My Underachieving Seatmate Doesn’t Need Any Comforting

Chapter 3

Chapter 3

There were four people confronting each other. ‘Lou Xiao’ and his follower were bullying two other people.

The two looked really pitiful. It seemed that they were even a little bit older, but they were shrinking into themselves, afraid of being beaten.

Qiao Shao looked at Lou Xiao’s “lackey”, who was also very tall. He wasn’t wearing his school uniform. He had dashing eyebrows and thin lips. His side profile looked suitably fierce.

Sure enough, birds of a feather flocked together!

Qiao Xiao Shao, former school tyrant turned good student, leaned in closer to Chen Su. Chen Su whispered to him, “Those two are sophomores, they’ll soon be seniors. But they’re still bullied by him.”

Qiao Shao also lowered his voice and asked, “Won’t they put up a fight?”

Chen Su stared at the fiendish looking student and said, “Look at Lou Xiao’s tall and imposing figure. He’s been boxing from an early age. I heard that ordinary coaches couldn’t even beat him.”

Qiao Shao went silent.

Who Qiao Shao was actually looking at was that lazy-looking student, who happened to take his hand out of his pocket to cover a yawn. That strong forearm could indeed pack a punch.

——Looks like this delinquent still had a few skills.

Qiao Shao said: “Then they just let him bully people? That’s hopelessly stupid.”

Chen paused and reluctantly said, “Actually, as long as you don’t provoke him, he won’t bully you. He doesn’t bully people for no reason.”

Qiao Shao remembered Blue-hair’s nervousness in the bedroom, “What counts as provoking him?” If even his bed was taboo, looks like his threshold for what counts as a provocation was pretty low.

Chen Su thought he was afraid, and couldn’t help but have a more favorable impression of him. He comforted him, saying, “As long as you stay far away from him, you’ll be fine.”

Quai Shao remembered the women’s shirt and wanted to get his dignity back. But then, he immediately thought of all the hard work he did so that he could transfer schools and study hard … Great plans can be ruined by just a touch of impatience. It was best to set aside this matter for now. Being able to study peacefully was what was truly important.

“I’m here to study, so I won’t get close to this kind of person.” Qiao Shao said.

Chen Su, gave a sigh of relief and said, “That’s right. Learning is the most important thing.”

From start to finish, the two boys were on totally different frequencies, but they unexpectedly managed to converge on this point.

They were standing pretty far away, and they couldn’t distinguish clearly who was who.

The person Chen Su referred to as Lou Xiao was that fierce and grim looking boy. For Qiao Shao, first impressions were the strongest. He mistook He Shen to be Lou Xiao and Lou Xiao to be Lou Xiao’s lackey.

After the incident, the outsiders dispersed. Chen Su once again led Qiao Shao to the School Office.

There were a lot of things that transfer students needed — general supplies for the dormitory, such as a washbasin, toothbrushes and new school uniforms.

When he was about to receive his uniform, the teacher asked him, “What size of uniform did you wear before?”

Qiao Shao didn’t know what size his previous uniforms were. Those were tailor-made. Just having your measurement taken for it took half an hour.

The teacher saw that he wasn’t answering and turned over to look at him.

Seeing this thin and small boy, she was surprised and then she had a light-bulb moment.

Oh, boys. He was probably embarrassed to admit that he wore a small sized uniform, especially in front of a new classmate.

She emphatically said, “I’ll see if there’s something for you.”

Qiao Shao hurriedly said, “I’m sorry to trouble teacher.”

That small voice was so nice to listen to. Teacher Xu has only been a mother for five months. Her motherly instincts was brimming over. She was very enthusiastic about finding clothes for Qiao Shao.

“Hmm …” After a while, the teacher said, “Looks like there aren’t any sizes suitable for you.”

Qiao Shao’s eyes widened. Did clothes have some sort of grudge against him? They were either women’s clothes or he didn’t have any to wear.

Chen Su helped him to ask, “Teacher, what should be done then? Make an order?”

The teacher seemed to know Chen Su, and also had a good impression of him. She said kindly, “No, we’ll be changing to a new school uniform soon. If we order it now, we’ll just have to order another one soon.”

Obviously this was news even to Chen Su.

The teacher turned to Qiao Shao again, “Which school did you attend before? You can wear your old uniform first.”

Qiao Shao: “…”

His previous school uniform was so grand, he could wear it to important occasions. If he wore that here, he’d be stared at by everyone!

“The color difference is a bit big,” Qiao Shao explained. “I’d completely stick out.”

“That’s true, too,” said the teacher. “Then you wear your clothes first. It won’t be long before we change to a new uniform. The new uniform is very handsome, not baggy T-shirts like these.”

“Ok.” Qiao Shao thanked the teacher and left with Chen Su.

Chen Su said to him, “This way is good too. You won’t have to spend so much on school uniforms.”

When did Young Master Qiao ever lack money? He doesn’t have any appropriate clothes to wear. Will he have to wear this single T-shirt until then…?

Chen Su Looked at his small physique and comforted him, “Don’t worry. The food in our school cafeteria is very affordable.”

At first, Qiao Shao didn’t respond upon hearing this. Chen Su said, “With just three or four yuan, you can eat until you’re very full. If you eat well, you can … grow taller.”

Qiao Shao: “……………………………………”

Chen Su patted him on the shoulder and said, “Boys mature late. Don’t lose hope.”

Had it not been for the sincerity in Chen Su’s voice, Qiao Shao would have already blown his top and fought for his dignity!

The two left the School Office, and by the time Qiao Shao had put away his things, it was almost time for class.

Chen Su went to the classroom first while Qiao Shao went to find his class teacher.

It was customary for a transfer students to be led by the teacher into the classroom on their first day.

The class teacher was Tang Yu, a 40-year-old male teacher. Tang Yu was also not tall, and upon seeing Qiao Shao, he instantly felt a sense of camaraderie.

High school students nowadays were so tall. The teacher had to stand on the podium before he could stand evenly with them. It felt very crushing.

“Let’s go. I’ll take you to meet your new classmates.” Tang Yu got up from his desk and led Qiao Shao to the classroom.

The first lesson on Monday was usually easy. In particular, the first year of high school was the last happy time. This was probably the last happy time in 12 years of cold, grueling studies. Once they enter second year, it will gradually start hell mode for the sprint to the college entrance exams.

They passed by several classroom to arrive at their classroom. While Tang Yu hadn’t shown up yet, the class was still very noisy, like a lively vegetable market. As soon as Tang Yu came in, they went completely silent, you could hear a pin drop.

Qiao Shao, who was behind Tang Yu, suddenly felt his heart stop.

Tang Yu’s voice rang quickly, “How was your weekend? Did you finish your homework?”

When he said that, anguished wailing could be heard from every corner of the class. Tang Yu smiled and clapped his hands, “Okay, whether you study or not is your own business. You should think about it yourself. You don’t need your teacher to nag you about it all the time.”

He turned his head and looked at Qiao Shao: “You have a new classmate. Everyone please welcome him and get along well … Come and introduce yourself.”

Tang Yu walked towards the back and let Qiao Shao stand in front of the podium. The class went quiet again. Countless eyes stared at Qiao Shao, full of various emotions. Some were curious, some were sizing him up, some were pondering and there were also some who were watching passively…

Qiao Shao stood on the podium. Under this sort of atmosphere, he felt as though he was immersed in a quiet, pitch black ocean and suddenly he couldn’t utter a single word.

Clack! The door suddenly opened. That sound was like a stone thrown into the quiet sea, and the ripples galvanized Qiao Shao into action.

“Hello everyone, my name is Qiao Shao. Shao is spelled with a ‘yin’ and ‘zhao’. Please take care of me in the future!” Qiao Shao finally managed to come up with his self-introduction.

He bowed nervously. When he lowered his head, he just so happened to avoid the latecomer’s line of sight.

“How could you come in this late?” Teacher Tang complained, but he wasn’t angry. “Get to your seat.”

“Hm.” The boy answered. Without even take a look at that small lump on the podium, he walked towards his seat with single-minded focus, and fell asleep as soon as he sat down.

When Qiao Shao looked up again, he saw his applauding classmates. He was relieved. His palms were all sweaty, and he couldn’t see clearly the faces of his classmates.

Tang Yu said, “You can sit next to He Shen for now. Later we can rearrange your seat.”

Qiao Shao had no recognition of He Shen’s name. He only saw that there was an empty seat in the back row against the wall. Qiao Shao walked over and sat down. After a moment of calm, his heart finally stopped racing.

At this point, Tang Yu had already spoken a lot of words but he didn’t hear a word of it. No matter, he wasn’t giving a lesson anyway and every teacher generally said the same kind of things during the start of school.

After calming down, Qiao Shao now wanted to take a look at his seatmate. Instead, he was met with the sunlit flaxen-colored back of his seatmate’s head.

He was actually sleeping! The class adviser had let loose a flood of eloquence, but this guy was sound asleep!

Qiao Shao wanted to change seats now. He didn’t want to share a table with this slacker!

Wait, Qiao Shao realized then, why does this head seem a bit familiar… Especially this lazy half-dead manner, why did he seem like that school tyrant?

It couldn’t be Lou Xiao, Chen Su said that he was from the international class. Not to mention, his seatmate was called He Shen.

Qiao Shao was relieved, but still couldn’t help sizing up his seatmate.

He really was sleeping so soundly that he wasn’t even aware that someone had sat next to him. This was simply a complete lack of awareness!

Qiao Shao looked up at the podium, and found that the teacher didn’t mind in the least. He then realized something — he seemed to be seated at the same table as the slacker of all slackers, even the teacher had given him up as a hopeless case.

He’ll let it be for now. As long as he doesn’t bother his studies, it was fine. Qiao Shao sat upright and opened his book.

At the end of the first class, Qiao Shao had listened carefully, learned thoroughly, and was very proud of himself. His seatmate was still asleep, and had remained completely motionless. If not for the slight breathing sounds, Qiao Shao might have thought he’d died.

The second class was Chinese Language. The class representative came to collect their summer homework. When she came to Qiao Shao, she walked right past without a word.

Qiao Shao could not help asking, “Don’t you need to get his homework?”

“No need!” The class representative was a girl with glasses, and she shook her head so much, they almost fell off. “He Shen doesn’t need to hand in his homework.”

Qiao Shao: “…”

What kind of devil was he seated with that he didn’t even have to hand in his homework?

Qiao Shao noted in his heart — first of all, stay away from Lou Xiao, and secondly, stay away from He Shen. He must stay away from school tyrants and school scum!


The author has something to say: Xiao Qiao, you misunderstood. He Shen is neither a school bully nor school scum. He is a real god of learning. [Covers face]

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