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Chapter 1898.2: Protecting Mars (Part 2)

Chapter 1898.2: Protecting Mars (Part 2)

There had been a lot on Andy's mind ever since that day. The day where he had met his father once more. He had taken over the Vampire Corps unit for a while now, and yet the whole world had been at a stalemate of sorts.

With no group able to progress in what they truly wanted to do. They fought, helped, and protected those that they wished to protect, but Andy had never been able to complete his father's goal, nor had he changed the way the world was.

In the end, no matter how hard he tried, he just wasn't that type of person. Yet, when Quinn had returned, the first thing he had done was take out the Chained. It was a world changing event, and it was why Andy had changed his mind and had chosen to support such a person, which was what he was doing right now.

After the alarm sounded due to the incoming wave, Andy was on the move. This was because according to the report, it was the biggest wave of beasts they had ever experienced.

Usually, the beasts would start coming from low tiers to higher tiers, hitting the wall in different areas. This was what had happened before, but according to the report, not only was this the highest tier wave they had experienced, with there being higher tiers than ever, it was also the largest wave, and it looked like beasts were going to attack the entirety of the west wall at once.

This was why Andy himself had decided to move, and the whole of the Vampire Corps had been mobilized. There were now around five thousand Vampire Corps members across the wall. Some of them on top, but the majority of them were on the ground in front of the wall of the city

Andy stood in front of them all facing away. They were in a grass-like field that went on for miles. The area had been cleared for fights like this. This way, the beasts had nowhere to hide and their attacks could hit them freely.

However, in the distance the vampires could hear the rumbling from far away. Their sensitive ears could pick it up, and they were just waiting to get the first glimpse of the beast wave. To them it felt like they were about to have a war, going into battle for Mars, in a fight between the vampires and the beasts.

"Everyone, remember why we fight!" Andy shouted out loud so all of the vampires across the wall could hear. "Remember who we are protecting behind these walls. Remember why we chose to do this, why you chose to become a member of the Vampire Corps unit!

"For me, it's the same, because the people that I want to protect are right here in front of me!"

The members of the Vampire Corps didn't expect to hear this answer from Andy, and the unexpectedness had brought a smile to their faces.

"I am standing here today, because I don't want to say goodbye to any of my brothers and sisters that have chosen to fight by my side. Which is why I will fight, to make sure I don't have to say goodbye to any of you. So don't disappoint me!"

A gigantic cheer was heard from each of the members as they raised their hands in the air. It could be heard by those that were within the city. Aware of what was going on outside right now.

The humans, the vampires, all of them were putting hope into the Vampire Corps being able to successfully defend them. They had heard the news of what had happened to some of the towns recently. A city had yet to fall on Mars, but there was always a first.

Finally, the vampires could now see the wave of beasts that were coming towards them, and it was worse than any of them could imagine. Looking from one side of the other, it was impossible to even see the end of the line of beasts that were heading their way.

The beasts themselves were of all different kinds, some of them slithered on the ground like snakes, some ran on all fours, some ran on claws and even some flew in the sky. There was a mixture of types everywhere. On top of all that, the level of the beasts and the energy readings from them was off the charts for what they had seen before.

There were no lower tier beasts than that of Emperor tier beasts that were coming towards them. In total, there looked to be around 15,000 beasts of all different tiers. There were hundreds of Demi-god tier beasts by the looks of it, and worst of all there was even a single Demon tier beast at the back.

It was ginormous, looking like that of a giant slug, with four pointed large leg-like claws sticking out from its back. It had eyes that went down its front that was lifted outright, big and yellow.

Honestly, even Andy was taken back by this. He somewhat expected the number of Demi-god tier beasts but hadn't expected to see a Demon tier.

'How can this be? When using Logan's device, there was no Demon tier beast energy reading. Does that mean one had been born on this planet naturally, but how is that even possible.'

The worst part of it all, was that Andy would have to face the thing. Although he was confident he could take it down, it would mean he would be unable to help the others as much. After saying these words he felt like a fool.

"Sir, worry not, we are also here to help!"

Turning around, Andy could see it was Arad, and the ten others he had sent off.

"What are you doing here?" Andy asked.

"Don't ask why we are here, it would be foolish of us not to help." Arad replied.

Andy shook his head because his question wasn't directed at Arad.

"No, what are you doing here?" Andy asked again, looking at Quinn who was at the back of the group.

He walked forward and stood right by Andy's side, placing his hand on his shoulder.

"I said that I would help, and that includes this as well."

Seeing how Quinn was so easily able to place his hand on Andy's shoulder and Andy giving no pushback was amazing to all of those watching. It made them reconsider the relationship between the two, and in that moment, Andy had done something he never thought he would do in his life before.

"Please… can you help me… help me protect all of these people?" Andy asked.

Before, while in the room, he was too afraid to ask, and somewhat felt like he was blackmailing Quinn into helping him, but now in this moment he realized, why didn't he just ask for help?

"Of course." Quinn replied. "Tell everyone to make a small cut on their hand, and I will get rid of this trouble for you."

Andy's eyes lit up, with Quinn by his side he thought they might be able to do this, and although he had made a weird request, Andy was willing to listen to him.

"Everyone, in order to make our bond stronger, and start this battle right, I want you to make a small cut on your hand! The first wound on our bodies will not be made by the enemy." Although Andy had made this up, his words were convincing.

Everyone complied, making a small cut on their hand and the blood went to drop on the floor, but as it did, it stopped midair.

"What is going on, why is the blood floating?" they started to ask.

When Andy turned to Quinn, his eyes were glowing red.

"Every single person here will be of help to get rid of the wave, I will make sure of that."

Quinn's aura erupted directly around him, making him look like a large flame. The vampires had never seen such strong aura before.

Soon after that, the aura started to turn and form shapes, that of swords. Hundreds of swords were being made, thousands of swords, and they were being spread out all across the wall far and wide. After that, the blood that had been spilt by the Vampire Corps was rising, and that power was being used to add to the blades, to create even more weapons for use.

It was a sight that none of them had ever seen before as they looked up in the sky and it was filled with Blood swords.

'This power…'

"There is a reason why I have the title of Ruler of Blood." Quinn smiled as he threw his hands forward. Immediately, all of the blood aura swords had gone out towards the beasts. They had been propelled like bullets and smashed into the wall of beasts.

The beasts fell to the ground as the swords went through their heads and continued to fly about. Quinn continued to use the swords, not to just take out the weaker beasts, but then used the aura to take out the larger beasts as well, as the swords were then used to target them.

In just around 10 seconds, nearly all of the beast had fallen to the floor and were dead, while the blood aura swords had dissipated as their energy was used up.

Still there was one more, and it was then that Quinn had made a cut on his own hand. His celestial blood started to gather and he began to form it into a different shape. It soon had taken on the shape of a spear.

It was hardened, but beaming with red celestial power. Running forward slightly, Quinn then hurled it from where he was, and a delayed bang was heard. There were two, one from when Quinn had thrown the spear, and the other, from when it had completely ripped half of the Demon tier's beast body off, disappearing into nothing.

The threat was gone, the threat was no more, and it had all been the work of one person.

"I hope they won't cause you any more problems." Quinn said as he turned around. Everyone was left with their mouths wide open, frozen in place. Not a single word was spoken, and that included Andy.

"How!!!!" Liam shouted. " How can you have that much power? How can you have so much power and we have never heard of or seen you. Who are you and where were you!!"

A mixed set of feelings were coming over Liam that he didn't really know to react. If such a person existed why didn't they help the vampires out before, and at the same time they were thankful for just being saved right now.

"There is no reason to hide it anymore." Andy stated. "The world needs to know of your accomplishments. The world needs to know what you have done, and what you are still doing for them. This, everyone, is the Great Hero of the past, and still our hero now, Quinn Talen!" Andy shouted at the top of his lungs for everyone to hear.

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