My Underachieving Seatmate Doesn’t Need Any Comforting

Chapter 9

Chapter 9

Seeing this scene was even worse than just hearing it.

One was desperately tugging up his pants, for fear of having something done to him.

One was desperately pulling the other’s pants, absolutely wanting to do something.

If not for the cigarette between his fingers, Lou Da Ye would have already high tailed it out of there.

As it so happened, the parties involved were very innocent. One was completely pure, and the other was, well, fake pure and was maybe going a bit too far. He Shen said, “What are you doing bringing up the school flower in the men’s bathroom? Can’t you please show some respect for the little lady?”

Lou Xiao looked at his innocent expressioni that was in sharp contrast to his obviously beastly manner and said, “Then why don’t you respect her?”

He Shen seemed very justified. “He’s not a little lady.”

“He’s a man?” Lou Xiao dropped his cigarette. “Then, why on Earth are you taking of a man’s pants?”

Qiao Shao, who was outside this whole situation, was completely fuming. What a mess! Lou Xiao, are you blind?

Truth was, the school bully really was a little blind.

He Shen was dumbfounded. “Has your myopia reached six or seven hundred degrees already? You really should go get glasses.”

This was a secret unknown to East High.

The mighty tyrant of the battlefield, Lou Xiao, was seriously near-sighted.

It was so serious, that he relied mainly on feeling to distinguish people. For example, tall people were boys, short people were girls …

With Qiao Shao’s body shape and shouting out his grievances just now, naturally he was mistaken as a little girl.

As for his voice … Qiao Shao, who had been scared out of his wits, had his voice go all soft.

Although the school bully was nearly blind, he woud never ever wear glasses. If he did, how could he maintain his domineering aura?

Anyway, he didn’t need to see too much to fight, and he never listened in class. And ordinarily, “considering everyone as beneath him” was also the trademark of a school tyrant.

So, yeah, f*ck glasses.

But, right this moment, Lou Xiao regretted it a little. He really wanted a pair of glasses so that he could see clearly.

“So you rejected the girls in the entire school, because you like men?” Lou Xiao got right to the point.

He tried his best to open his eyes wide. He wanted to see just what kind of seductress Qiao Shao was to make He Shen unable to restrain himself like this.

He Shen said, “What are you blabbering on about? He’s having trouble because he sprained his ankle. I’m helping him.”

Poor near-sighted Lou Xiao could now see that Qiao Shao had a bad foot.

“So, that’s it.” Lou Xiao snuffed out his cigarette and promptly lost all interest.

Qiao Shao felt that he would die from holding it in if he dawdled any longer. He took this chance to escape. Supporting himself against the wall, he entered the toilet cubicle, and locked the door.

He Shen also didn’t insist anymore. He stayed outside talking to Lou Xiao.

Qiao Shao just took off his pants when he heard him say, “… how could I have turned gay? If I could, it would have happened a long time ago with you.”

Qiao Shao almost fell off the toilet!

You lunatic!

Qiao Shao told himself gravely —

Cherish life and stay away from this retard!

After he nimbly tidied up, he heard a cellphone ring outside.

At first Qiao Shao thought it was the school tyrant’s mobile phone. After all, the teachers ruled that electronic devices weren’t allowed in the school building. Ordinary students wouldn’t dare to let it ring even if they had brought it with them secretly.

However, it was He Shen who answered the phone.

Qiao Shao was not surprised. After all, his seatmate was also a delinquent.

He Shen’s voice while talking on the phone was very quiet. Qiao Shao couldn’t hear clearly, but he could make out his tone.

This guy had two faces. When he first met him, he was indifferent and undisciplined. He talked carelessly and could hardly conceal his disaffection and impatience.

Now that they were familiar with each other–yes, they’re now considered to be familiar with each other– he spoke differently. His tone was still listless and improper but his tone was a lot more intimate.

At this time, He Shen’s tone of voice was the former. The estrangement in his tone was like a giant axe splitting mountain peaks. There was an impassable rift between them.

When Qiao Shao came out of the cubicle, only Lou Xiao was left in the toilet.

Because Qiao Shao walked slowly, the bell for class had already rang while they were still halfway to the toilet. All the students had already returned to class, leaving on Lou Xiao, who didn’t care a whit about class, smoking outside.

The way Lou Xiao stared at people completely intimidated them. After all, he was nearly blind, and in order to see clearly, he had to stare quite fiercely.

He said, “Lao He left. He had something he needed to do so he left first. I’ll help you back to the classroom.”

Qiao Shao didn’t want to have anything to do with him. He said, “I can just lean against the wall and go by myself.”

Lou Xiao came over, grabbed his arm, and said, “What are you fussing about? Let’s go.”

Qiao Shao could only watch on helplessly. He couldn’t shake him off and could only accept it. His head hurt, his head hurt so much. He must have entered school the wrong way or something. He wanted to go back and have a redo of his school admission.

Lou Xiao was the very model of a school tyrant. He supported Qiao Shao with a completely blank expression, completely unfeeling.

There was the smell of smoke on his body, and Qiao Shao put up with it for a while, but finally, he couldn’t hold back and coughed.

Lou Xiao looked down at him.

Qiao Shao thought about how he already had a degree of 500 but still wouldn’t wear glasses, and kindly pointed out, “Keep your eyes on the road.”

Lou Xiao snorted, and pulled a bit away from Qiao Shao, “No one in your family smokes?”

There really wasn’t anyone in his family who did. He shook his head.

Lou Xiao paused and suddenly asked, “Is there any person in your family?”

What the hell?

Qiao Shao said, “Of course there is!”

Although he had to admit that there wasn’t a lot of them but he had both his grandfathers and Aunt Wu! They’re people!

Lou Xiao said, “You’ve got your mom and your dad to care for you but you still ended up malnourished? Looks like you’d have been better off without anyone who wants you, like Lao He.”

Qiao Shao: “………”

No one wanted He Shen? What do you mean?

There was too much information for him to process and he couldn’t reply.

Then suddenly, there came a boy before them.

With Lou Xiao’s vision, he couldn’t see clearly who it was, but Qiao Shao could.

It was Chen Su.

Chen Su should have just returned from the teacher, so when the bell rang he hadn’t made it to the classroom.

He also saw Qiao Shao. His eyes turned to Lou Xiao and became evasive.

No good student would want anything to do with the school tyrant. Qiao Shao understood the meaning behind his glance.

Qiao Shao thought that Chen Su would return to the classroom directly, but what he didn’t expect was for Chen Su to hasten his steps towards them and say, “I’ll take him back to the classroom.”

Although they were roommates, Lou Xiao, who never returns to the dorms, apparently had no impression of the calm and quiet Chen Su.

“You’re classmates?” Lou Xiao asked Qiao Shao.

Qiao Shao quickly said, “He’s part of our class committee. I can just go back to the classroom with him.”

If he really let Lou Xiao send him back to the classroom, the good student image he had worked hard to build these past two days would vanish like smoke.

Lou Xiao didn’t say much and left after handing over Qiao Shao to Chen Su.

Chen Su lent him an arm for support and they hobbled back to the classroom.

Only then did Qiao Shao realize that Chen Su’s palm was covered in sweat.

He had summoned a lot of courage to come and pick him up. After all, that was the school tyrant who bullied people at the drop of a hat.

Qiao Shao was very touched and said, “Thank you.”

Chen Su’s eyes lit up, “It’s nothing.”

Qiao Shao explained why he was “seized” by Lou Xiao.

After listening, Chen Su’s brows knit tightly together. He said, “Maybe you should ask Teacher Tang for a seat change.”

Qiao Shao hesitated.

Chen said, “Your height wasn’t suitable for the last row in the first place. It was just because the seating arrangement had already been set and it would be inconvenient to change it now that…”

Qiao Shao said, “There’s no need to go through all that trouble. I can see the blackboard just fine from the back row.”

Height was not the important point, 20:20 vision was.

Chen Su paused, and Qiao Shao looked for another reason, “Besides, with my leg like this, sitting in the back row lets me drag the table back and prop my leg up to listen to class.”

It would be inconvenient if it were up front.

“Alright,” Chen Su said, his expression eased a lot. “Let’s do it like this first. The semester exams will be coming up soon. After that, we’ll be changing the seating arrangement.

Qiao Shao didn’t care about his seat; what he was worried about was the semester exams.

This would be his first major exam after coming to East High. If he failed the exam…

Would his dad have him pack up and quit immediately?

Qiao Shao slapped his cheeks to bring his spirits up—listen attentively to the lesson, and everything will be all right!

He didn’t know what kind of call He Shen received, but he completely skipped this class.

The teacher and his classmates didn’t seem to find anything strange, so Qiao Shao could only consider this as normal.

As soon as the bell rang, everyone rushed to the canteen for lunch.

Qiao Shao wanted to go back to the dormitory. As for lunch, he’ll ask Chen Su to bring something back for him and he’ll make do.

Anyway, he didn’t have the energy to go to the cafeteria. Hopping about on one foot was miserable.

Who could have known that just as he had stood up, there came an unexpected guest at their door?

Lou Xiao’s fame was widespread. Almost everyone in the first year knew of him.

Firstly, he was indeed domineering. Secondly, he was rich and powerful, and thirdly, he looked good. Even if he was grumpy all day, he was handsome. Otherwise, the girls wouldn’t be pairing him up with He Shen.

Right now, Lou Xiao was standing by the door carrying a plastic bag in his hand. His good looks made all the girls in class restless.

“Why did Lou Xiao come to our class?”

“Is he here to give my god He Shen food? How sweet!”

“But didn’t god He Shen skip class?”

“Yeah, god He Shen’s not here. So, who did he come here for?”

“Ah, ah, Lou Xiao, this slag shou, it couldn’t be that he’s here for some girl, right?

“Our god He Shen is so pitiful. He’s been made to wear piles and piles of green hats …”

Of course, Lou Xiao didn’t hear any of these whispered conversations and neither did Qiao Shao.

Boys were better off remaining ignorant of the world of girls today.

Lou Xiao walked into other people’s class like there was no one else present. He was not the least bit uncomfortable when faced with a crowd of unfamiliar schoolmates. In any case, he even wouldn’t recognize the students in his own class.

“Lunch.” He put the plastic bag in front of Qiao Shao, and threw down this word in a flat and callous tone of voice.

Qiao Shao: “…”

Lou Xiao said again: “Don’t run around, Lao He will come to pick you up.”

After he had spoken, he left the same way he came in, looking as if he considered everyone to be beneath his notice.

Then, all the girls in class silently exploded. The light shining in the eyes of those girls who’d been whispering before could write a hundred thousand-word, dog-blood, heart-wrenching love triangle short story.

Qiao Shao looked at the lunch in the plastic bag and suddenly felt full without having eaten anything yet.

He would rather go hungry than be shoved in the limelight like that.

The entire reason he’d decided to enter East High using such a humble method was because he wanted to remain low-key and do his best to improve his studies. But why was it that the deeper his social connections went, the more off-track he became?

If he wanted to be in the limelight, he would have just stayed in his old school!

The man at the heart of the struggle was named Qiao Shao, alright?

What surprised Qiao Shao was that the classmates he thought would be quite distant from him, suddenly all swarmed over, especially the girls. Several of them came over, including Lin Su, the English class representative, Mo Xiaoxiao, the Chinese class representative, and the publicity committee member, Yu Yuanxi.

All of them were good students! There were top ten in the class!

Qiao Shao was a little happy.

Lin Su was a rare short-haired girl with a pair of charming round eyes, “Qiao Shao, why did Lou Xiao deliver food to you?”

Young Master Qiao was unworldly and naïve, “He Shen must have asked him to.”

Lin Su’s round eyes turned even more lustrous, “He Shen is really good to you. Did you already know each other before?”

Qiao Shao thought for a while and said, “Well … he helped me buy clothes.”

A piece of women’s clothing — Laozi will remember forever!

Mo Xiaoxiao sucked in her breath and exclaimed, “They’ve already reached this point?”

She was too quiet and Qiao Shao didn’t hear clearly. “Huh? What point?”

“Nothing!” Lin Su hurriedly changed the topic and asked, “Well, who do you think is better? Lou Xiao or He Shen?”

How should Qiao Shao answer? After all, both of them were bad students, slackers and delinquents to boot! They were the worst of the worst!

The publicity committee member, Yu Yuanxi, who had remained silent until now, came and asked, “Do you like Lou Xiao or He Shen the most?”

Qiao Shao: “???”

He hadn’t opened his mouth to speak yet when a voice came from behind him, “Of course, He Shen.”

The girls turned their heads and saw a tall boy behind them. They all suddenly dispersed.

He Shen was reverse sitting on the seat in front of Qiao Shao. His chin was resting on the back of the chair, he said lazily, “Is there anything delicious in there? I’m hungry.”


The author has something to say: I’m hungry, I need to be fed in order to feel full. (Shut up)

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