My Vampire System

Chapter 436 A Vampire leader

Chapter 436 A Vampire leader

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Just like with the first guard, Peter had successfully managed to also change the second one, doing the same thing. He repeated the process step by step. While doing so, it seemed as if information was slowly coming to him, as if he had done all of this before. But he knew that wasn't possible. He imagined the feeling was something similar to a computer machine uploading information onto a server. Following what it was telling him to do allowed him to create the two lesser Wights.

As the information was processing in his mind he looked at the two that were now running by his side. Due to the information, he understood what they were a little bit more. A lesser Wight. Essentially, Peter had managed to make the vampires rise from the dead and become a lesser version of himself.

They were undead creatures now, unable to perform any of their abilities they had before. As for their strength, they were half that of their creator when comparing strength and speed, their creator would be Peter. However, they did also have no stamina and an impressive regenerative speed similar to Peters, but once it reached a certain point, they were unable to heal further, even if they consumed human flesh.

As for their intelligence, it seemed as if whatever they knew of the past was now no longer there. They would be able to follow simple instructions that Peter gave. When Peter asked them if they knew the way out, there was no reply, but when he told them to follow him they did so.

This left Peter with no choice but to randomly run through the tunnels with hope of an escape. The only good news was that the vampire guards wouldn't exactly be found dead anytime soon, giving him a bit more time before they discovered his attempted escape.

The three continued to run until he had eventually reached a strange rounded door that blocked the entirety of the tunnel. There wasn't a single gap that would allow him to get through.

Stopping at the rounded door, Peter tried to give it a push using all his strength, but there was nothing, not even a single nudge.

"Is it glathrium?" Peter thought. If that was the case even if he tried punching the door it wouldn't work. But he didn't really want to either for fear that the tunnel could collapse.

That's when he noticed a strange circle lock combination. Essentially, the door had a large circle on it with smaller circles on the inside. When trying to move one of these circles there was sound and Peter found out that each part could be moved individually, but just spinning them around in circles and circles was doing nothing, and he was just wasting his time.

'Is it a lock?' Peter thought, then he turned to the two behind him. If they had brought him here, they had to know a way out.

"Do you know the combination to the lock?" Peter asked.

But there was silence, as the two of them just continued to stare at him.

'I should have guessed.'

With no choice, Peter turned around and started to head back down the tunnel he had come from and tried to take a different path. Eventually, he must have taken a wrong turn somewhere as the tunnel had led him to quite a large open room. In this open space, there were several tunnels for one to go down. Looking at them all though, Peter had no clue what to do, or which one to take.

"Now I wasn't expecting this." An echoey voice said. It was hard to pinpoint the location of where the sound had come from, due to it bouncing off the walls. The only thing he could tell was that it was a males voice.

The next second, a thud sound was heard as the two feet had solidly hit the ground. Turning to look behind him, Peter could see a fairly middle sized man, not scrawny nor was he big, but what did stand out was the large scar that went across the top of his head, and the round shield on his back.

"When Clark told me that the mysterious punisher person's last words were he was here to save someone, I thought it could only be one of two people. Either Fex, or you. I saw no reason for them to try to save someone from another family, which means you had to be quite important to them." Jin explained.

"Just in case, I got Sunny to stand by, and watch over Fex's extraction. Unfortunately, these tunnels aren't exactly the best for my ability. If I was to go all out the place could collapse at any second."

He then carefully looked at the three of them, including the Wights that stood behind Peter.

"Well, the good news is, based on your performance against Xander and Silver, I won't even need to use my ability in the first place. I suppose you should know the name of your slayer before you die, My name is Jin Talon, I am the fourth leader of the vampire family and I will bring you in dead or alive… Wait a minute, I guess as a Wight, you're already dead."

Jumping off his feet and dashing towards Peter, the two lesser Wights immediately reacted, jumping in front of him. Their speed was unexpected as Jin knew the capabilities of Lesser Wights. he thought he would have been able to simply run past them before they could even react. Not wanting to stray from his path though, Jin threw out a punch, knocking both of them back. Even with their two hands, they were useless as they were flung away and went crashing into the tunnel walls.

The whole place seemed to vibrate slightly, and a few crumbs of rock falling here and there from the ceiling could be seen.

"Damn, maybe I need to hold back just a little more." Jin said. "Well, this should be enough."

Being careful not to do any further damage to the tunnels, worried that the whole thing might collapse on them. Jin decided to lessen his strength. When doing this though, he had also lessened his speed. He knew he wasn't great at control. His explosive blood ability never really allowed him to be.

So he was unable to fine tune when coming to control. If he lowered his power, he would lower everything with it, including his speed and such. If he was to fight at full power, the same would be done again.

"Let's end all this silly nonsense." Jin said, throwing out a single punch, hoping to finish the fight off then and there.

A fast fist was thrown, but then, the sound of it hitting nothing but air was heard. There wasn't the usual feeling of weight being pushed back against the skin of his knuckles. He felt nothing but empty air.

Peter had dodged the attack.

'But how? I saw how fast he was when fighting against Xander, how could he have improved so much.' Even if Jin wasn't using his full strength and speed, it was more than enough to get rid of the Peter he saw fight against Xander not long ago.

Before he knew it, a punch from Peter had landed. It was planted in his stomach and all his newfound strength that surged in his body was used. It caused Jin to slid back a few steps before completely stopping.

Him, a vampire leader, had been pushed by a mere Subclass.

"You moved me back?" Jin said. "You, not even a vampire but a subclass!"

A strange anger had risen inside him, as his eyes started to burn a fierce red. He didn't care anymore if he took down the hollow tunnels. Making a few cuts on his hands he allowed his blood to be drawn and was ready to use his ability.

With a flick, a single drop of blood went out fast, like a bullet, and it had hit Peter right on the shoulder.

"Ignite." Saying these words, a loud bang followed, and a pop and explosion was seen, as the sharp orange lights shined upon Peter. Pieces of his skin and flesh started to fall to the ground. However, it only took a short amount of time before it started to regenerate once again.

"I guess an explosion that small will never be able to kill a Wight. What impressive regenerative speed." Jin genuinely thought as he praised him.

"But, it just means I have to use more power." Jin said. "Blood control."

The blood that was in the palm of his hand started to lift up into the sky. It floated there without a single person touching it. Next, spreading his arms out, Jin managed to split all of the blood into small little balls. These small blood balls were the same size as the attack that had hit him earlier.

'Are all of these explosives?' Peter thought, If that was the case, he was unsure if his body would be able to regenerate from such a thing, as he said that though, the two lesser Wights from earlier, had come back and were now standing in front of Peter.

"Chain bomb!" Jin said, flicking his hands, and all the balls started flying directly towards the three. Even if the Wights could help Peter block the attack, it looked as if this was something Jin would be able to perform again, and then what would he do. Right now it seemed like the best option was to run away. Just as he was about to make the decision and make a break for it, something was felt.

All of the Blood balls went ahead. "Ignite!" Jin shouted, making all of them explode at once, creating small explosions one after another. Smoke had filled the tunnels, and the ceiling started to crumble as small rocks fell from it once more. The shaking had finally stopped though, and it looked like the walls were able to handle a lot more punishment than Jin initially thought.

When the dust finally settled though, what he was seeing came as a huge surprise. For where the three once stood, there was a thick purple Shadow in its place.

"I knew you would come." Peter said. "It's been a long time, Quinn."


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