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Chapter 2160 You Want Something, Get It Yourself

Chapter 2160 You Want Something, Get It Yourself

The request that Quinn had been made was granted. He was somewhat expecting him to say no, but Mundus had agreed. An armour that had been made by the celestial, just how powerful would it be? Would it allow him to match up to Ray?

At the same time, since he was unable to use two armours at once, he could then let Stark borrow his armour as well. Although with the Shadow ability he also could quickly switch armours in battle as well.

The point was, there were a number of different possibilities and Quinn was excited.

"Daddy!" Minny shouted, as she jumped up into his other arm, one was already holding Galen so he had to be quick to bring her in. When she was safely held, he could see that Minny was crying.

"Daddy, I couldn't protect the family like you asked me to!" Minny said with a face full of tears. "Even though… even though… Da-da-daddy gave Minny such a good present, I couldn't beat him."

The present that Minny was talking about was of course the god slayer item. Although Quinn did technically say that with the ring he felt she could beat anyone, Mundus was an exception to that rule. He never thought that she would have to face someone like him.


Still, he would have loved to have witnessed the battle between the two, to see just how effective it was.

"Mommy, is she… is she okay?" Minny asked.

Rushing over to Layla's side, Quinn could see that Wince was there as well. With her powers a bed of water had been made which looked like a large liquid-like bubble. Some of it was surrounding Layla and seemed to have a soothing effect judging by Layla's face.

"Mum is alive, you don't have to worry about that." Quinn said. "I asked you to protect the family and that's what you did, look they're all alive."

It took a few moments, but Layla did eventually open her eyes, just in case Mundus had any bright ideas, Quinn did get her sword and placed it next to her, not quite giving it to her, in case it stopped the effect of Wince's water bed.

"Quinn… you came?" Layla said. "You always seem to turn up at the right moments."

He didn't respond to the words, because that wasn't true this time. To Layla and the rest, it felt like Quinn had just turned up, when in reality it had already been a good few hours in between their battles.

"So, did you teach that person a… a.."Layla stuttered for a second, she was looking around, expecting Mundus to be beaten or full of holes, but instead she could see Mundus just fine, standing there, and when the two made eye contact, he even waved toward her.

Layla felt a headache coming on as she touched her face.

"You never gave me a chance to explain myself, but it was interesting seeing the strength of your family." Mundus stated. "I hope that you will all do well to support him in his mission. So have you caught up with them enough?"

Quinn turned his head, no longer holding Galen and Minny as they both wanted to stay by their mother's side.

"What do you mean?" Quinn asked.

"I told you before, we don't have a lot of time, you want a strong armour right, then I will transport you. Don't worry when we are done, I will bring you back." Mundus explained. "So I'm asking… are you done with saying your short goodbyes?"

"You're leaving!" Layla said shocked, but still in pain so she went back a bit. "With him?"

"It's a long story, but this really shouldn't take long, I don't think. I will explain everything when I get back." Quinn stood up and was already walking over to where Mundus was.

"Oh, and, in a few moments Ceril will be back and there's a new person with her. I'm sure they will explain everything so treat them well!" Quinn shouted.

When he finally was close to Mundus, the celestial didn't waste any time, as both of them were covered in a white light, and the two of them disappeared just like that.

"As quick as he comes, as quick as he goes." Layla commented.

There was one more that was out on the ice field that was a bit confused, and that was Yongbu.

"Mundus left… right after finding Quinn. He didn't wish to kill him either?" Yongbu pulled on some of his tentacles that were near his mouth. "What am I meant to do? Can I get out of here as well?"

Just as Quinn had said, a ship could be seen flying around the Royal palace. Ceril knew the area well and was the first to spot her sister, as well as a bunch of others, but there was no sign of Quinn.

Regardless, they decided that it was best to land first, as it was clear there had been some signs of fighting below. The ramp descended, hitting the hard ice floor, and immediately the three on board got off.

"What happened here?" Russ looked at the scene.

Ceril ran over to her sister, and could see Layla resting on the floor.

"Is everything okay, what happened?" Ceril asked.

"It's quite as story." Wince replied. "I think it would be best if we moved Layla into the Royal castle for treatment, and the two of you can rest. We can talk to each other about what happened then."

"There's a purple man!" Minny pointed.

The two women turned their heads and could see Minny was pointing at Stark.

"Purple man, this is Quinn's family." Russ explained.

"Oh!" Stark's eyes lit up. "Little girl, if you are related to Quinn, then does that mean you're fast? How about a race!"

"I'm definitely faster than you… but I don't feel like racing now, where is dad!" Minny moaned.

"Where is Quinn we thought he would be here?" Russ asked.

"We… have no idea." Wince replied. "He was here a moment ago, and now he's gone, but he said he would be back soon, at least he thinks he will."


When Quinn went off with Mundus, he was expecting to enter the celestial space and would get the armour and come back, but he soon realised if that was the case, then there was no need to bring Quinn with him.

On top of that, now that he was a god slayer, could he even enter the celestial space, that was unlikely as well. When the white light faded, a giant bolt of lightning struck right from the sky hitting the ground in front of him, cracking the ground.

After the initial shock was over, he was able to see the scene around him, dark clouds in the sky constantly striking the ground with lighting. Tornadoes off in the distance, and around him, rubble.

Broken down torn buildings of what looked like a civilization.

"Is this where the armour is kept?" Quinn asked.

"Kept?" Mundus replied standing next to him. "We don't have such armour. You said to give you the best armour, well then we will create the best armour. To do that, then we would need to use the strongest crystals which are of course, God Slayer Crystals.

"Boots, legs, chest piece, shoulders and a helmet. That is five pieces in total. So I will take you to five different planets that contain five of the strongest god slayers out there. Defeat them and take their crystal and then we shall make the strongest armour in existence.

"However, the armour will only be lent to you for this task. If we were to give a God Slayer so much power, it would be troublesome."

Quinn didn't expect he would be fighting other god slayers like this, but at least with Mundus he could get to where he needed almost instantly.

"Wait, why don't you just deal with the God Slayers because you are already here, then just give me the crystals to make the armour, or you go make the armour?" Quinn asked.

"I already explained to you, we can't get too involved, so go ahead and do your job, it looks like your opponent is here."




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