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Chapter 1040 - Evolving the blood

Chapter 1040 - Evolving the blood

Things were getting busier than ever around the Cursed faction. Usually there would be some members that were left to do nothing but look at reports all day, but today many were busy moving back and forth using the teleporters frequently.

However the busiest of them all was without a doubt, was Sam. The reason for this was due to the influx of things he needed to deal with immediately after Oscar had declared war.

As soon as this happened, the Cursed faction were given two field armies to deal with consisting of around a hundred thousand troops each. He had to get in contact with all the lieutenants, majors, and colonels so that he could pass down what information they needed to know.

They had now left Earth and were being spread out based on Sam's command to the planets that the Cursed faction owned. The Graylash family had been given the same amount of troops, while the remaining six field armies were kept under Oscar's control.

Organising the troops was harder than Sam first thought. One of the reasons was due to suddenly gaining another commander. The army had never been split up in such a way and when Sam suddenly chucked in an additional position, soon he realised that factions and military were run quite differently.

Fortunately there were people there to help him who were more experienced and he was thankful for this. After several hours of dealing with that, Sam also had to deal with something else. On top of all the work he had so far, he had also been given three corps groups that each consisted of around fifteen thousand soldiers. What's more is that the soldiers in these corps weren't just any soldiers, they were students that had been taken out of school early.

Within that group there were those that had decided to join the Cursed faction. Not knowing their skills too well, it was a tough thing for him to do and there were even some he wanted to bring on board the Cursed ship, and he was also looking for certain individuals.

Finally on top of all this, there were even the many factions and the Cursed group themselves, but at least Helen was mainly looking after this side of operations.

Standing by the command centre, Sam was finally getting some rest in his chair. Although he didn't actually have to physically do much and just sent orders to everyone else, no one really knew how tiring it was to oversee so many people.

"I'm sorry for putting so much on your plate, Sam." Quinn said.

"It looks like you have another job for me?" Sam said with a weary smile.

"Not another job, I'm just checking up on you. I think Paul would be a good person in a time like this to help things along, but I know you're a fast learner." Quinn said. "I know it might not be the right time, but I was just checking up on that other request of mine."

Sam tapped away on the computer in front of him and brought up a holographic report.

"There's been nothing yet, but I'll get someone to come and inform you if we find something. You don't have to come and keep meeting me like this, Quinn. I know you're busy doing your own things. You leave this stuff to me and when the fighting starts, I'll leave that part to you."

"I'll be doing just that, so you might not see me for a while, but I'll always be able to keep in touch with you." Quinn said before heading out of the room. He walked to a large reinforced door and stopped in front of it.

'There's been a few upgrades to this since the last time I used it, Sam did say there were some complaints from those on the ship.' Quinn thought, entering the code to the door and then entering the room, but when he did he wasn't the only one standing in there.

"I hope you're ready, my teaching methods might not be the most ethical, but I will always guarantee results." Eno said with a smile.

Quinn didn't say anything but stepped into the training room and stood opposite him. After Eno had accepted the deal, his clone was sent away but Quinn also made him comply with one more condition - that none of Eno's clones were allowed to be on the ship either.

Complying, all he asked for was a ship in return, and in total two of them had gone off somewhere, while Brock remained.

"Now, I know you wanted me to teach you more about blood skills, and of course I will happily do that. I see my job as making you the best you can be, the strongest you can be to defeat the Dalki." Eno explained. "However, we will be using the system to our advantage to make you progress faster than ever, tell me, what level are your blood abilities at?" Eno asked.

"Level?" Quinn asked, and pulled up his stats screen. It was strange talking to someone other than Vincent about the system, but it just reminded Quinn there was one more person who knew a lot about the system and probably more than Vincent.

"Why is this important?" Quinn asked.

"Just tell me what your highest level blood skill is and I can explain after." Eno replied.

[Blood swipe Level 4]

[Blood spray Level 3]

[Blood decent kick Level 2]

[Blood wall Level 1]

[Blood bank Level 2]

[Blood bullet Level 1]

Seeing these, Quinn was thinking about when the skills levelled up. Not every skill seemed to be treated as equally, but through repeated use they would eventually level up or even be levelled up through a rare quest reward.

However, something like the blood bank that was used in every fight took longer to level up and then there were skills he hardly used like the blood wall, because he found his shadow was more effective and only used the wall as a replacement at times.

"I guess that would be my blood swipe skill at level 4." Quinn answered.

"Only level 4?" Eno replied. "And you still managed to kill that many Dalki, that's your highest skill? Well, I guess it only means you have huge potential to grow. Have you ever wondered why the other leaders seem to have more skills than you? Of course, they spent hundreds of years learning certain blood skills but we don't have that much time. Now that the system knows you're a vampire lord it should have at least given you the same skills.

"Well the answer is quite simple, the system max level for each skill is level five, however skills can evolve and turn into something else. For example, the blood cannon skill the leaders know is just another version of the blood bullet and so on.

"As for Qi and the shadow fighting techniques, you have learnt a lot in a short amount of time. Because of all these things you have tried to learn, you were unable to specialise in the blood skills like the system originally intended.

"So we need to learn these skills quickly, we need to get your skills to level five as soon as possible. Whenever we train together, I want you to only use the blood skills. Think back to all the fights you had in the vampire world, I want you to fight like a vampire." Eno said, as his eyes started to glow red, and the red hardened blood started to cover his arms, spiralling above his clothes he wore.

The pattern almost looked like he had moving flames running up his arms. Eno came charging in at the speed of the other vampire leaders and threw out a fist. Seeing this, almost on instinct Quinn wanted to activate the shadow, but remembered what Eno had just said.

[Blood wall] Quinn activated his skill, putting in ten points of his HP, but as the fist hit the wall it smashed through it in seconds. Quinn was ready to dodge the fist for he too had speed at the same level of the leaders and thought he would at least be able to avoid this. Blood started spilling out from his hardened arms and latched onto Quinn's shoulder like a sticky glue substance, he attempted to pull away but by then a fist was planted in his face and his body was thrown into the ground.

"This will be the second part of your lesson, learning how to control the blood. Remember, if you can't beat me by only using your blood skills, then you have no hope of saving the humans or the vampires."

Feeling the punch still ringing in his head and thinking about how Eno had only fought him for a few seconds, a few thoughts went through Quinn's mind.

'Richard Eno seems stronger than any of the other vampire leaders I have faced before, and he's saying even he can't stop the Dalki?'

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