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Chapter 1273 - Risk Your Life

Chapter 1273 - Risk Your Life

Quinn felt like it was a good thing he was relaxed and still sitting by the swampy tree when he had received the message, because it certainly was something he wanted to take his time to think about instead of rushing over head first.

Fortunately, although Eno seemed adamant for Quinn to come as soon as possible, according to Sam nothing had happened on Blade Island yet. Right now, only the other two groups were involved in fights.

'There are two actions I could take next.' Quinn started to list his options. 'I could go back right now by using my Shadow ability. That way I'll be by their side, could help them make preparations and could also find out why Eno wants me back so badly.'

'Alternatively, I could just continue training here with the Marked Dalki until the last second. If I'm lucky, it will allow me to open up a fifth slot from the Demon tier Amulet, so I can be as strong as possible when they do need me.'

It was troublesome since both options had their upsides and downsides. Especially when thinking back to how strong the five spiked Dalki were.. Quinn just wasn't sure if he was ready yet.

Nevertheless, Quinn leaned towards heading back now, yet he didn't exactly enjoy being on Eno's call. It made him feel as if he was just another one of Eno's chess pieces in this entire war.

'If you want my opinion, I also think we should go back now, so we can prepare with Eno and the others. I don't like him either, but there is a reason behind everything he does and his goals coincide with our own.' Vincent reasoned.

Mulling over it for a little while longer, Quinn eventually stood up as he had come to a decision.

'You're right, I'll head back to Blade Island, but not because of what you said.' Quinn insisted. 'I can take the Dalki with me, by putting them in my shadow space, and then use my Shadow link, I doubt even Eno knows that I am able to do this, so I'll keep them as my trump card for now."

'I will need to use their strength and drain them anyway, if we run into something like another five spiked Dalki, after all. Besides, Sam said that nearly everyone is already on Blade Island. If I delayed my return trying to get stronger, and anyone were to die, it would be solely my own fault.'

Of course, Vincent was happy with Quinn's answer. Honestly both options seemed fine, but he was happy that Quinn still had kept this part of him, the one that cared about his friends more so than anything and he hoped that would never change.

It was finally time for Quinn to return to his friends' side. Using his Shadow link, he looked for someone he could connect to. While doing this though, there was something else Quinn noticed.

'His…Shadow is activated at the moment? Does that mean he's using it as well?' Quinn could feel someone else's shadow being used, and it wasn't anyone from the Cursed faction.

This was a big distraction for him, but he decided to shake it off for now and stick to the task at hand, if anything it meant Quinn needed to be more cautious.

After connecting to Dennis, Quinn's body started to sink in the shadow.

'I should train the Shadow link skill more and level it up, maybe then I can bring others with me as well, without having to use the Shadow lock skill.' Quinn thought as he could only see darkness around him.

One moment all he could see was darkness, the next he was greeted by a bright blue sky, with white fluffy clouds and a certain clean smell. It had been a long time since Quinn had been on Earth, and the other beast planets just didn't have the same atmosphere as their home planet.

Closing his eyes, Quinn sniffed the air, taking in the smell that he had missed.

"I see you are as relaxed as ever." The voice that spoke up immediately soured his mood, and when Quinn opened his eyes he could see Eno in front of him. Next to him was Brock and it looked like they were all standing on top of the castle wall.

"Quinn, you look good!"

"Welcome back Boss."

"Hey, there he is!"

Turning around, Quinn acknowledged the greetings from the Cursed group with a nod. To his surprise nearly all of them were wearing beast gear he had never seen before.

Quickly using his Inspect skill, Quinn could see the impressive gear that was on all of their bodies. That's when he also noticed that some of them weren't there as well.

"Where are the Blades?" Quinn asked, looking around.

Sam was the first to go up to Quinn, hoping to catch him up on what was happening so far, and what they were about to do.

"Since you didn't reply back straight away, we thought you might have decided to arrive some time later." Sam explained as he looked towards Eno and Brock who waited for the two of them, yet the old man's tapping foot made it clear that he wanted them to hurry up. "So I kinda gave them the go ahead to start Eno's plans without you."

"Although Eno insists that the attack will happen soon, we have no clue when exactly. That's why we made the decision to send Sil back so he can gather the powers he needs. We will call him as soon as the fighting starts here."

The big downsides of the Blade ability was that it required people with abilities and that the copied abilities only lasted for twenty four hours. Unfortunately, vampires didn't count, yet one thing they wanted to avoid was bringing people over who could act like the Chained for Sil's usage. Taking anybody to Blade Island would just be too dangerous.

"As for the other two, knowing what is about to come, Raten and Vorden are in the middle of consuming the beast crystals. You know about their bodies getting weak after doing so, which is why Borden is protecting them underground in the storage place just in case anything is to happen." Sam explained.

With Sam having told Quinn everything, Eno came forward, cleared his throat to say his piece.

"This time, I have no master plan. I don't even know who exactly our foe will be, whether it will just be Dalki, Vampires or perhaps a mix of both. Naturally, I don't know their exact numbers either. I could give you some estimations we have, but if you rely on that it might just backfire. As such, it seems better to not share any flawed information and just prepare for the worst, which is what I will be doing now."

"What we need to concentrate on, is the things we do know. The Dalki are after the Demon tier beast. It prefers to stay near the giant tablet. At all costs we'll have to protect these three things in order of priority. The Dragon, the Tablet and finally the teleporter."

"All three of them are located at the centre of the island, close to each other. However, this is a good and a bad thing. Good, because our last line of defense will be here, without the need to split up. Bad, because it also means that before that we can be attacked from all directions. In essence, the whole island will be our battlefield."

"Look at the people who are here right now. I know we have requested help, I have even called for help on my side, but it's quite possible that we will have to deal with everything with just the people who are here right now. Keep that in mind."

"Another thing we can't really influence will be the Dragon's reaction when it senses so many invaders coming here. If the situation arises when you'll have to ask yourself 'Do I sacrifice my life for the Demon tier beast?' I want your resolve to be 'Yes!'. If the Demon tier beast gets taken, then all of the human race is doomed."

The others heard this and looked at each other. They knew of the importance of this task, and every time they had fought they had done so with their lives on the line, but usually they could see the faces of the people they were protecting.

As for Quinn, he didn't agree with this at all.

"What the hell kind of pep talk was that, Eno?! I understand that we should do everything we can to stop them from taking the Demon tier beast, but how is us dying going to help anyone?! If it comes down to it, we should live to fight again another day!"

"If that's really your resolve, then they have practically already succeeded in taking the Demon tier beast!" Eno sighed. "How can you still underestimate the significance of this thing? You might not be ready to give it your all, but I can guarantee you, at least the Dalki will pay any price they have to, to make sure they get it into their hands!"

"Then what about you? Do you have that resolve? Are you prepared to risk your own life for once?! How dare you ask my people, my friends to risk their life if you aren't prepared to do the same?!" Quinn shouted.

"Who says I'm not?" Eno replied, as he placed his hands together and a red glow could be seen.


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