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Chapter 1223 Worst Quinn ever

Chapter 1223 Worst Quinn ever

After punching the Dalki away, Peter didn't stop there. He quickly moved on to the next one y his side, showing off his incredible strength once more. However, rather than use his fists, he was using the pair of Tonfa weapons given to him. Logan's special design allowed them to shoot out from underneath his sleeves, holding them fairly in his hands.

In the fight with Hilston, one of them had been bent, but they were still great tools for Peter to use. Another Dalki that was close by threw a punch, thinking that its strength would be able to match against Peter's, but when it collided with Peter's weapons, it was in for a surprise as the knuckles of the Dalki started to shatter.

Being blunt weapons like so, it never thought it could receive damage so easily.

"All of you, get the hell off this planet!" Peter continued to scream. There was something about Peter's actions and words in this fight. Usually, the only emotion he showed was aggression, yet they felt more pure and raw for some reason today.

The reason being, was due to the planet they were on.

"You bastards nearly killed me, and now you're trying to hurt others again!" Peter shouted, hitting another. This time, a Dalki had gotten behind him and clawed at his back. His healing abilities were doing him massive favours as it was getting better, allowing him to fight just as he usually would.

Still, Peter would struggle to fight nine of them, but he didn't have to do it all alone.

"I understand Peter, I know why you're mad!" Vorden said, coming in fast and spinning into one of the Dalki's body, head first. Then having two of the small compressed wind balls in his hands, he threw them down towards the Dalki on the ground.

This planet, and the Dalki being here, was bringing back memories for them both. Because it was the planet where Peter had experienced near death, and it was from a Dalki.

"With them taking care of the others for me, I guess it's time I take out the boss," Vincent said, charging forward towards Patch, the four spiked Dalki.

Watching from the back was Megan, Shiro, Fex and Dennis. Having already been injured, they were now in the middle of recovering. They weren't just injured but also exhausted since they had originally led the Dalki away when the Cursed members entered the Shelter.

What Shiro and Megan were doing for the both of them now was producing small cuts on their hands, allowing the two to consume the blood, giving them time to heal. While doing so, they were paying close attention to 'Quinn' of all the fights that were going on.

After all, they knew how strong Patch was.

'That red glow on Quinn's hands, I've never seen like that before?' Fex started to wonder.

Right now, Vincent was using the blood aura, not as an attack, nor was he using the hardened blood. Instead, with the amount of blood control Quinn was capable of and Vincent's knowledge, he had covered both of his hands in a type of red aura.

When the Dalki came forward to attack, Vincent carefully hit them away, blocking them, and its hands were knocked to the side. The Dalki felt a slight pain as it touched the strange red aura. Vincent punched the dalki two times in the chest, causing blood to fall.

It looked down at the blood oozing from its body, and the Dalki just smiled and punched Vincent back. He had hit him away and right back to where the others were.

[50/100 Hp available]

Skidding across the ground, he managed to use the tips of the gauntlets and dig in, slowing down until he came to a stop.

'It did that much damage?' Vincent thought. He opened his mouth, and blood started to pour out.

"Blood bank activated!" Vincent shouted through the blood-filled mouth, and his wounds were starting to heal.

He still wasn't used to using the system quite yet through his mind, so he just called out commands instead that seemed to work as well.

'I thought that would be enough, but a four spiked Dalki is completely different compared to a two spike and one spike Dalki. Now I understand why Quinn turned into the Bloodsucker straight away.' Vincent thought as they went in for round two.

Charging in again, Vincent still had the red aura covering his hands. Despite the Dlaki's attacks coming in faster and stronger this time around, the red aura hands were still able to block the Dalki's attacks. Now, Vincent was more careful and was attacking the Dalki where possible.

"Why didn't Quinn use his shadow to block that last attack?" Fex wondered. "When was he this good at the vampire's hand to hand combat arts as well?"

Watching the fight, things weren't making sense.

Vincent getting frustrated, started to use more blood moves. In the middle of his actions, he spun under a swing from the Dalki and used a blood bullet from below, aiming at its head. He was hoping it would go through its skull.

The bullet left Vincent's fingers and went under the chin and through to the other side, but the Dalki was still moving. What was worse, the more Vincent was injuring it, the stronger it got, and Vincent wasn't sure he could keep up.

By now, all the other Dalki that were supporting Patch, had been defeated by the others. With Sil and the Blades, they defeated them easily.

"Don't worry guys, I can handle this!" Vincent shouted, still dodging the attacks. "Don't help me. I just need to study it a bit more."

It was a masterful display of skills but at the same time, worry for everyone else watching. They were wondering why Quinn wasn't fighting the way he usually was, but at the same time, it wasn't unknown to them for Quinn to try new things.

"Quinn, use your shadow scythe!" Dennis shouted.

"Or your blood hammer!" Peter said. "That's one of my favourite attacks of his."

"He could also use his Muay Baron skills?" Vorden said.

Eventually, realising that nothing Vincent was doing was working, he had tried to go for the thigh kick he had seen Quinn do many times before. It looked great, but something was off as the power in his hips just went there.

'Where's the snap in the legs? I'm sure I copied him perfectly.'

When it hit Patch, nothing had happened.

'Damn it, this is harder than I thought. I am not Quinn. I don't know how to use his Qi inside his body or use the shadow and fight at the same time, and these Dalki are difficult, to say the least. Doesn't he have any items I can use?' Vincent thought.

Before he knew it, he was lifted by his leg up in the air. Thinking about items, the unbreakable sword appeared in his hands using shadow equip. Vincent swung it widely at the Dalki. Due to his strength and sharpness of the sword, it was able to produce cuts but nothing else.

"Alright! I think I might need some help," Vincent asked

That one word was enough, as Sil, Peter and all the others were seen charging in. From then on, with all of their powers, it didn't take long for Patch to be on his last breath.

"Hah..look at you fools." Patch said, lying in his own blood. His body had been literally pulled and smashed apart, now he was on his last words. "Slicer…will kill you all."

With the Dalki dead, a lot of them now had questions about the strange actions of Quinn. Even now, he was acting differently. As he was using a type of cloth to clean the blood off his armour and equipment, something they had just never seen Quinn do before.

But before they could say anything. The people who were hiding, those who were shaking in terror, started to leave their buildings and from the streets and alleyways, all to cheer.

"They did it! Our leaders did it!" They shouted.

Soon more noise was coming from them, louder as more people joined in.

"Wait, why are they coming out now? What if there are more Dalki?" Megan said worriedly.

"Don't worry about that," Vincent replied, walking back to them. "I maybe couldn't take out the four spiked Dalki, but I was able to take out the rest in the Shelter."

Everyone was glancing at each other, waiting for the other one to ask the question.

"Who the hell are you?" Peter eventually asked. "Did you hit your head, or are you like these guys?" Peter asked, pointing towards Raten and Vorden.

Seeing this, reminded Shiro of something.

"Oh I know, you're the other consciousness, the one that was inside Quinn that time, aren't you?" Shiro asked.

Now the others were even more confused, and it was the first time they had heard of this. Some knew of Quinn having a system, not all, but no one knew about Vincent being inside the system, and now he was going to have to explain himself.

"Well I….I…" Vincent was lost for words, but a strange feeling was coming over him. "Arghhhh!" He screamed, quickly falling to the ground. The power in his legs could no longer hold him up.

"My energy, what is happening to me!" Vincent cried.

"Hey, is he okay? Is Quinn or whatever okay!" Shiro worriedly said.

"Is he faking this to get out of the questions?" Dennis wondered, but Fex and the others soon noticed the sweat running down his face.

"No, my energy is being taken out of me, and not at a low rate either. I don't think he was meant to take this much." Vincent replied.

"What are you talking about? We don't understand." Peter shouted.

"I'm talking about Quinn, of course!"


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