My Underachieving Seatmate Doesn’t Need Any Comforting

Chapter 5

Chapter 5

He Shen was woke up from the heat.

I turned on the air conditioner before sleeping. Why is it still so hot?

He opened his eyes, only to find that he had an extra quilt. The pure blue quilt was not too thick, but for someone who needed to sleep with the aircon on, this was simply unbearably hot.

He lifted the quilt, and his expression was terrible to look at.

Everyone knew that He Shen lacked sleep all the year round, so he gets very upset when he gets woken up, especially when he’s trying to catch up on it.

Right now, the air around him was grim and heavy. He wanted to see who it was that had disturbed his sleep.

He Shen the saw a “Shrimp Ball” lying on the bed next to him.

You can’t blame him for thinking this way. The guy had curled up into a tight little ball, like a de-shelled shrimp ball.

How insecure must he feel to sleep like this.

He Shen’s anger suddenly evaporated when he thought of it.


It was the bell signaling the end of noon break.

Without needing for He Shen to call him, the little shrimp ball suddenly popped open and he sat up with his short hair all sticking up.

This time He Shen saw his face clearly. He had small and delicate features, three-parts child-like and seven-parts muddled. He was so thin and small he looked like a little girl.

“Middle schooler?” He Shen recognized him and suddenly blurted out this name.

Qiao Shao’s sleepy head turned, and when he looked up, he saw the boy standing against the light.

The noon sun was very bright, spreading freely in the bedroom, but at this moment it was blocked by the tall boy in front of him. The dense sunlight seemed to be trying to pass through and it spread around his head and shoulders, creating a faint halo. .

With a start, Qiao Shao completely woke up!

“How are you here?” He Shen asked again.

Qiao Shao, though, grabbed onto his previous statement, “Who are you calling a middle schooler?” Don’t think he didn’t hear that. He heard it very clearly. Lou Xiao called him a middle schooler.

He Shen looked down at the child sitting cross-legged on the bed, like a cat with its hair standing on end…

He said nothing, just reached out and pressed down on his furry head.

There was no need for words; his action conveyed his meaning very clearly — If you’re not a middle schooler, how come you’re this short?

Qiao Shao: “…”

He Shen was amused by his expression.

Qiao Shao had never suffered such humiliation. He slapped away He Shen’s hand, jumped out of bed and confronted him. “I am a student of East High.” And I’m one year older than you, young man! Of course this involved something a little troublesome, so Qiao Shao resisted and didn’t mention it.

He Shen slowly asked, “What year?”

Qiao Shao, “First Year High School!”

He Shen now understood the situation, but still said, “I’ve never seen you. This is a scam.”

Qiao Shao blurted out, “I’m a transfer student, and I just entered school today.” After saying so, his senses finally returned. &#k2018;Never seen you’ &#k2014; my ass! The first year had seventeen classes; it’s impossible for Lou Xiao to remember every single student!

He Shen certainly didn’t remember all of them, but Qiao Shao was such a recognizable classmate that he would definitely have remembered even if he’d only seen him once.

“Are you really in first year highs school?” He Shen deliberately used a disbelieving tone, “Which class?”

Qiao Shao couldn’t stand his questioning tone. He was about to shout ‘Class one!’ to solidify his identity as a high school student. In the end, though, he calmed down. This guy was obviously riling him up for a lark, so he’s not going to put up with it any longer!

Which class was farthest from the international class?

Qiao Shao said, “Class Six.”

He Shen asked again, “What’s your name?”

Are you taking me for an idiot?

Qiao Shao said, “It’s time for class, good-bye.”

After speaking, he put on his shoes and hurried out of the dormitory like a streak of smoke.

When he ran to the first floor, Qiao Shao came across Chen Su who had submitted his room check records.

Chen Su saw him panting and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Qiao Shao thought for a moment, “I might have offended the school tyrant.”

Usually, he was unafraid. He wouldn’t be afraid even when faced with hundreds of school tyrants, let alone a single one. But now, he had come to East High to study hard. If he winded up causing trouble on the first day, he was afraid his father would see it as an opportunity to haul him home.

Chen Su didn’t know the twists and turns in his heart, he asked in wonder, “Lou Xiao came back to the room?”

“Yeah!” Qiao Shao panicked when he thought about that scene. “He was asleep when I went back there.”

Chen Su was very puzzled, “He’s never gone back to the room to sleep before.”

He suddenly thought of He Shen, their quasi-roommate in 516, but it never crossed his mind that Qiao Shao couldn’t distinguish between He Shen and Lou Xiao. After all, the two were seatmates. Who could have imagined that two people seated at the same table for the entire morning, hadn’t seen each other’s faces because of someone’s sleeping position.

Qiao Shao said, “Anyway, he went back for noon break today.”

Chen Su said, “Although Lou Xiao is fierce, as long as you don’t mess with him, he won’t make trouble with you.”

Qiao Shao said quietly, “I almost suffocated him.”

Chen Su was startled, “What did you do?”

Qiao Shao said, “I just turned off his air conditioner.” Oh, and I covered him with a quilt.

Chen Su slowly returned to his senses, and he smiled, “It’s okay, he wouldn’t be that petty. Don’t worry, he rarely returns to the dorm. There won’t be many opportunities in the future for you to cross paths. Just try your best to avoid him and it should be fine.”

Qiao Shao thought about how he lied about his class and refused to divulge his name. It should be fine, right?

Whatever, all he can do is to confront soldiers with generals and stem water with earth. Anyway, he was going to stay in East High. Study hard and every day you will improve.

That afternoon, his slacker seatmate directly skipped class. Out of sight, out of mind. Qiao Shao listened even more attentively to the lesson.

During the lesson, Song Yixu who was seated in front looked at Qiao Shao’s half-empty table and sighed, “I really envy Brother Shen. He comes whenever he wishes and leaves whenever he wishes. He’s free as the wind.”

Qiao Shao was very disdainful, “Not at all like a student.”

Song Yixu said, “Actually, among everyone I’ve ever seen, he’s the least student-like …” good student I’ve ever seen.

The ringing bell drowned out Song Yixu’s last few words, so Qiao Shao missed a good opportunity to recognize the god of learning.

During dinner, Qiao Shao found a quiet place to call his family. Although three calls were made, the contents were basically the same. To sum it up, Qiao Shao basically only said one thing, “Everything’s good!” No matter what they asked, he answered in the same way. Everything’s going well. In order to be able to smoothly and steadily achieve good grades, relying only on his own efforts, Qiao Shao needed to “submit himself to humiliation”!

After studying that night, Qiao Shao returned to their room. Before he entered the door, he was still a little apprehensive. He didn’t want to run into Lao Xiao again. Fortunately, Chen Su was right. Lou Xiao rarely returned to the dorm. His presence here during noon break was an unprecedented event that happened very rarely in a semester.

Qiao Shao pushed the door into the room. No one was there.

Chen Su was tonight’s student on duty and he would be coming back late. As for Blue-hair, the devil knows where he went off to…But the main point was that, Lao Xiao was not here!

Qiao Shao was in a great mood. He took advantage of everyone’s absence to hurriedly take a shower and go to bed early.

When the lights were about to be turned off, Chen Su returned, looking a little tired.

Qiao Shao craned his neck and looked at him. “Why are you back so late?” There were four people on duty, which meant they should have finished cleaning up very quickly.

Chen Su paused and said, “After cleaning, I went back to the classroom to memorize vocabs.”

Qiao Shao’s eyes lighted up and he took note.

This was a good student, making use of every moment to learn!

Blue-hair came back just as the bell for lights out rang. He didn’t make much noise when he returned. He took a bath and went to bed.

Upon hearing the sound of movement, the teacher in charge of making the rounds only knocked on the door and said, “Come back earlier next time.” He left without entering the room.

Qiao Shao was lying on the bed, reminiscing about his day at school and he was very pleased with himself. Although, he had unfortunately encountered a school tyrant roommate and a school scum seatmate, he had also met decent and respectable classmates like Chen Su and Song Yixu.

In particular, Chen Su was simply his role model in East High! Low-key, focused on his studies, and with very good grades. That’s a top student, all right!

In the future, he must learn from Chen Su, keep up with his pace, and become a good student.

With this vision of a happy future, Qiao Shao fell asleep.

At 5:30 the next morning, the cruel wake-up bell woke up the sleeping teenagers.

Qiao Shao sat in a daze on the bed. Chen Su had already started his morning routine, “Hurry up, there’s roll call during morning exercises.”

Yeah, the boarders needed to do morning exercises…

Qiao Shao would very much like to lie down and sleep again, but…

He gritted his teeth and got up!

He was pouring his heart and soul into staying in school. How could he fail on the first day!

He did his morning routine in a daze, stumbled to the ground floor in a daze, staggered in line in a daze, and started jogging in a daze.

There was a heavy fog that day, and as a consequence of Qiao Shao’s inattentiveness, he hadn’t even run half a lap when he tripped and fell.

Old Tang followed the exercises every morning. When he saw Qiao Shao fall, he immediately came over and asked, “Are you alright?”

Qiao Shao’s ankle was so painful, he felt like it was broken. But he was very eager to do well and so he said, “I’m ok, it’s nothing serious.”

His forehead was beading with sweat. He was definitely not just feigning it.

Tang Yu said, “You can leave your place in the ranks for now.” Qiao Shao was in the last row, and because he had stopped, the grade levels behind him had already caught up. He had no choice but to hop about on one leg.

Old Tang looked over his ankle for him and said, “It’s twisted a little, but it didn’t swell. The school doctor isn’t here in the morning so I’ll take you back to the dorm first.”

The male dormitory was very close to the field. Instead of sitting to the side and staring into space, it was better for him to go back first.

Qiao Shao said: “It’s alright, Teacher…I’ll be fine in a little bit.”

“How can you be fine?” Tang Yu said, “It’s not so bad right now but we’ll need to quickly apply ice and pressure on it.”

Qiao Shao was also afraid that he would alarm his dad if it became anything serious so he no longer put on a brave front, “I’m sorry to trouble you, Teacher.”

Tang Yu helped him up, and the two went to the boy’s dormitory.

Just as they arrived at the dormitory building, they came across He Shen, who was coming to school through the dense fog.

At first Tang Yu couldn’t clearly see who it was. Seeing someone so tall, he thought it was someone from the teaching staff. He said, “Hello, can you help us out?”

They were going to have to go up to the fifth floor in a while and he was afraid he wouldn’t be able to handle the injured Qiao Shao.

He Shen stepped forward and said, “Teacher, please go back to the morning exercise. I’ll take him upstairs.”

As soon as he heard his voice, Tang Yu knew who it was. He was just about to call his name when He Shen said, “The stairs are narrow, and it’s not convenient for two people. I can manage by myself.”

Tang Yu was very relieved with He Shen there. He said, “Then, please remember to give him ice. If anything’s wrong, come and look for me.”

He Shen agreed and helped to support Qiao Shao.

Qiao Shao also realized who it was when he heard that voice. And when he saw that face, it was like his heart turned to ashes.

I’m done for……

He actually fell into the hands of the school tyrant!

He Shen watched his face pale and asked, “Is it really painful?”

Qiao Shao had no choice but to pretend to be utterly pitiful in order to appeal to the school tyrant’s last remaining bits of conscience, “It hurts …”

He Shen’s eyebrows furrowed slightly, he then carried Qiao Shao as he hurried up the stairs.

Qiao Shao: “!!!”


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