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Chapter 2158 Time Freeze (Part 4)

Chapter 2158 Time Freeze (Part 4)

Before Quinn had arrived, and just after his short battle with Minny, Mundus had a great interest in a particular person on the field. Out of all of those there, his interest was in small Galen.

At times, during the fight, Mundus could feel a familiar energy. At first he thought that energy was coming from Wince. She was a dedicated follower and had similar celestial energy to Quinn due to where she had received her celestial energy from in the first place.

Soon though, he noticed that the energy was somewhat different, it was stronger than that of a dedicated follower, it felt more pure, like one's own, but at the same time it didn't seem like it was one from a celestial either.

Which was why Mundus wanted to investigate a little further, to see whether or not his predictions were true. To do this, he needed Galen to act out just a little more, so he decided to allow him to move in the Time Freeze.

Mundus was about a metre away from the little vampire and as soon as the Time Freeze had stopped, he was ready to perform a fake attack to see how the child would defend himself or how much celestial energy he could take.

However, there was no need, almost immediately Mundus could feel it and his suspicions were confirmed, b7t what he didn't expect though was for little Galen to act straight away. A shadow portal had appeared, and the child had disappeared.

'Was I just tricked, by a child?' Mundus thought.

In the end, he decided to wait, he was going to wait for Quinn to come back either way, but he also believed that the child couldn't have just travelled away. It was unlikely to be the case. In the end, a child was a child and they didn't wish to be so far away from their family.

That was when Quinn had finally arrived a few hours later, and Galen had reappeared and the situation back to what it was.

"Do you even know what he is?" Mundus asked.

Quinn raised an eyebrow at the question. Was Mundus just trying to confuse him? His son was his son, he was a vampire born from him and Layla. Of course he knew what he was. His progression at various things seemed a little fast at times, but he was a vampire, they were meant to learn faster than humans.

The problem was Quinn didn't actually have anything to base his fast growth on, other than Minny, but she was far older than Galen.

"Why are you interested in my son?" Quinn asked. "I thought it was me you wanted?"

Mundus shook his head.

"I guess you being a parent has blinded your senses a little. What you are holding in your hands is no ordinary boy. He is one of us. Or I should correct myself, he is like me."

The sentence gave Quinn the realisation that he needed. If Mundus was saying that his son was like him, it was clear that he wasn't some ugly looking demon, it meant that he too was a celestial.

'Can that be?' Quinn thought. 'When… When Layla was pregnant, I was a celestial at the time. Is that the reason why? When celestials have kids do they become celestials as well. Is that how it works? I don't even know how it works.'

Since Mundus seemed to be giving Quinn quite a bit of information, he thought it was best for him to clarify. If it turned out to be true, he could deal with it.

"Are you saying he is a celestial?" Quinn asked.

"Ah, you do have a couple of cells in your head." Mundus joked. "But, that is actually not accurate to say. Your son is something more than just a celestial. He is what is known as an Incomplete Celestial, something that is quite rare."

Incomplete sounded like a negative word, and he even lifted up Galen taking a look at his cute face with his full head of black curly hair.

'You don't look incomplete to me?' Quinn thought. 'But then again, I failed to even notice your celestial energy. This kid, he has been hiding quite a lot of things from me. He might prove to be a real troublemaker growing up.'

"Let me start by saying it is not a bad thing, despite the naming sense." Mundus went on to explain. "You, being a celestial, should already know quite a bit about us. Us celestials all have a condition that we must complete, and in a way those conditions are our role in the Universe.

"These conditions can practically be anything, and it is pointless for us to try to figure out why certain celestials have certain conditions. Anyway, as you might already know, there are certain ways celestials can be born into this world.

"One of them is through growing and becoming a celestial, this again can be for a number of reasons, great power, having lives that worship you, or even taking out another celestial and taking their place.

"At times there are those that seemingly are just born into existence and have their condition to start with. Maybe the Universe felt like they were needed, or perhaps a group of lifeforms started to worship something that wasn't there, thus believing them into existence

"And then Quinn, there is what is in your hands. Not every single child that is born from a celestial becomes a celestial. As stated before it's very rare, and when a celestial is born from a celestial we call it an Incomplete Celestial." Mundus explained.

Quinn started to hold Galen closer to his chest, there was nothing bad said about Incomplete Celestials yet, but based on his experience with vampire subclasses, at times, if those that weren't exactly a vampire, it meant bad news and they would try to eliminate them.

"And… What's so bad about an Incomplete Celestial?" Quinn asked.

There was another reason Mundus was sitting in his throne-like chair, and it was to relax Quinn a bit, but he could see he was a bit tense.

"Please be aware that I just want to inform you of what you have, and that I do not wish to take part in anything of what I am about to say." Mundus explained. "The reason for giving the name Incomplete Celestial is because unlike other Celestials, Incomplete Celestials seem to have no purpose.

"They have no condition. They have celestial power, grow quickly in strength and such, but there is no condition they need to feed on, and in a way they can enjoy life just like a normal being."

Mundus trailed off a little, and it was because the last words he spoke weren't exactly true.

"Because of this fact, that they are a celestial with no condition, it means that a celestial can pass its condition onto an Incomplete Celestial, and if that was to happen it means that a celestial is no longer a celestial, they no longer have to complete their job essentially, as it has been passed onto someone else."

Quinn wasn't liking the sound of this, because he remembered at times there were instances where he wished he was never a celestial.

"You got lucky." Mundus continued. "You are one of the very few that were able to break out of being a celestial but for many out there, it is impossible unless they come across an Incomplete Celestial.


"As I said, I enjoy my role in this world, but there will always be those that do not. Those that wish to end the reincarnation cycle. Now, I don't know who or what celestials would wish to do this, I am not a mind reader.

"But it is safe to say that your son's identity is best kept a secret, and he should do his best to hide his celestial energy so others never find out. Otherwise, you could really have your hands full."

Quinn didn't like what he had heard at all, the fact that there would be gods after his child. Didn't he already have enough problems to deal with, but in the end, most of the gods weren't that strong, at least compared to him.

"Now god slayer." Mundus interrupted Quinn's thoughts. "Why don't we talk about what to do with you?"


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