Qiao family’s Young Master, rounding it off, was worth 100 million yuan.

Qiao Shao thought it was okay, and said, “Okay, then it’s settled.”

In the blink of an eye, it was now the weekend.

East High was very lenient towards first year students and gave them every Sunday off.

Residents went home on Saturday and returned in time for self-study on Sunday evening. Although they could only go home to sleep for one night, it was already quite wonderful. After all, third years in their senior year could only go home once a month.

On Saturday, everyone was beaming, looking forward to going home.

Only Qiao Shao couldn’t laugh.

His ankle hasn’t healed yet and didn’t want to go home.

But where else could he go if not home?

Chen Su and Wei Jiayu both went home, leaving the entire 516 to himself…

Qiao Shao could die, he could die for real.

He Shen was in a good mood today, and unexpectedly didn’t sleep.

He noticed that the little shorty was scared out of his wits. After thinking of the date, he understood. “You don’t want to go home?”

Hearing the word home, Qiao Shao gave a start.

He Shen’s eyes looked deep. “You don’t have to go home if you don’t want to. If you’re going to be bored in the dorms …” He paused and said, “you could come to my place.”

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