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Chapter 828 Experience is key

Chapter 828 Experience is key

Both groups agreed that it would be a bit much for everyone to fight everyone, so they agreed to have just a single fight. Each group would decide on their strongest member to send out as their representative.

It had been a while since they had just been fighting for the fun of it, rather than with something on the line, so everyone was looking forward to it. After finishing their meals and grabbing some extra blood, they decided to head to one of the training rooms.

The good thing was that even if someone ended up injured during the fight, there was sufficient blood nearby to quickly heal up and recover as long as the injury wasn't too bad. They even had other things like 'meat' for those who needed it.

Xander, Timmy, Fex and Amy were selected to act as referees. If at any point they thought the fight was getting too dangerous, it was up to them to rush in and stop it. Nobody actually thought it would come to this, but still it wouldn't hurt to be on the safe side.

The second thing, which was suggested by Fex, was that the fight should be without the help of beast gear or weapons. Even though the students used beast gear themselves, a duel should be an even playing field. In actuality, Fex just believed that it would be best for the student group to get used to how vampires thought instead of relying on their abilities.

"One more I think this should be obvious, but I hope you weren't planning to make us fight the Wight." Zane said. "I mean we already know his strength, and we want both sides to learn something from this."

A Wight's healing abilities would make the fight a little too unfair, besides some of them had already seen Peter in action, back when he had gone up against the leaders. Hearing this, Peter just scoffed before walking away to the side where the others were.

"Well, this fight is for you new guys, so it's up to you." Layla announced with a smile, grabbing Cia's arm to walk off over to the side next to Erin.

"Us two are okay staying out of this." Logan declared, and headed off with Sil, leaving the rest. The reason for them doing so was clear enough.

Huddling up in a circle, the ones left were Wevil, Linda, Nate, Dennis, Sam and Alex.

"So is there anyone that is keen on going out?" Sam asked. "I think it's important we make a good first impression. After all, all of us have been taught by Quinn, so it would be a shame if we ended up losing."

"Let me do it." Nate volunteered with a stern determination in his eyes. "I know I'm a bit slow with my vampire abilities, but when it comes to hand to hand combat I'm confident no one can beat me."

"What if it's a girl?" Linda suddenly asked, to the shock of Nate and Sam. Both of them had not even entertained the possibility their opponent might be someone from the opposite sex.

"Do you still feel up to it, Nate? If it's a girl, will you really be able to hit them and fight them with full strength? Be honest, if you feel like that would distract you, I can always go up." Linda suggested.

"Hey, no fair! What about me?" Wevil interrupted. "I mean, you guys won't have your beast gear in this fight, so you will be slower than usual and I think they might be quite fast. I know you're strong and can heal well, but maybe it's best if I show them what I can do. Besides, even you guys haven't seen me in action!" There was a cheeky smile on his face, but the others didn't like the idea of taking just his word for it.

"Personally, I think it should be a vampire." Dennis expressed his concern. "All of them are vampires and if we want to show off our skill then we need to make the field as even as possible! It also couldn't hurt to keep our trump card hidden, right?"

With that said, it meant there were only four people to choose from.

"Have you already decided who will be fighting on your side?!" Sam suddenly shouted across the other side of the room. "Who's the strongest?"

When they asked this question, all of their heads decidedly turned to Erin, Leo's number one student. Each one of them was hard spared to last long against Erin during their training and not a single one of them had managed to bear her yet.

"I don't think Erin being a direct student of Leo is fair to fight, besides I think Erin knows some of these guys." Amy quickly commented. The truth was that Erin hardly knew any of them.

She had remained in the Vampire World for a long time, and only knew those that had decided not to fight. Everyone else was pretty much a stranger to her, at best someone she might have seen at school in the upper years a couple of times.

"Don't worry." Zane pumped his fist as if he was ready to brawl. "We weren't planning on using her, that would be unfair like you said. We just looked at her since you asked us who was the strongest, but for this match I'll be the one to face you." Zane explained.

"Yes!" Sam cheered. "Then it's decided, Nate, I choose you! Just do your thing and go all out!"

Stepping away, they allowed Nate to walk forward and face Zane. Both groups cheered on for their representative, ready to gauge the other party to get an idea of the other group's strength.

"Huh, so boring I could take both of these guys on." Peter grunted.

"Oh, really?" Erin questioned, turning back with a smile. "I didn't realise you've gotten so strong, Peter. If you wish, me and you can always have our own sparring fight later?"

Rather than saying anything, Peter just turned his head away.

Chuckling, Layla couldn't help but think just how much stronger their group had gotten compared to the time when they had originally been at the academy.

Back then Peter had unmistakably been the weakest of their group, with Erin one on the strongest. She could have easily taken care of a hundred Peters without breaking a sweat, but now she wasn't sure who would win between the two of them.

"We can't fall too far behind them." Layla insisted, looking at Cia. Although Cia nodded back, the truth was she didn't feel this way at all.

Fex stood in the middle, and his hand was wrapped around in a red aura.

"Both sides ready, let the fight…Begin!" He shouted and the red aura disappeared which was the signal for the fight to commence.

Immediately, Zane dashed forward not holding back, firing off two Blood slashes along the way from both sides. However, Nate saw that they weren't heading for him directly, instead they had been aimed towards the sides.

As such, he remained standing where he was.

"Move and you lose, I'm going to take you head on and beat you with my fists, I'm better than anyone when it comes to hand to hand combat!" Zane shouted.

"Hey, do you think Nate is going to struggle since that guy is quite fast?" Wevil asked Sam who stood next to him.

"Nate? Nah, let me tell you why I selected him, why I thought he was a better choice than anyone else. You see, right now, he's far more motivated than anyone to win this fight." Sam grinned as his finger pointed towards the girls from the opposite team.

'Are you looking?' Nate thought. 'I thought if he used the Blood slash towards me I might have to try to use some blood abilities and I would have had to struggle, but if it's a hand to hand fight he wants, I won't lose! Not when they are watching.'

Two fast fists came towards him, but at the same time, Nate knocked both of them away with his own fists. One of the hands was struck up and the other down and before Zane had the chance to recover, he felt a punch connect with his stomach.

'It's strong, and he's fast, but I can still win this!' Zane thought, as he tried to throw a Blood swipe, instead, his hand was hit again, causing the swipe to go off in a different direction, and then grabbing Zane by the wrist he was chucked over Nate's shoulder and slammed into the floor.

"This fight is over!" Fex declared before anything else could happen, between the two of them there was just too much experience. Zane thought that his opponent was faster and stronger but that wasn't the case at all. It was just that Nate had been able to predict and clearly see through his attacks.

Between those on the Cursed ship, and the tenth family students. The two of them were quite far apart when it came to experience.

After Zane had recovered, he went back to the other students, who were surprised, but they soon saw someone else walking towards them, and their faces started to be filled with one of horror.

"Is that all you got?!" Erin shouted. "Your opponent didn't even take a single step from his starting position! It looks like you guys are going to have to train way harder if you managed to lose without getting a single hit in. Zane, your overconfidence cost you this match. When you're fighting against an unknown opponent, you should always test their skills first! We don't even know what ability he has."

"Remember, it doesn't matter if it's just a simple fight, but knowledge is key. Even if you can't beat him, then it's your duty to make the opponent show something so the next person stands a better chance to defeat them!"

All of them were on their knees apologising to Erin. Whenever Leo wasn't there Erin would take over as their teacher instead, so they were used to her scolding. Still, having lost so easily, she felt that she was partly to blame.

The scolding continued and while seeing this, Amy was reminded of her anger, and couldn't help but think back to what she had seen that day. When Erin was in the training room on her own, filled with anger, she had seen it for just a brief second.

"Xander, I was wondering, have you ever seen a vampire's eyes turn yellow?" She asked.

"What did you say?" Xander replied, with a look of horror on his face.


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