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Chapter 913 - Getting an upgrade

Chapter 913 - Getting an upgrade

A few days before an order from the King was received. It was to prevent anyone from leaving the tenth castle. By this time, Logan and Peter had left the vampire settlement already. Little did they know that their little trip to improve little Borden would turn out to be a blessing in disguise for more than one reason.

Leaving the settlement without anyone finding out was quite easy given Peter's ability to disguise himself and Logan as whoever they wished. Nobody raised a fuss when they went out of the settlement's gates as the guards were far more interested in those who tried to enter.

Once they were out of sight, Borden climbed out of Peter's large pocket and hopped onto his shoulder.

"Finally, I can breathe right!" He said while stretching his arms. He was looking forward to their destination.

Logan wanted them to go back to the lab where the supposed Dalki had been created, especially after learning that his parents had been kept captive there in the past. He felt like there should be a connection there and perhaps even a few things he had missed during the last time they were there.

As for why Peter was chosen to come along… he was the muscle of the group if needed. If they ran into any vampires, they could pretend to be some no-name villagers, but if that didn't work, then Logan was pretty confident that there weren't many that could take down both Borden and Peter at the same time, even if they ran into one of the leaders.

"I see you have taken a liking to Paul's gloves." Logan commented as they continued to walk through the forest.

"They are light, but there is still something missing to them. It just doesn't feel like me." Peter commented. "Do you remember a long time ago you let me try out the game? There was a weapon that I took a liking to, but I don't remember what they were called. Those things that looked like batons, only you held them?"

"Oh, you're talking about the Tonfas. Hmmm, yeah they would suit someone like you. They would provide you with some extra range, and you could still use your fists to hurt your enemies.." Logan replied.

"Still, these are great because of how sharp they are, and I would want something a bit more secretive.'' Peter said, in a slightly excited mood. "Do you think something like that is possible?"

Logan considered Peter's request and he quickly came up with a design. Once they were back he would create a blueprint for a large blade that ran up each of his forearms, and when he wanted to activate it, it would appear out from underneath.

What made him think of this, was the active skill that Quinn would use with his weapon. This always gave him the extra range when needed once in a while.

"Alex has been taken, but there might be something I can come up with for you in the meantime. If everything is still at the base we're heading to, then I should be able to make you one before we leave.'' Logan promised.

He had brought a few items with him, mainly crystals of different levels for what he was going to do with Borden, but also some miscellaneous things that might prove useful. The base should also have plenty of equipment left over that would allow him to create a new beast gear weapon for Peter.

Eventually, they reached the base, only this time without running into any trouble on the way. They entered the mountain, and started to walk through the tunnels. Logan's memory was great and he remembered the way from last time they had come here.

When eventually reaching the galathrium made door, the same system welcomed him.

[Welcome Mr Green]

Entering the facility, it looked the same as before. It hadn't been touched, and there were many empty large glass containers big enough to fit a human in, filled with nothing inside, but had large tubes leading off to different locations. When they reached a crossing there were several doors leading to different places, and there was one room which Leo told them to not enter.

For that was the room with the demon tier beast. Apparently it still had great power, more power than the Demon tier beast they had met before and it was possible that he would go mad if he stayed there long enough.

Heading straight forward, Logan entered a room where a large digital display nearly the width of the room was in front of him. Terminals with all sorts of stored information were in the corner of every room.

'This is the room where mum and dad had been kept for years and eventually made the Dalki.'

"It feels weird being here." Borden couldn't help but say. He recognised part of the entrance where they had come in from, but not the rest of it. He didn't have bad memories of the place, but it was weird visiting the area where he had first opened his eyes.

Straight away, Logan went off to work, touching the several terminals and gathering what information he could. Before he had been skimming through information trying to find out what this place used to be, but now he had more of an idea.

There were several failed projects that had been created before the success that became the Dalki and he wanted to gather information on them.

His main concern was to discover why Borden was labeled to be an even bigger failure than the Dalki that had been created. After several hours of gathering information Logan had come up with a theory.

The Dalki were created using the Demon tier beast, part of that energy was also used in creating Borden, but at the same time when creating the green serum from Vorden, only low tier beast crystals he had on him at the time were used.

From what he could gather, the energy output from the Demon tier beast was no longer what it was before. It appeared that the number of Dalki that could be created from at least that particular Demon tier had hit its limit, and if there were any more that were created they would come out with problems, just like Borden.

'Was the vampire the one that set up the link between the lab in the tenth castle and this one? It seems like it had been kept a secret from the vampires and he was working from the tenth castle, he must have also been working here. Is that how I accidently created a Dalki version of Vorden?' Logan thought.

If this was the case, then there was a solution to the problem, find a Demon tier crystal and somehow infuse that power into Borden. It would have to be one that matched with the original one that created the Dalki.

However, that seemed impossible, he could use any old Demon tier crystal, but that might only have a temporary effect, although temporary was fine for now.

If he didn't have Demon tier crystals, then he would just have to use the next best thing he had on him which was king tier crystals.

"Is there anything that I need to do?" Borden asked.

"I just need some samples of your blood, but other than that you will be fine." Logan replied, as he got to work.

Just like before, Logan was hoping to create a few green serums the same as the ones received at the lab, but it would have to have Vorden's DNA imprinted inside it. Luckily he still had information from the last sample he had created, and Borden also shared the same DNA.

Then, using the King tier crystals, he would create a better serum that could be injected into his body to give him more time. How much time, and if it would restore his body to normal, he didn't know.

Logan was working tirelessly, yet once in a while he would leave the room. He had Peter help him a few times, breaking one of the pipes leading to the large containers and seeing what was inside them.

There was some gold coloured liquid in there, and he took samples of this as well. It turned out that the gold liquid contained traces of energy from the Demon tier beast.

There were a few times where Logan was tempted to go look at the Demon beast himself, as he thought studying it further might give him more results or answers, however some information he had found out during his research had warned him against it.

It was a journal from his parents during the time they had worked on such a thing. Apparently there were a few times where they had entered the room where the Demon beast resided and images appeared in their head. The vampire that had held them captive had to drag them out of there after he had heard their screams and after that incident they had never ventured in there again.

Logan also made sure to pass on this warning to Peter and Borden, although he was unsure if the two of them would be affected like he was considering how they were.

Finally, Logan had gotten nearly everything down to the last detail. He had created the best serum he could possibly create, now there was only the last step needed. Melting down the Emperor tier crystals and adding it to the green solution, but when he went to look in his storage box, he also noticed a few bright red crystals in there.

These were blood crystals, the crystals harvested from the battle the tenth family recently had. He had been given some to do some research on, and he still had them on him.

'The vampire was focused on creating a blood substitute, so he tried to mix the beast DNA with humans to get human blood. There were also some attempts on vampires made, but vampire and human bodies aren't the same. Then what would happen if I used the blood crystal instead?' Logan wondered.


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